Happy Holidays, One Could Hope, Chapter 9

On the 24th, Lilly and her mother had came over to the Stewart's house to celebrate Christmas all together. Mr Stewart had cooked a turkey for the occasion, a turkey which, as he said as he was cutting it, when you looked at it from behind looked like uncle Earl's butt. Mrs Truscott spilled out her water. Lilly bit her lips to keep her from laughing. Miley rolled her eyes, ashamed by her dad's behavior. And Jackson, well Jackson added ''Oh weird, to me, it looked like Miley's but when she was younger...'' Miley blushed as Lilly bursted of laughing. Miley gave a look at Lilly, who stopped laughing but was still smiling.

The dinner went on until midnight. The girls received their presents from their parents. A new skateboard for Lilly with all the protections which was her mother's condition if she wanted to have the skate, and Miley had a new guitar. Jackson's present for Miley was...a bra.

''I found it hanging on the tree in the garden.'' He smiled. ''I wonder how it got there...''

Miley and Lilly blushed. It had gotten there because of a very very hot afternoon a while ago. Miley thought she had lost it in her room somewhere... until now.

Lilly and Miley had decided to give each other's present alone. It was a little after midnight and they had ran up into Miley's room.

''So, you start Miley!'' Lilly smiled. ''I want my present first!''

Miley laughed. ''kay.''

She handed a big box to Lilly. It was a frame of Paul MacCartney, one of Lilly's favorite singer. And in the right bottom, there were two tickets for his concert in London and two VIP access.

''Oh my god...'' Lilly said, stunned.

''Wait, there's more...'' Miley smiled. She turned the frame over, and on the back of it, there was a note reading: ''Hello Lilly. I can't wait to meet you in London. I know you're a fan. I'll see you soon! Paul MC''

''How did you...?'' Lilly whispered, shocked.

''Hannah...'' Miley shrugged. Lilly jumped in Miley arms, giving her the most tender kiss ever. ''Thank you so much Miley. You have no idea how... how... happy I am!'' Lilly babbled. ''I can't believe it!'' she exclaimed, still looking at the note.

''Enough...I want my present now...'' Miley pouted.

Lilly smiled and bended over the bed to grab a box under it. She handed it to Miley. Miley took it and opened it. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

It was the sweatshirt her mom had given her. She thought she had lost it.

''Lilly, how...?''

''Well, I had to spend a few hours in your attic. But I had some help...Your dad and Jackson.'' Lilly added seeing Miley's confused expression. Miley couldn't believe Lilly did that.

''How did you know about it?''

''There was this picture in one of your album. You were 7. You were with your mom and you were wearing it. When I asked your dad about it, he told me it was your mom's sweatshirt, but you had made such a fuss that she finally gave in and gave it to you on your birthday. He told me that you loved it so much because of the smell of it. Your mom's perfume...It never got off, no matter how many times they washed it.''

Miley was silent, staring at the sweat shirt in her hands. She remembered the day she had threw it away. It was a few weeks after her mom's death. She had came home from school and her dad had just announced them they were moving to California. Miley had blamed her mom because it was because of her their life was changing.

''Your dad found it with the garbage, in a box, outside the house.'' Lilly explained, guessing what Miley was thinking. Miley smiled. She leaned and kissed Lilly passionately, trying to thank her as much as she could. But even the much heated kiss couldn't express how happy she was right now.

''But that's not it...'' Lilly exclaimed suddenly. Miley frowned.

Lilly stood up and led Miley to her closet. ''Okay, so it's not what I had in mind first. But since I quit earlier, I didn't have enough money, so...''

''Lilly, it's okay! I told you I didn't want anything extravagant! The sweat shirt is already plenty!''

''You're sure?''

''I'm sure.'' Miley nodded.

''Oh, so I guess you're not gonna like my gift.'' Lilly said, disappointed.

She opened the doors. In Hannah's closet, Lilly had set up a stage. An armchair had been placed in front of it. It all looked like a private strip club. The light had been switched by some spot lights. There was a small stereo in the corner.

Miley was blissful. Lilly slightly smiled, proud of herself.

''So, I guess i'm gonna have to clean everything up,'' Lilly innocently said, starting to grab the chair. But Miley put a hand on her forearm. ''Don't you dare!'' She exclaimed.

Lilly turned to her, an amused look on her face. ''Oh really?''

''If you touch this chair, you're gonna be in a big trouble missy...'' Miley smiled.

''Okay then.'' Lilly surrendered. ''I won't touch it...''

They stared at each other, silently measuring the excitation of the other.

''So, aren't you suppose to get ready?'' Miley pressed.

''ouuuuh, someone's eager...'' She grabbed Miley by the hands, and sat her in the armchair. She bended slightly towards her and whispered in her ear. ''Enjoy the show...'' She kissed her on the cheek and walked towards the stereo. She turned it on. She turned on the light. A nightclub ambiance appeared as the first chords of the song of ''Slow'' by Kylie Minogue started.

Lilly started moving slowly on the stage. Miley sat comfortably in the chair, a satisfied smirk on her lips. She had the hottest girlfriend anyone could have. She watched Lilly sexily motioned in front of her. Lilly unbottuned her top to the rythm of the song. The first button, then the second one. She turned around, turning her back from Miley and kept unhooking her blouse. It was now opened and she turned over to Miley. Miley unintentionally gasped. Lilly's naked skin was very inviting. She tried to reach for her but Lilly danced away. She threw her blouse away, and moved her hand to her pants' zipper. She slowly pulled it down, and slid her hands on both side, pushing her pants away from her hips and then down on her legs till her ankles. She stepped out the pants and turned around.

