Ring! Ring! Ring!

The phone mockingly rang at the blond youth laying below it.

The sound was quickly silenced as someone answered its incessant noise, murmuring a few words into the receiver before hanging up.

Draco Malfoy lazily peeked open an eye from his place on his couch. In front of him was one of his oldest friends: Gregory Goyle. While his wonderful friend sorted through the phone call in his head, the blond's thoughts wandered.

Over the years Draco had figured (through much experience) that whatever brains his dear friend lacked, his formidable size made up for it. The older man had been there with him since they were kids, and Greg always held a distinctive protectiveness for the blond. Crabbe, his other friend, was exactly the same way. But perhaps it was for the best, considering his line of work. Draco brought his thoughts to said friend in front of him.

Gregory Goyle gave his boss (friend) an apologetic look for bothering him. After pausing for a minute, the heavy-set man sighed silently in relief when he wasn't yelled at. He snapped back to reality when he saw Draco's glare.

"Huh?" Goyle uttered stupidly.

Draco bit out, "Who the fuck was it?"

"Oh...oh!!," the hazel-eyed man's face showed his own surprise at remembering, but continued, "Someone fighting in our place."

"Where?" Draco asked, his anger now directed at the bastard who had inadvertently interrupted his nap.

"The Night Star Club," Greg answered.

"Alright, let's go."


Harry Potter had firmly said 'no' when his best friend invited him to a club earlier that day. The green-eyed boy liked quiet and a club wasn't exactly his cup of tea.

This is why said teen is scowling now. Hermione, a.k.a. prior mentioned best friend, had dragged a protesting Harry into her car and whisked them away to the club after school. Which is why Harry is irritated: four hours of totally pointless noise, drinking, and lights... he was sick of it.

"This place is so loud, can I go home?"he pleaded with his usually bushy-haired friend.

Hermione spotted a particular fine specimen checking her out and waved Harry's irrelevant question away. Hermione stopped looking at the other man for a second and focused her attention on her friend. "No, come on Harry, have some fun."

The raven-haired boy moved his fringe to the side and seemingly checked his temperature, placing the back of his hand over an old scar on his forehead. "Uh, I feel sick...tongue dry, mind bored, fever at approximately 100.2 degrees Fahrenheit," at the end of his speech, he peeked open an eye to see if she bought it (or if she wanted to have a question and answer session), she didn't.

Hermione laughed at her friend's theatrics, while running a hand through her straightened locks. "Harry go over there and buy something to drink." After pushing a five into his hand, she walked away, her eyes set on the lusting male from across the club.

Harry sighed as she walked away, 'I'm such a bad actor,' he thought sullenly in his head, but still trudged his way to the bar.

Smiling at the decent bartender he asked, "Can I please have a coke?"

'Sally,' as he name tag said, winked and turned around to find the carbonated drink.

"Can I buy that for you hon?" someone asked.

Harry gave the stranger a weird look and shook his head, "It's ok. I can buy it."

"Wanna dance?" the annoying voice broke the bubble of solitude around Harry again.

Green eyes flashed dangerously, but the older man was oblivious. "No, can you please leave me alone!"

Harry jumped as the stranger's sweaty hand grabbed his arm roughly.

"Hon, you don't want to mess with me."

The young teen panicked, "Let go, what the fuck are you doing!"

"He said let go," a new voice broke in, strong, but cold.

Harry froze and so did everyone in the club. The music seemed to get quieter and the prior boisterous groups were silent.

The small teen turned toward the voice, not realizing that everyone else had already done so.

Harry barely felt the stranger loosen his hold on his arm; instead he felt a blush rise on his cheeks as light eyes studied him.

Draco's POV

Raven hair lay messily upon the boy's head, the ends barely brushing his shoulders. A surprisingly straight fringe covered his forehead, but did nothing to hide the positively perfect green eyes on the smaller teen. Draco then noticed the softest looking lips he had ever seen and combined with his lean, almost feminine body, the blond paused. The emotionless man felt himself harden at the thought of feeling them against his chapped ones.

Eying the boy's clothing, he felt a pang of long-forgotten emotion in his mind and mentally pushed pity away at the overly large clothes hanging off the clearly malnourished teen.

All of Draco's scrutiny was done with a professional eye and in less than thirty seconds.

Harry turned from the metal orbs when the stranger dropped to his knees after completely letting go of his arm.

"Boss...I didn't know that he was yours," the stranger said.

Harry's eyes widened, 'Boss...what the hell does he mean by 'his'? Green eyes glanced at the blond in front of him, as if waiting for an explanation.

"Now you know," the blond said evenly to the cowering man.

'What!' Harry thought silently and glared at the 'Boss' unconsciously.

"Get lost," Draco finished and barely noticed as the rat-faced man scurried off, his attention was now on the lovely boy.

Hey! I hope you guys liked it. I'm looking for a reliable beta for this story. I don't really know if I did a good job editing, but I tried my best. Tell me how you like it and if I should continue.