So I have begun re-writing this fic. This fic was the second story I started on this website, beginning it over six years ago when I really had no idea what I was doing. I have decided to improve the quality of the story. If you're interested in having the original in all its ridiculous newbieness, just shoot me a message.

So here it is! Hope you enjoy!

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right, and forget about the ones who don't. And believe that everything happens for a reason…if you get a chance – take it; if it changes your life – let it. Nobody said that it would be easy…They just promised it would be worth it."


The group lay in the grass, wind blowing through the tall blades as he lay with eleven of the most important people in his life. Over the span of the last four and a half years, the people around him had quickly changed from complete strangers, to annoying acquaintances, to best friends, to closest family. His hand was entwined with that of the girl next to him, her head resting on his shoulder as they listened to the conversations of the people around them.

It was nice to finally sit in this place, this strangely beautiful world made up of living data, gazing at the stars in a reserved celebration of their victory over the evil that contaminated this now reconstructed world not a week before. He could not take his eyes off the stars above them, diamonds that seemed to shine just that much brighter without the darkness diming their brilliance.

"This is soooo soothing," said Mimi, stretching her long legs and fluffing her pink hair, "I can't remember the last time we were able to just lay here with no worries about being attacked by evil digimon."

"It's nice to know that the world is safe from darkness again," said Cody, his eyes closed peacefully.

"Until the next evil digimon shows its ugly face and it starts all over again," said Joe, adjusting his large glasses to no avail.

"Joe!" yelled Mimi, sitting up in a flash to scold the older teen.

"Don't think about that now," said Izzy. "Let's just bask in the euphoria of the impracticable accomplishment that we have achieved and not bother with contemplations of creatures with destructive temperaments."

"Huh?" said Davis.

Kari couldn't help but giggle at her friend and proceeded to translate Izzian for Davis as the entwined pair began to talk. "He really is clueless," she said with a chuckle.

"He is definitely a spitting image of Tai," he responded squeezing her hand affectionately. He began rubbing circles into the back of her soft hand with his thumb and turned his head, placing a soft kiss on her forehead with a smile.

"Oh Sora," said a male in a low mocking voice, "I could just sit here and cuddle with you forever."

Matt and Sora sat up just in time to see the show that Tai and Davis were beginning to put on for the group. The two boys had moved to sit next to each other, ready to mock the young couple. Tai had evidently started the exchange as Davis turned to him, hands clasped and eyelashes fluttering, and responded to the retired leader in his best feminine octave. "Oh Matt, I love you so much."

They both started making kissy faces at each other, causing the rest of the group, sans the couple, to burst into laughter. Matt's face turned deep red. He had never really been the type to pull public attention to their relationship. He didn't anyone had been paying attention to them. "You're just jealous because I can actually get a girlfriend," he retorted.

"Don't want one," said Tai smiling, flex his right arm to emphasize his next point, "I'm wild like a mustang. I need my room to gallop free!" This caused a burst of laughter to ring from T.K. and Kari.

"How long has it been since you two started going out?" asked Mimi trying to stop a potential fight. The two had tried to hide their dating from their friends for a while. Not only did they want to see if their relationship worked before telling their friends, but because Matt was afraid of hurting Tai's feelings. Both of them knew of the brunette's feelings for Sora and Matt was afraid that when Tai, his best friend and brother, found out, he would feel betrayed. He wanted the Bearer of Courage to be the first to know and needed to find the best way to tell him. He didn't want to hurt his friend, but when an opportunity to be with the girl of your dreams comes up, sometimes you have to make a hard decision.

"Six months today," said Sora, leaning into him a little. She loved being close to him, she always had even though she would never admit it. His cologne made her feel relaxed and, though no one had ever really seen or noticed it, his toned body made her feel safe. He took care of himself but never flaunted his body for attention. His humility was one of the things she loved most about him. Ever since the day he saved her from the pit of despair that she held in her heart, she had admired him from afar. She too had been worried about Tai's response if she and Matt were to start dating, but one day she overheard him talking to his band about her and decided that it was time to stop living in fear, taking advantage of the conversation and asked him out. It was the best decision she had ever made.

"Sorry to interrupt, but it is getting close to dinner and Mom and Dad will be wondering where we are," said Kari to Tai.

"Oh alright," he said putting his hands behind his head and rolling his eyes. "See you all tomorrow. We still plan on going out to eat for lunch, right?" Despite no longer having to fight for the fate of the world, the group wanted to stay close. They shared a life that no one else could come to understand and the quiet support they found in each other was a foundation in their lives. School breaks, like this one, allowed them to spend more quality time together doing something other than homework.

There were nods of agreement all around as everyone collected themselves to go back to the human world. One at a time they said their goodbyes and went through the portals that were now able to take them straight to their homes thanks to Izzy, until the only ones remaining were Matt, Sora, and T.K.

"You want to have dinner at my house tonight? I could make you something nice," Sora asked Matt.

"Sure," he said with a slight chuckle, "but how about I cook. The last concoction you made was a little too much for my stomach to handle." He rubbed his stomach remembering the unbearable stomach ache he got from her last cooking attempt.