Miley's eyes widened under this heavenly sight. She started to unbutton her blouse, feeling too warm to support it on her skin any longer. Lilly smiled and walked towards Miley. She put her arms on each edge of the armchair, bending towards Miley, and diving her blue eyes in hers.

Lilly's lips were now just a few centimeters away from Miley's. Miley tried to kiss her, but Lilly backed away, seductively smiling. She was teasing Miley. She knew she wanted her badly, but she wasn't going to surrender... at least, not now.

Miley felt so frustrated. She was turned on. She could feel every segmant of her skin burning up. She was hot, so hot, and she couldn't satisfy this latent desire. Lilly walked around the armchair, her hand touching Miley's chest as she did so. She slid her hands from Miley's breast to Miley's pants. Miley shivered even more. She felt Lilly's breath in her neck and her hands on her inner thighs. She couldn't take it anymore. She got up fiercely and grabbed Lilly, pushing her against the wall.

Lilly smiled before Miley crashed her lips on hers. No kiss had been ever that passionate. Miley ripped off Lilly's bra and panties, as Lilly took off Miley's blouse and untied her pants. But Miley didn't let her do anything else. Lilly was hers tonight. Miley kneed down, kissing Lilly's belly, as she massaged her hips. Lilly rested her head on the wall, crying of pleasure. She grabbed Miley's hair as she felt her kissing her most sensitive part, that only Miley knew by heart. She immediatly felt her knees becoming weak. She couldn't stay up anymore. She slowly laid down on the floor, Miley's head following her. A few seconds later, Lilly lost her mind. She left her body, and visited heaven. Her body was shaking of pleasure. She arched her back, her hands gripping Miley's blouse next to her and squeezing it tightly. She screamed Miley's name with all her heart, and gradually recovered from the most intense orgasm of her life. Miley moved up to her.

''Sorry, I couldn't take it anymore.'' Miley apologized.

''s'okay'' Lilly said, panting, a little desoriented.

''Thanks sweetie for this awesome Christmas.'' Miley said kissing her slightly.

''No. Than YOU.'' Lilly said, remembering what she had just experienced. They ended in a tender embrace, wondered.

A few hours later, Miley and Lilly came downstairs, hand in hand, satisfied and conniving smiles on their face. They sat on the couch, real close, and whispered things in each other ears, like lovers do. Jackson grimaced. Mr Stewart came in the living room.

''Erm Miley, we got one more present for you.'' Mr Stewart said. ''Well actually, your mom has.''

''What?'' Miley frowned, shocked.

Her dad didn't reply. He took a video tape on a table and put it in the video recorder. Miley instantly grabbed Lilly's hand. Lilly smiled reassuringly to her and slightly squeezed her hand. The video played and an image appeared on the screen. It was her mother, sitting on the couch in their old living room. Miley gasped and held Lilly's hand tighter.

''Hello My angel. I made this tape the day I learned I wouldn't make it. I made your dad promised he would show you the video the moment you missed me the most, the moment where he felt like you needed to see me. I guess that day had come... If I could I would have made thousands of video so that you could have a souvenir of me as you grow up, but I can't do that.'' No, you can't with mom, Miley thought sadly.

''I don't know how old you are now. Maybe you're in 8th grade with Jodie, or maybe you're in highschool, breaking boys' heart. Whatever it is, I'm sure your dad did an amazing job raising you. Don't cause him too much trouble though, he's just a man!'' Her mom said smiling. ''I hope you'll find love. I hope you'll find this one person who will change your life and make as happy as you could ever be.'' Miley looked at Lilly. She did have found that person.

''I love you so much my darling, you have no idea.'' Her mom said, her voice breaking down. ''I just wished I could see you now and hold you. Well, I'm sure I am looking over you from up there anyway.''

They heard some children voice in the backgrounds. Her mom turned her head on the left and smiled.

''I got to go. Jackson is trying to steal one of your doll to play with it. Jackson if you're listening, now the world knows that you used to play with your sister's dolls...and dressed as a girl...'' Her mom smiled.

Lilly scoffed as everyone bited their lips to not laugh.

''I love you sweetie. Take care of our men, and guys take care of our little angel. Love ya all'' Her mom gave a last smile and turned off the camera. The screen went black.

Miley smiled. Of course she felt sad to have seen her mom like this, but she felt somewhat comforted.

Two nights later, Hannah was presenting her new song ''I miss you.'' While she was singing, she saw her dad, Jackson and Lilly on the aisle. They were there for her. She smiled and winked at them. The old Miley was back.

Author's note: This story was a little darker than the other. But I just needed to explain Miley's past with her mother. I think it could help to understand the characters. Besides, it has strenghtened Miley and Lilly relationship... lol. Next story, more drama and fun ! I'm so sorry for the time I took before I could update it! But I didn't have Internet for more than a week, and I was busy... I promise the next story will have more frequent updates ! I've already started to write it, so hopefully, you'll be able to enjoy it soon!

Thank you to all the reviewers and thank you to those who add me as one of their favorite author! It means a lot to me and makes me want to write even more ! I love you all, and don't hesitate to write Liley's stories !!!