Meaningful Glances



Neji x Sakura

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.Chapter 5.
.From The Inside.

He saw it in her eyes, those big jade pools, that this was what she wanted. He smirked, slowly, tantalizingly slowly lifting her up so that she was sat on one of the bookshelves. He was trying to be calm, to be slow, but to hell with it. She was sat there, on the shelf, waiting to be fucked.

Her breathing was erratic, sitting there for him, she felt like a present, waiting to be opened. Sakura watched Neji's pained expression as he tried to keep his hands from wandering further up her thighs. This was it. It was time for her to make her choice. Let the demoniacally beautiful man have her, ravish her. Or. Hurt him, walk away, keep away. She chose.

"Let me go Neji," he heard the whisper, he didn't understand, the words were laced with lust, but they meant nothing of a sexual nature. His grip tightened.

"No." he watched her expression, watched those piercing eyes grow wide.

"You'll run, and I'll not have that, you shall stay here…"

She placed a hand on each of his, his firm skin beneath, so warm and inviting.

"I shan't run, I promise," Slowly she began to try and remove his hands but to no avail. The hurt in his eyes was too much and so she placed a hand on her hip, raising the fabric slightly, which automatically raised his heart rate. He raised his hand, fingers skimming over her own tender flesh. Resting upon her lithe digits, he felt a jolt of energy as chakra pulsed through her, squeezing his own into her body.

She sighed. It was done, nothing more than a second, a second that would now forever hold a lifetime bound. A pure jolt of electricity coursed into her hip as the final kisses of treatment were put upon her skin. Black intricate swirls placed themselves on her delicate skin as she gently removed hers and Neji's hands from the inked design on her hipbone. Smiling, she looked up into the snow-white eyes of the branch child.

He was confused, his whole body tingling and itching to touch her, sensuous caresses were all that plagued his mind, however the tendrils of the somewhat strange design intrigued him. Dancing across her creamy white skin was a vine, wrapped around a sword, two sweet sakura blossoms lovingly touching the hilt and tip.

"For you," her breaths were heavy, gliding across his masculine face. "For you to hold me," Her hands dragged his own to rest on her waist, "For you to kiss me," her lips captured his, passion and lust evident in the bites and sucks she gave to him, his quick reflexes also told her, that he obviously wanted this as much as, if not more than her. "For you to fuck me," She pushed her long fingers into his silky hair, pulling so that his head was yanked up. "For you to own me..." her face was so close to his, her even breaths tempting him, taunting him.

"For you Neji-sama..."


That was when it all happened. His control snapped, murderously quick movements caused the rip in the back of her top as he yanked her way from the bookcase. Pushing her onto the library desk he heard her soft flesh slam onto the hard wood, and he loved it.

Eyes dancing, he straddled her, her face slowly starting to flush as he grabbed her arms and yanked them above her head.

"Too long Sakura," his tone was heavy and strained, control seeping away quickly.

"Too long have I waited to make you moan," his head had lowered so that his face was by her ear, his teeth ripping at her earlobe as a devil like fury wove around him, heat pulsating throughout him. "To make you pant," One of his hands trailed down to her breasts and squeezed savagely, her heard her intake of breath quicken. "To make you scream," with this said two fingers scraped over her sensitive core, even whilst covered with fabric, she screamed.

"I won't be gentle," He scratched his fingers over her thigh. "I will however, make sure you'll never want to run to another man," he stopped everything and looked into her large emerald orbs. "Because, Sa-ku-ra," He licked a large trail from her neck up to the underside of her jaw causing tingling sensations to run down her spine, "I'll have fucked you so hard, and so" He rolled his hips aggressively against hers, "good, that you'll forget everything else in the world," He pushed his cloth covered member against her sopping wet core, her whimpering increasing as white hold liquid passed through her womanhood. "Except, me"


She wanted to scream, scream harder against the man who held her captive against the wall. Her back had already started to bruise. He was rough, and he was wild, and all he'd done so far was bite and kiss her. She never wanted this torture to end as she realised how dominating and in need of her he was.

He was currently sucking on her neck, his knee between her thighs, rubbing against her. She shivered. She wanted more, no, needed more.

"Neji-sama..."her breathy voice had obviously distracted him as he stopped his mouth from moving on her neck. "Neji-sama..." she could definitely feel it now, his arousal was harder than before, and his body was tensing up. Her seal on her hip firing up lustfully as she was called to her master. She watched as his quick silver eyes scoured out her own.

