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I had no idea what was happening. For a moment I just stared at the seen that was unfolding in front of me. Voldemort had decided to torture Wormtail for the fun of it, Snape was looking like he was glad it wasn't him, Malfoy was keeping his face completely blank, Crabbe and Goyle didn't look like they were even thinking, and Nott Avery and Rookswood all looked like they were enjoying the scene of Wormtail begin tortured to near insanity. No one seemed to notice me.

I tried to move forward and found myself slowly moving behind Voldemort.

I was moving!

I know that this doesn't sound like a major feat, but to me, it was a miracle. I hadn't been able to move for fifty years and, after that, any kind of motion was something to think about.

For some reason, I was really clear headed. I had thought before about what would happen if I could move by myself, and I had thought that I would be too busy gloating over that fact that I could move again to do anything. Suddenly, now that I was faced with hat situation, I found myself calm and logical. I was excited, yes, but for some reason even my excitement felt removed from me. Sort of like I was watching someone else who had been trapped in Voldemort's head for fifty years.

I looked around, another achievement, and watched Voldemort place his wand back in his pocket. I mentally blinked, at that moment I didn't seem to have eye lids, and looked at the wand. Technically, it was my wand. I wondered if I could touch it. After all, I was moving, who could say what I could do.

I reached for it, and noticed that I seemed to be made of very thin smoke that was at that moment enveloping around the wand to no real effect. That was why no one had seen me. There was no way that smoke was going to grab that wand, and although smoke really didn't need a wand, I really didn't want Voldemort to have it if there was anything that I could do about it.

I stared at the wand as much as a wisp of smoke is can stare at anything. This was going to be a challenge. There had to be a way to get that wand without Voldemort noticing. He was too busy talking to Avery about what he was doing and didn't seem too interested in much else.

I reached out mentally, trying to use magic instead. It was probably the most painful thing that I had ever done in my life, or whatever this would be considered. It was like my whole body was on fire, from the inside out. For a moment I noticed that the wand had not only moved but had fallen to the floor, it slipped into a large, wandsized hole that seemed to be there for no other reason but to be inconvenient.

I cursed mentally and tried to go after it. Since I was made of smoke at the moment, it was fairly easy, but I was starting to get the feeling that something else was happening. Although I was happy to have anything happen to me, I didn't want anything interesting to happen while I was in a room with Voldemort and his supporters.

As I slipped through the crack I heard Snape talking.

"How do you feel, My Lord?"

There was a pause.

"I feel no stronger, but a certain headache seems to have ceased," Voldemort said sounding thoughtful, "That wasn't what the potion was meant to do, but…I am pleased all the same…"

"If all he did was make a headache cure-" Crabbe, or maybe Goyle, started.

"Silence, fool," Voldemort hissed.

The fool shut up.

The place I was in was dark at first, but after looking around for a few minutes, a light began to glow around me. I realized why very quickly, I wasn't exactly smoke anymore. I had hands. I couldn't see myself, but I appeared to have a hazy outline of a body.

I also appeared to have robes on. That was good. I really didn't want to escape naked. For one thing, it was really cold out, from what I had heard, and people would have some questions to ask me if I walked around nude

I looked down and picked up my want that was lying at my feet.

I could feel it.

Another thing that I doubt anyone will understand is that I hadn't actually felt anything for fifty years. Because that Voldemort was in charge of my mind I didn't have any control over my senses. I could see out of his eyes and hear with his ears, but I couldn't smell, taste, or feel. I had become fairly used to by this time, but suddenly feeling something even as simple was a wand was enough to make me feel somewhat euphoric.

I held up my wand, lighted it, and looked around. I wasn't too worried about the Under Age Use of Magic at the moment. After all, who would? Later, I realized that the Trace that is put on young Wizards when they go to school wasn't on me anymore. After all, Voldemort, who had my real body, was of age (obviously), and I hadn't had a change to have it put on me.

I was in a small room full of storage equipment. I supposed that it was where anything that wasn't in current use to the Death Eaters went. It was dirty, and dusty. Even though I could see signs that someone had been in there recently, I started to get the feeling that I was about to sneeze, another novelty, but not something that I wanted to experience with Voldemort and a bunch of Death Eaters above me. There were some shelves along the walls that had some old picture frames (deserted) and some old bottles and caldrons. A few spider webs fell from the caldrons, so most things hadn't been touched in a while. On a small table, there were signs that things had been moved. The dust had been wiped in some areas, and it looked like there had been things on the table that weren't there anymore.

