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Switched II

Chapter 1: Cupid's Great-Granddaughter

Cupid's Castle:

It had been 4 days since Cupid and Birchwood had set up Kuki Sanban and Wally Beetles by switching them. Now Cupid was getting ready to do it again. But not with Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4. No they were a happy couple. Cupid was going to switch a certain American boy and an Irish girl.

"Birchwood!" Cupid called.

A small elf came scurrying in. Birchwood had helped Cupid with the last switching and had done so well, that Cupid wanted him to come again.

"Yes Cupid?" Birchwood said cheerfully, no longer the quiet scared employer but a cheerful, happy friend to the love fairy.

"Before we get the Irish girl and the American boy...what are their names again?" Cupid interrupted himself.

Birchwood looked at a clipboard in his hands, "Fanny Fulbright or Numbuh 86 and Hoagie Gilligan or Numbuh 2."

The elf looked mischievously at Cupid. "Do you want to bet on when they'll get together again?"

"Uh...no." Cupid said. The last time he had bet with Birchwood, he had lost 20 dollars.

"Shoot!" Birchwood muttered.

"Anyway as I was saying." Cupid said, "Before we go I want to introduce you to my great-granddaughter. She'll be coming with us."

Birchwood frowned. "I didn't know you had a great-granddaughter. Heck I didn't even know you had kids."

Cupid coughed. "It's not something I usually flaunt. Holly!" He yelled.

Birchwood turned around as an elf about his own age came in. She had nut-brown skin, auburn hair in a crew cut, and huge hazel eyes. Her nose had a hook and her mouth was the spitting image of Cupid's. She had a slim frame and long tapered fingers. She also had beautiful butterfly wings, the sign of the high-class fairies.

"Watch out. She's got a fiery temper sometimes." Cupid whispered before turning to his great-granddaughter.

"Are you sure you want to come, Holly?" He asked.

Holly nodded. "Yeah, mom's doing spring cleaning. If I stay then she'll make me help."

She looked at Birchwood. "Hello. I'm Holly." She held out her hand grinning.

Birchwood smiled and shook her hand.

"Birchwood." He said solemnly.

"Pleased to meet you." Holly said before tuning to her grandfather. "Can I stop being so polite now, Grandpa?"

Cupid smiled and nodded.


She turned back to Birchwood.

"So how do you know Grandpa exactly?" She asked smiling.

Birchwood smirked and said, "Let's just say he chose me as an assistant."

Holly nodded.

"Ok guys, let's go." Cupid said before grabbing his magic bag, trademark bow and arrows and a sandwich for the road. As the three magical creatures flew out the window Birchwood heard Holly mutter,

"That's Grandpa. Always eating."

Birchwood grinned. This girl would be interesting to get to know better.

T.N.D. Tree House:

It had been 4 days since Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 had gotten together. Everyone was confused. Not that they had gotten together, after all it had been painfully obvious that they liked each other, but HOW they had gotten together. Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 had been very vague about the details. Only Numbuhs 178 and 563 knew the whole story, and they weren't saying anything. After all would you believe that for some reason two of your friends switched bodies for 2 days? It was easier just to let them wonder.

"Hey Kuki." Numbuh 4 said kissing his girlfriend on the cheek.

Numbuh 3 smiled.

Numbuhs 1,2,4 and 563 (who was staying at the tree house for a few weeks) had just returned from the candy store, which despite being teenagers Sector V still liked to go to.

Numbuh 4 dropped a bag of candy in Numbuh 3's lap.

"Thanks, Wally." Numbuh 3 said kissing the tip of Numbuh 4's nose.

Everyone in the room (Numbuhs 1,2, 5, 86, 178 and 563) looked away. They weren't used to the new couple yet.

"Get a room." Numbuh 563 muttered, which earned him a hard shove from Numbuh 178.

"What?" He asked looking at his best friend.

She rolled her eyes at him. Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 grinned at them. Numbuh 5 looked at Numbuh 1.

"Did you get Numbuh 5's candy, Numbuh 1?"

Numbuh 1 nodded and threw her a bag of candy. She caught it and smiled at him.

"Thanks. Numbuh 5 will be in her room." Numbuh 5 left the living room and went to her bedroom.

Numbuh 3 sighed. Numbuh 5 should just tell Numbuh 1 that she liked him and get it over with.

"I've got a date with Lizzie in a few minutes so Numbuh 5 will be in command if anything happens." Numbuh 1 said getting up and leaving the room.

As soon as they were sure that he was out of earshot everyone groaned loudly.

"Kissy Lizzie, again!" Numbuh 3 said. When she and Numbuh 4 had switched bodies, she had gotten into the habit of saying Kissy Lizzie.

"That'll be the 4th date this week." Numbuh 4 said.

No one said it but they were all thinking it. 'How would Numbuh 5 take it?'

"Guys, it's none of our business." Numbuh 178 said. "If Numbuh 1 wants to go on dates with Lizzie, than it's his business not ours."

She got up. "Numbuh 563, do you want to help me bake something?"

"At 8:30 at night?" Numbuh 563 asked in surprise.

Numbuh 178 shrugged. "I'm bored."

"Alright then." Numbuh 563 got up and followed his friend into the kitchen.

"We're going on a date too." Numbuh 4 said to Numbuhs 2 and 86. "See you guys later." He and Numbuh 3 left the room.

Numbuhs 2 and 86 were the only ones in the room now. Except for a certain love fairy and his accomplices that is. In the past two years, the two had become very good friends. They usually paired up when they went on missions, they usually talked together at lunch... so on and so on.

The two were currently sharing a bag of candy. Numbuh 86 reached into the bag and her hand brushed against Numbuh 2's. She pulled it out like she had been burned.

"Sorry." She muttered.

"It's nothing." Numbuh 2 said, a faint blush staining his cheeks.

An awkward silence followed until...

Numbuh 86 looked at her watch. "Wow, look at the time! I'm going to go to bed. See you later Numbuh 2!"

She jumped up and ran to her room. As the T.N.D didn't need decommissioning officers (they don't decommission people) Numbuh 86 had been assigned to a Sector. She asked to be assigned to Sector V and she was.

Numbuh 2 sighed and packed up the candy, dropping it off in the kitchen and saying goodnight to Numbuhs 178 and 563 before heading to his room. As he lay down on his bed he had one last thought before he fell asleep. That thought was, 'Why can't I ask Fanny out?'

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