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Magnetic Moment

Chapter 1

It was the middle of November of Hermione's seventh year at Hogwarts when she was asked to go to the office of Headmistress McGonagall.

Harry, Ron and she had after a summer-long and fruitless search for Horcruxes decided to return to school. The plan was to learn as much as they could and then resume their quest prepared and able.

The Daily Prophet still reported mysteriously missing witches and wizards or worse, but although the Death Eaters were active and cruel, Voldemort hadn't shown himself in months. The night where Dumbledore died had been the last attack on a grand scale and it seemed like both sides were biding their time waiting for the other one to strike.

Hermione was glad for the temporary break. Back at Hogwarts it was easy to forget that there was a war going on and that at any moment she and her friends might have to face another lethal battle. She tried to savour the time she had left at Hogwarts sensing that it would be the last months for her as an relatively carefree youth.

Nevertheless being called to the headmistress caused Hermione to worry. Two out of three times a student was ordered to Professor McGonagall's office these days it was to be told that one of their family members had been attacked. Just last week Cormack McLaggan had been called in to receive the news that his aunt and uncle were killed.

So it was with a beating heart and sweaty palms that Hermione Granger reached the stone gargoyles that guarded the entrance to the Heads office. "Sherbet Lemon" she whispered the password, which Professor McGonagall had clearly chosen in remembrance of her predecessor.

The entrance opened and she stepped onto the moving staircase. Her nervousness increased as she stood in front of the door. She lifted her right hand, took a deep breath and knocked.

"Enter." came the stern but familiar voice from the other side of the doors. Hermione went inside and looked ahead. Professor McGonagall was sitting at the huge desk that dominated the office. Hermione came closer.

"Hello Professor." Her voice sounded strong, not at all a mirror of her feelings.

"Miss Granger, have a seat."

Hermione did as she was told and looked at her headmistress' face intently. Was she going to tell her terrible news? Hermione couldn't read the expression, but couldn't think of another reason why she might have been called to the office either.

"I have a very serious matter to discuss with you, Miss Granger."

"My parents…" Hermione chocked.

"What?" Minerva McGonagall was confused for a second, but when she saw Hermione's crestfallen face she understood. "Good grief, no. They are alright, I'm sure."

Hermione felt herself flooded with relief.

"But there is another matter I have to discuss with you." the professor paused, obviously trying to search for words. Hermione did not speak. "I am afraid…" McGonagall continued after a while "…the Ministry is causing problems again."

"What kind of problems?"

"Well, since the Ministry has shown itself unable to find he-who-must-not-be-named or even arrest some of the Death Eaters it is facing resentment from the wizarding population at the moment. We know they repeatedly tried to improve their image by getting Harry to join them. As you are no doubt aware, with little success.

Minister Scrimgeour is in desperate need to find another way to satisfy his voters. As he is unable to put a stop to the threat he-who-must-not-be-named is posing he seems to have come to the decision to just divert the attention of the people to other matters."

"How can he just think that witches and wizards will forget about Voldemort?"

"I don't think he wants them to forget. He just needs something to boost their morale and lift their spirits. And he needs to appear like he is doing something. He needs a diversion - panem et circenses."

Professor McGonagall paused once more and cast another worried look at Hermione, who was listening with rapt attention. Then she continued.

"I can only express my disgust with the plan Minister Scrimgeour has come up with. Unfortunately I do not possess the kind of influence that would be needed to put a stop to this ridiculous law."

"But what is it, Professor? I don't understand."

"The ministry is about to pass a Marriage Law. Every muggle-born witch or wizard of age will be paired with a Pureblood willing to marry."

"What. How? Why? What." Hermione spluttered incoherently.

"It seems Minister Scrimgeour plans to promote the problem of a rising squib quote. According to him the increasing number of squibs in all-magical families is a danger to the continuation of the wizarding lines."

"I would think being killed off by Death Eaters is taking a far greater toile at the population." Hermione inserted angrily.

"Of course, but that is not the point. The squibs are only an excuse. What Minister Scrimgeour wants is for the witches and wizards to be busy. All the upcoming weddings will take their minds off all the funerals they have been attending."

"This is preposterous. They can't just force Muggle-borns to get married. We have rights."

"I'm afraid the laws of the wizarding community are quite different from the Muggle ones. If the Ministry passes the law, as I am sure they will eventually, there will be no choice but to abide. "

Hermione stared dumbfounded at Professor McGonagall. "So I'll have to get married?"

"Yes. And the Ministry will choose who. The exact regulations are still in the works, but it seems like the Ministry is planning to match all the muggle-borns to those Purebloods that petition for marriage."

"That's just unfair. Why do the Purebloods get a choice and the muggle-borns not?"

"Of course it is unjust. But that is not my main concern. Ms. Granger don't you understand? The Ministry has always been open to the poisonous influence of the Death Eaters - now more than ever. Event though they probably did not initiate the Marriage Law themselves, they will no doubt use it to their advantage. Which is why I am particularly concerned about you. You're position as Head Girl and your connection to Mr. Potter make you a prime target."