I walked over to the table and looked down. There was only one object there now. A vial of a deep blue liquid that would fit into my pocket that Snape most likely had put there for storage purposes.

That must have been the other potion that Snape was talking about.

He had seemed very unsure about Voldemort using it, almost like there might be something wrong with it. While I would love to see Voldemort use a defective potion, I had the feeling that this one wasn't for Voldemort. It was probably something to do with some plot or other.

I picked the potion up and stared at my hand. It was becoming more and more solid by the second. This was both really good and really bad. It was good because I was slowly gaining a body. It was bad because I was going to be trapped in a house full of Death Eaters. I was still transparent and hopefully I could manage to go through things. If I couldn't do it, I would have a problem.

I looked around frantically. There had to be a way out. There was one door that probably led upstairs to where the Death Eaters and Voldemort were and another that looked dirty and unused, which probably led to a closet. There was also one window that was so filthy that no light went through.

That window was probably the only change that I had. I shoved the potion in the pocket of the robes and ran to it and tried to force it open. At first nothing happened other that I was quickly becoming very solid, and I was starting to panic then the glass began to move slightly.

With a crack that must have caught everyone's attention in the house, the window opened.

The voices from upstairs stopped and then I heard them start again.

"What was that?" Malfoy asked.

There were sounds of people moving from upstairs and footsteps coming very close to me. Shoats to other Death Eaters who seemed to have appeared, and some staggering, I assume from Wormtail.

For a split second I was frozen, and my mind was a complete blank. The footsteps were on the stairs before I blinked and looked at the window. I was still somewhat transparent, and I didn't really have time to think about what I was doing. Without a glace back, I jumped through the window.

And my foot got stuck.

Thankfully, it was in the part of the window that was open. It looked like I had been right to open that window. It would have been really painful to have it become stuck in the actual glass.

This was not the time to have my foot stunk in a window. As I tried to wriggle it lose, I watched with horror as the door handle was moved. There was only one thing that I could think of doing at that moment. I drew my wand and pointed it at the glass.

"REDUCTO!" I yelled.

The glass shattered instantly, and pieces flew towards the opening door, causing some surprised yells and curses from the other side. I scrambled up and started to run clumsily. Snape's potion might have giving me a body, but it sure didn't give me one that was in shape. In fact, it felt like the body had never been used much before. I guess I was lucky not to have one without any muscles and have to learn how to walk again.

The house was surrounded by a forest that I hadn't noticed before. I guess I wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings anymore. Maybe some part of me had given up ever really needing the knowledge. Now I was really regretting not paying attention.

I guess the only time it really matters is the one time that you're not.

I stumbled into the forest. It would take the Death Eaters a while to open the door, wade through the glass, get to the window, realize that I'm gone, apparate into the yard and split up to find me. As long as I didn't make too much noise, there was a chance they wouldn't catch up.

I could summon the Knight Bus, but I didn't have any money. They didn't take hitchhikers, and I didn't think they would believe that I was being chased by Death Eaters. If they did find me while I was trying to convince them, it wouldn't really help. After all, we'd all be dead. I did know how to aparate, but I wasn't sure I had the energy to at the moment. That and I read somewhere that the chances of Splinching increase by twenty percent in times of emotional stress. If running through the woods, being chased by Death Eaters wasn't emotional stress, I didn't know what was.

I stumbled along as fast as I could. I was starting to hear the sounds of the Death Eaters. The only thing that was keeping me from being seen were the trees.

There had to be a way out of this.

I had to get lucky once in my life.

Had I just gotten a body to be killed?

I heard a sound behind me and darted behind a tree. Wormtail staggered into my view. I was staring around blearily and didn't seem to really know what was going on. He slumped down and stared at the trees. Fishing in his robe, he took out a flask of what I hoped was something alcoholic and strong.

"I used to have a hand," he muttered to himself, "A good hand, one that I was really attached too…"

That would make sense…it was a hand. He would be attached to it…in all meanings of that word…

"Then," he continued to no one, "I lost it. It left me."

No, you cut it off.

"I…I…" he took a swig of the booze and started to sway.

This was wonderful!

"I…miss my hand…I…I…" Wormtail muttered as he swayed.