She lifted her head up and crushed her lips against his own as their teeth clashed and tongues battled for dominance. Pulling away quickly, she sucked his chin hard, cascading pleasure jolting through him.

"Fuck me..." she slurred on his rough skin, her arousal too much.

Neji growled, it vibrated through his naked chest and onto her fully clothed one. All coherent thought gone he ripped apart her shirt, a lacy green bra now in full view. Approvingly he reached for her thighs.

She mewled as her thighs were wrapped around his waist. It was going fast, and his actions were rough, long digits raked down her skin as she threw her hands above her head and moaned as he ripped her skirt as well.


The more flesh Neji saw, the more he marked and claimed it, sucking and biting, he made beautiful patterns all up her legs and abdomen. Angry traces of himself burnt hot against her skin, as she flushed prettily, breaths ragged and chest heaving, he watched as her dainty hands moved towards his trousers. But he couldn't watch just yet.

She felt him, heard the tear of fabric, the smell of her nectar as he tore apart the tiny amount of material that hid her true depths from view.

He knew, she knew he knew, and it was all she could do to now hold on and enjoy the frantic ride that she had evidently created.

He smirked, the tender flesh of her body was supple and tasted sweet. He wanted more. She knew what she did, and why she did it, and now, she was it his mercy. Completely. His member twitched in approval as the last articles of clothing dropped to the floor, his strong hands tearing the bra from her lithe form.

Time stopped. His senses flared as heat emitted readily from her pulsating core. Thick jewels of her essence covered the tight pink curls. He shuddered visibly. This was it. He was now the master in their year long game, she was his and his fingers tingled slightly at the thought of penetrating her.

She watched, her breathing painfully fast as her whole being was exposed to him. His tight muscles jolted spasmodically as his mouth, that fucking devious mouth, turned into a feral grin. She had no time to think as two lean digits entered her. Back arching off of the table, the pleasure wouldn't subside, the need to be close not gone, she moaned, his name rasping off of her deliciously pink lips.

"Fuck Sakura," His voice was strained, her body pushed up near his face. He bit her left nipple, sucking the tender flesh as he slowly, agonizingly slowly, pumped his fingers into her, creating wide V shapes to stretch and manoeuvre her tight walls. Neji growled impatiently his spare hand gripping onto her fuckable skin.

Her mouth turned into a silent "O" shape as he sped up, adding another finger. She could feel her juices sliding down his hand, the feeling of being smothered by him was incredible, and she opened her legs wider. Her arms, bracing her bucking body, came up and grappled onto his thick chocolate locks, pulled yanking down, so that he may lavish her delicate nipples all the more.

The branch child growled, he could feel her walls tighten around his fingers, feel them being pulled in, making his arousal ache and stiffen continuously. He loved this, the feeling of being all over her, in her, around her. Fuck. He couldn't take it.

Sakura screamed, beautiful indescribable sounds dripping from her lips, much like the cum that seeped down her thighs as she reached her high.

"Nejiiii," She was trying to catch her breath as she continuously rode his fingers, feeling his other hand lower and almost scratch her pearl, pinching and tweaking it until she passed out. The sheer pleasure driving her into oblivion, but not before hearing his merciless laugh and hot tongues lapping up the sweet drink that she had created for him.


He stepped out of his trousers, the dark material gliding down his manly thighs and over his taught calves. The way her body was so openly lying on his table made him groan. The ache in his member never subsiding, he slowly scooped her up and carried her, making his way across the library, attempting to get her to his room, however, the seductive little sounds she was making in her sleep did nothing to help him as his movements faulted as he heard his name whispering across her lips.

Whatever was carrying her felt nice, warm flesh and a slipper substance between her legs. Slowly, without opening her eyes, she hooked one leg up and around the object that she was attached too.

"I'm glad you've woken up Sakura, honestly, I don't think I could have waited much longer." Pale eyelids snapped open, as white luminescent orbs looked down on her hungrily. She looked around, a pink blush tainting her skin as she felt her back connect with the cold wall.

He felt her shiver, watched her take air into those beautiful lips. He had to have them. Diving for her lips, he sucked on her pliant flesh and bit when she almost refused to open them. Her tongue, sweet and hot was pulled into his mouth as he sucked reverently. He needed this, he wanted her. He then realised, with that soft, slick tongue in his mouth, that she was his. He could do with her what he wanted, and with that, he pulled away, smirking down on her beautiful face. Hips shining with swear, and glorious smudges of creamy juice gliding down her thighs.

"Down on your knees Sakura," She watched as his white eyes darkened, a glint, of something so sinister, and delightfully lust driven, making its way to the surface.