"You mean… What do you mean?" Hermione was confused.

"I think it almost certain that the Death Eaters will use their uncontrolled influence within the Ministry to affect your matching. They will make sure you are coupled with an unknown Death Eater, there are still many of them unnamed, and then you will be at his mercy. You are in grave danger."

Hermione paled. The thought of herself being married to a Death Eater made the bile rise in her throat. She didn't want to imagine…

"There seems to be a loophole though." Professor McGonagall continued. "The Order has some influence in the Ministry as well, although it didn't help much in this case:"

"What is it?" Hermione was desperate.

"There is going to be a clause in the Marriage Law, allowing every muggle-born witch or wizard already in a relationship with a Pureblood to marry their partner instead of the one the Ministry chooses for them."

"But I am not in a relationship."

"I am aware. I have given the matter a great deal of thought. There is still some time left. The Ministry hasn't worked out the law completely yet. Especially the choosing process hasn't been determined yet; therefore the Order believes that the law won't be passed before Christmas."

"So I have to find a boyfriend until then. Maybe if I tell Ron…"

"Ronald Weasley is not a possible choice. There will be certain requirements a suitor will have to fulfil in order for the Ministry to approve, the most important one being the ability to provide for a family. Mr. Weasley is still at school and has no family fortune to fall back on."

"But then…" Hermione was close to tears by now. Ron had been her only option. But she could not marry a Death Eater. She pictured herself being wed to Lucius Malfoy and shuttered. She's rather leave the magical world all together than share a bed with him or any other Death Eater.

"Since there is no possible option for you at school I took the liberty of asking one of the Order members to help you. I realise this is being quite a shock for you, but it is essential that we prevent the Ministry from matching you with somebody who will immediately turn you over to he-who-must-not-be-named himself."

"Who?" Hermione choked out.

"Fred Weasley." Professor McGonagall replied. "I already informed him about the impending Marriage Law and he is willing to marry you."

Hermione did not know what to think. It was all just too much.

"Mr. Weasley is going to arrive shortly. I think it is best if you talk to each other."

Hermione merely nodded.

"I will leave you alone now. I am sure you have a lot to think about. Feel free to use my office for the meeting with Mr. Weasley. He should be arriving through my floo in a few minutes."

Professor McGonagall exited her office, giving Hermione a short consoling pad on the shoulder on her way out.

Hermione bend forward and rested her elbows on her knees. She felt nauseous. A large part of her refused to believe what Professor McGonagall had just told her. Marriage Law? The whole concept was ridiculous. She desperately hoped that it all was just some sick joke. After all one of the Weasley twins was involved. But Hermione knew that Professor McGonagall would never agree witch a prank like that. Hell, she even doubted whether the twins would play a prank like that. She could still hope though.

Married to Fred Weasley, never in a million years had Hermione thought this possible. She rested her face in her hands and closed her eyes. She would not cry.

Hermione stayed like this for a while, focusing on her own breathing and frantically trying to get control over her inner turmoil. She heard the flames in the fireplace flare up and someone stepping out of it. She knew it was Fred but did not lift her head or open her eyes. She couldn't.


Fred Weasley saw Hermione sitting on the chair in front of the huge desk. Her whole body seemed to be sunken in and her shoulders were shaking. She didn't acknowledge his presence when he entered the room through the fireplace and at first Fred didn't say anything as well. He was nervous.

When it became apparent though that Hermione would not move he decided it would be upon him to take the first step. Fred cleared his throat.

"Hermione?" He asked tentatively. He desperately hoped she wasn't crying, as he had no idea what to do in that case.

Those worries at least were unfounded because when Hermione finally lifted her head her cheeks were dry.

"Did McGonagall tell you about the law just now? He asked her coming to stand next to the chair she was occupying.

"Yes." Hermione answered. Again she was surprised that her voice wasn't shaking.

"She told me yesterday." Fred walked around the desk and led himself fall into the chair of Professor McGonagall. He put is feet up on the desk. "Wicked, huh. I thought she was joking at first, but then I remembered that ol' McGonagall doesn't have a single humorous bone in her body."

Hermione burst out laughing. Any other time she would have reprimanded Fred for his cheeky words about the headmistress or his disrespectful treatment of school property, but at this moment she just had to laugh. It was either that or crying.

Fred joined her laughter and the atmosphere in the office, which had been so tense you could have cut it with a knife, lightened.

"I still can't believe this is happening." Hermione spoke, when the laughter had finally died down.

"That makes two of us."

"Why did you agree to…marry me?" Hermione asked. She had been wondering that ever since Professor McGonagall had said Fred's name. She looked at him lounging, there was no other word for it, in her chair, looking like he hade no care in the world. His red hair and freckles were familiar, she was seeing them on Ron and Ginny every day, but his features were different.

Fred didn't look much like his younger brother, his built being much stockier with more muscles and his face bearing little resemblance to Ron, too.

"McGonagall said you needed help, so here I am."

"Thanks." Hermione said. What else was she supposed to say? Fred gave her a small smile.