Suddenly he collapsed into a heap of robes. I was silent for a moment, but poked my head out when I heard him snoring. I walked over to him and looked down. There was a bit of drool coming out of his mouth as he snored. I leaned down and searched his pockets. There was a small bag of Sickles, his wand, and an extra bottle of booze.

I relieved him of the Sickles.

Wormtail let out a grunt, and more drool came out. I had the urge to write something rude on the ground next to him, but I didn't want the Death Eaters to know that I had come this way. It was obvious that they didn't think that I would go this way. Which meant that if I had wanted to choose a direction that was farthest from civilization, this was probably it.

I straightened and walked off in the direction that I was going at first. It would be a while before they looked for Wormtail since they would have split up, looking for me. If I didn't leave a tail of deep footprints or broken twigs, I might manage to make it to a point where I could summon the Knight Bus.

I needed a plan.

I had a body, I was free of Voldemort, and I needed to find a way to kill him. I had no real idea what I looked like. Black hair had fallen into my face while I was running, so I assumed that I had black hair, and I felt like I had before Voldemort. I was shorter then Voldemort was and my skin did not seem to have scales. I assumed that I could walk around in public without scaring people.

Then again, I could have Voldemort's face…

I touched my nose, which was where I would have expected it to be. I had a nose, and since Voldemort didn't I could safely assume that I didn't look like him.

Next, how old was I?

I had the feeling that my body might have been constructed from my memories, but I wasn't sure. I knew that I didn't have grey hear, so I wasn't sixty something.

I wished I could see my face. It would make things so much easier.

I picked up my pace. I was getting far enough away to start being a little less cautious. Apparently the last thing that Voldemort was expecting was someone to find him. Then again, we were fairly close to Durmstrang which meant that Voldemort didn't have to worry quite as much. Voldemort wasn't so much of a problem in this area, and the English Ministry of Magic was working so hard on making Potter and Dumbledore look like they were lying or senile.

The forest was starting to clear and I heard, in the distance, the sound of the Muggle cars.

Voldemort wouldn't what to get this close to Muggles. If they saw him, everything he was working for would blow up in his face.

Now, I had to think about my name.

I couldn't go around introducing myself as Tom Riddle. A lot of people knew the connection. I had to go back to England. I didn't know Bulgarian, other then the word that means 'gelded hegoat', and I don't really like to use it around people who know the language.

I leaned down on the ground and wrote: Tom Marvolo Riddle.

I am Lord Voldemort passed through my mind.

Well, that did it, I wasn't going to rearrange the letters of my name.

I started down at my name and thought. Tom was the abbreviation of Thomas. (My mother didn't seem to know that, but anyways…) Thomas was known as the twin in the New Testiment…Twin…

Gemini meant twin, and it was a name that I had heard wizards use.

Marvolo…what did Marvolo mean anyways? What was my mother thinking… I was close to Durmstrang, so I should pass as a student there. Therefore I need a Russian/Bulgarian/Slavic kind of name…Mikhail…that was for Michael…

Close enough.

Riddle…was really good for making jokes (I'm serious about that, if I never heard another 'Riddle' pun it would be too soon), but I hadn't ever thought of anything interesting in it. A riddle was a conundrum, which most people didn't even know was a word, and if I was Russian I would say Conundrumivich, meaning: son of Riddle.

I straightened and walked towards the sounds of the cars. Finally, when it was starting to get dark, and I was really getting tired, I saw the road.

I held out my right hand and waited.

With a bang and force that almost sent me sprawling to the ground, the violently purple triple decker bus appeared. It stopped in front of me, and a pimply Wizard about twenty or so jumped out.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus, the emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard, my name is Stan Shanpike, and I shall be your conductor his evening," he said in a well rehearsed sort of way.

He lead me to one of the beds and I paid him some of what was in Wormtail's bag. As a passed a window, I got a good look at myself.

It looked like I had never been possessed. A tall, fifteen year old boy looked back at me. Pale skin contrasted well with night black hair, and I brushed the bangs out of black eyes. I was wearing a nondescript looking robe that looked slightly shabby.

Honestly, even when I have a body constructed from my memory, I still wear second hand clothes.

"Where did you say you were going Mr…" Stan asked.

"Conundrumivich…Con. Gemini Con," I said, "I'm going to the English Ministry of Magic."

"Drumstrang student are you?" he asked, "had to transfer cuz the school burnt down?"

It burnt down? I only knew there was a fire. This is going to work better then I thought. No records to fake.

"Something like that," I said.


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