"Yes Neji-sama," the words tumbled from her lips, her body, moving of its own accord, lowering down onto the plush carpet. She felt her knees connect with the ground and her head look past his large, swollen member, to his sinfully handsome face.

"Fuck me," the words she had used earlier appeared on his lips, as the honeyed voice made her move. And how she would enjoy this, his thick shaft, twitching between her delicate hands. The slight throb of the vein, as hot skin connected with soft palms.

He watched, his little pink haired temptress on her knees in front of him, touching and stroking, gently, oh so gently, causing his breath intake to double. Neji watched as the delicate tongue, that he had sucked with such fever, licked the fever tip of his shaft. He had to try and control his body as it almost went into spasms.

She licked, she sucked, and what didn't fit into her mouth was stroked and massaged, kneaded and scratched. She was in heaven, the salty masculine taste whirling round her mouth as her tongue glided along the quivering length. When his hips bucked, she softly pressed her molars into the hard flesh. His tempo increased, and so did her lips, sucking, pulling the male's skin, stroking his firm shaft.

His body was convulsing, the sight of her, naked, on her knees, pleasuring him with her soft pliant little lips drove him to insanity as the heat shot itself through his system, his own pleasurable fluids jetting into her awaiting mouth. And still she sucked, removing all that was holy from him, each tug, pushing his sanity further away from his trembling mind. How he had lasted without her, he didn't know, and one thing was was sure of, absolutely certain of, was that he never, never wanted to be without her. I won't.

"Sakura," his breathing was heavy and he was unable to think completely straight, however, his goal had not quite been reached yet. Stand up. He watched as she rose to her feet, beautiful supple body quivering with need, glossy lips stained with delicate trails of his opal coloured seed. Hold me. As his thoughts were voiced by her body, her graceful arms looped around his neck, his own body trembling with attempted restraint as his muscle bound state fought to hold onto his next load.

"Neji-sama," Sakura's green eyes practically ate his own moonlight orbs. "I told you before, master," a beautiful white canine sunk into her lower pouty lip, "fuck me..."


Once again her back hit the wall as his thick member filled her. She screamed, warmth radiating throughout her as his length managed to hit her cervical wall, his base fitting snugly up to the wet lips that had devoured his hard shaft. Everything became quiet except for her harsh pants and moans and his grunts of approval as thrust for thrust she matched him, raising her hips, long shapely legs wrapping around his waist.

"Sakura, no one may dance with you" Neji was growling, his needs animalistic as he penetrated her hard, wilder, faster, her cries beautiful aphrodisiacs pushing him to go harder. And so he did. "No one may watch you," The artistic wet slapping sound that emitted from their bodies every time made him grin sadistically. "No one may touch you..." The bounce of her breasts in his face, causing him to bite the flushed pink nipples that taunted him. "Except, me." He heard distinctly the thud, thud, thud, against the library wall as he slammed into her willing body. Kami, she's so tight.

With each thrust she realised something.

I want this.

The coil was tightening in her stomach as her manicured nails raked down his taught back.

I need this.

The tell tale sting as he bit her shoulder enhanced her pleasure as his name slowly started to scream from her kiss swollen lips.

I'm his.

He grunted her name, gripping her hips tightly, his hands wandering to squeeze her breasts savagely, mouth, licking, sucking, biting the flesh that he would now forever own. His hips, once again started jerking, as he felt her walls pull him in further, clamping, clenching as she reached her climax, her released for the second time, bursts of creamy thick fluids rushed into her, mixing and swirling with her own pure juices. He shuddered, the last being released into her.

Coming down from her euphoria, she felt limp, she felt full, substances, warm and inviting rolling down her sweaty sex smelling thighs. Then she felt something, trail its way up one of them, almost scooping up the mixture.

"Mmm," His husk loaded voice cut through the panting silence. She opened one vivid emerald eye and stared at the Hyuuga Heir. His fore finger covered in musky scented fluids, she watched as his tongue lapped up one side of his lean digit.

"Too bad really," Sakura felt him roll his hips against hers, his member still seemingly hard inside of her, despite her desperate attempts to crush his thirst. She moaned, her head rolling back, fingers digging into his bloody shoulders, crescent moons scaring neatly all over his body from her treacherous ferocity.

"I don't think you'll be walking in the morning Sakura..." His hot lips sought out hers, devouring her mouth, lavishing it with care and grace, its depths much like honey, sweet and moist. His hips grinding back into hers, he could think of nothing that he'd rather be doing...

Fuck me Neji-sama...

Fuck me...


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