They talked for quite a while after that. Professor McGonagall had given Fred more details than Hermione, so he told her that only very few people in the Order knew about the law yet and even fewer about the loophole.

"I don't think anyone knows though, that she asked me to marry you. I haven't even told George."

They also talked about how they would convince everyone that they were a couple. They came up with a plan and discussed the details until late at night.

Finally Fred got up from McGonagall's chair.

"I'll head back now. It's late."

Hermione got up as well. "I should get back into the dorm as well. Lavender and Parvati will wonder where I am."

"I'll see you after Christmas then." They stood in front of each other awkwardly.

"Do you think we should write each other? It will be easier to pull it all off if we know each other better."

"Your right. I'll owl you soon." Fred gave her a brief hug and turned towards the fireplace. He threw the powder in, waited until the flames turned green and then stepped inside. He looked back at Hermione.

"See ya. "


Fred was gone and Hermione was left alone in the office. She looked up at the portraits at the wall, which had been sleeping the whole time she had been there. Hermione spotted Dumbledore amongst the other former headmasters and headmistresses and suddenly her throat felt too tight.

She ran out of the room and down the stairs.


During her mad dash towards Gryffindor tower Hermione didn't once think about being stealthy as to not be caught after curfew. She just ran, trying to put everything that had happened the last couple of hours behind her.

She reached the corridor of the Fat Lady's portrait without attracting the attention of Filch or a teacher. A few feet away from the entrance to Gryffindor tower though she ran into something solid and fell to the floor. She blinked away the tears that she hadn't even been aware of shedding and stared ahead. There was nothing there. She was about to reach for her wand when she heard Harry's voice.

"Hermione what are you doing here?"

Hermione opened her mouth to answer, but at that moment Mrs. Norris came around the corner. Hermione saw Harry's arm protrude from the invisibility cloak as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet. They crossed the short distance to the Fat Lady, gave her the password ('Devils Snare') and ignoring the portraits scolding about being out of bounds climbed inside the tower.

The common room was empty that late at night. Harry led Hermione to one of the couches near the fire, taking off his invisibility cloak on the way, and they sat down. Hermione was sobbing by now and Harry put a comforting arm around her.

"What happened?" He asked after a while, when she had calmed down some.

Hermione told him everything. She didn't give a damn that McGonagall had advised both her and Fred not to talk to anyone about the matter. She needed someone to talk. She couldn't do this alone.

Harry listened. He was just as angry about the Ministry's incompetence and when he realised the danger Hermione was in he threatened to immediately march over to London and tell Scrimgeour exactly what he was thinking of him, preferably in front of a Daily Prophet reporter.

In the end though Harry contented himself with something every best friend would have done in this situation. The only thing he could have done. He assured Hermione that he would be with her all the way and that he would help as best as he possibly could. "Just tell me what you need."


The next day Hermione woke up hoping that everything was just a bad dream. One look into Harry's face told her it was not.

She led herself be dragged down to the Great Hall for breakfast, but was unable to eat something. Lessons were a relief, as they allowed her to think of something else.

Later that day Hermione was called back to Professor McGonagall were she talked the headmistress through the plan Fred and she had come up with to convince everybody that they were in a relationship. The conversation turned out to be rather awkward, because the headmistress kept shooting pitiful glances at Hermione.

Hermione on the other hand kept telling herself that things could be worse. At least she was forewarned and didn't have to marry some Death Eater. In the light of his current competition Fred seemed more than acceptable. That thought became somewhat of a mantra to her.

At first Professor McGonagall was angry when Hermione told her, that she had confided in Harry, but in the end relented that it was good for Hermione and Fred to have at least one ally to help convince people.

Harry surprised Hermione that night by proposing himself. Hermione declined, knowing that although they weren't in a relationship anymore, Harry still loved Ginny. She assured him that marrying Fred wasn't too bad. She loved him for the gesture anyways.

They did not tell Ron. Both Hermione and Harry feared his reaction. The youngest Weasley was not known for his rational thinking and the outburst that was sure to follow the announcement that Hermione was going to marry one of his brothers was threatening to reveal their secret to the whole school. So they kept silent.

Harry thought to himself that it was a good thing. He knew about Ron's deep feelings towards Hermione. He would not take the Marriage law and its repercussions lightly and Harry was glad to postpone the inevitable for a bit longer. Hermione and Fred had agreed that nothing could happen before the Christmas holidays, which they would all spent at the Burrow. Hermione was to spent Christmas itself with her parents, but then join the rest at Ottery St. Catchpole.

Fred stayed true to his word and two days after their meeting in Professor McGonagall's office Hermione received his first letter during breakfast. He told her about his live, the work for the joke shop and the things he did with George and their friends. Hermione wrote back, telling him about school and how she had told Harry about the Marriage Law.

They exchange a couple of letters the following month effectively getting to know each other better. Time passed by fast though and before Hermione realised what happened she was leaving Crookshanks in Hagrid's care and boarded the Hogwarts Express to go home for the holidays.

She was about to see her soon to be fiancé again. One thing she knew for sure: Her childhood was over.



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