She nodded and began to pull him toward the portal. Just before they went through, Matt felt a hand on his arm and turned to see T.K. standing there sheepishly. "Hey Matt, could I talk to you for a second?"

Matt gave Sora a smile and let go of her hand, holding up a finger to tell her to wait for one second. "Yeah, whatcha need?"

Sore stood by the portal with her back to the pair of brothers, pretended not to listen to their conversation. "Thanks a lot for being there during the final battle. I really appreciated you backing me up."

"Sure, squirt," he said, though he knew he hadn't really done anything at all, "I'm always there to watch your back. You're my little brother and I will always be there to protect you." He put his hand on the younger blonde's bucket hat and used it to ruffle his hair in an attempt to lighten up the serious mood.

"I'm not a little kid anymore," T.K. said, pulling away from his hand and adjusting his hat in an attempt to hold his dignity. "But…do you really promise to always be by my side?"

Matt was a bit taken aback by the question, wondering where this strange insecurity was coming from. Nonetheless, he didn't miss a beat with his response. "Til the day I die little bro."

"Thanks, Matt." T.K. smiled, all traces gone of the scared kid that stood before him not ten seconds ago.

Matt smiled back and turned to Sora. The couple said their goodbyes to T.K. before she grabbed his hand again. "He really looks up to you."

"Yeah, too bad. Now there is a chance he could grow up to be like me." He smiled that half smirk that she loved so much and she pulled him through the portal, leaving T.K. behind.

T.K. began to lift his digivice for the portal to take him home when something grabbed onto his arm, digging in its sharp nails painfully into his bicep. T.K. let out a yelp of pain as he was pulled backwards and his arms forced behind his back.

"What's going on?!" he yelled to whoever or whatever was holding him.

A dark creature appeared in front of him, illuminated by the crescent moon that adorned the digital sky, his long black hair illuminating red in the silvery moonlight. He was a tall humanoid creature with pale, almost white skin and soft eyes matched the color of his moonlit hair with pupils like that of a dragon. He could have easily passed as a sick human if not for the six inch, scarlet claws that grew from his fingertips and the small fangs that were just slightly visible between his lips. "Hello Hope," he said in a voice that reminded T.K. of black silk. T.K.'s eyes widened as the creature touched his forehead with one of his long, scarlet claws, sending waves of pain through his body. It did not take long for the pain to render him unconscious and he went limp in his captor's hold, wishing that Patamon was there and not still recovering from the battle.

"Take him to the castle. Light will soon be ours." The dark creature let out a laugh as menacing as his eyes that made all of the digimon in the area hide in fear.

The two passed through the portal, laughing at the twists and turns that once cause them nausea upon landing. It seemed like so long ago that they first took this ride, however involuntary it had been. They landed in Sora's room without a sound and walked to the kitchen, pulling out some pans for Matt to cook as if traveling via digital network was the commonplace as driving a car.

"So I was thinking you I could stop by your place tomorrow so we could walk to lunch together," said Matt, pulling a small pan out of the cupboard to sauté some onions.

"Okay, what time were you thinking of coming at?" she asked picking out some seasonings.

He was about to answer when a searing pain shot through his head, the shock and pain from the experience causing him to drop the pan on the floor. Sora jumped at the loud noise the dropped pan created and was about to chastise the rocker for scaring her when she saw him, pain etched into his face and hands putting pressure on his temples. "Matt," said Sora, placing her hand on his shoulder, "are you ok?"

He shook his head in an attempt to clear his head. The pain was gone as quickly as it had come, but he still felt somewhat dazed. He looked around the apartment and caught a glimpse of Sora's computer through her bedroom door, the digital portal still swirling on her desktop. That's strange, he though, the portal should have disappeared when T.K. went through.

He felt something shake his shoulder. "Hello? Are you alright?"

He snapped back to the present and shook his head. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a headache."

"I'll go get you some aspirin." She lightly kissed him on the forehead and left to retrieve the medicine.

Matt just nodded and began collecting the cookware he needed again, though his mind was still mulling over the swirling image on Sora's laptop. What is going on?

Matt snuck through his apartment door, taking note the time on the clock. 11:30 pm. Great late again. He had to be careful not to wake his dad at this hour. He knew his dad was happy he spent so much time with Sora, beat sitting home alone like he used to, but this was about the seventh day in a row that he had broken his 11:00 curfew. Matt mentally scolded himself. He always lost track of time with her, he really needed to start setting an alarm on his phone.

He pulled off his shoes and quietly passed by his father's bedroom where he could hear the loud snoring emanating from behind the closed door. He opened the door to his room, causing the old hinges to creak and the snoring stopped. Shit, he thought dully.

No sooner had the snoring stopped did his father open the bedroom door and stare at him tiredly. "You're late," he said dryly.

"Yeah, I know. Sorry."

His dad just looked at him for a few moments with tired eyes before he closed the door and went back to bed. I doubt he was even awake for that, thought Matt as he slipped into his room, changed his clothes, and into bed. He lay there waiting for sleep to take him over and remembering the night he had with Sora. They had cooked and eaten supper together, actually leaving some for Sora's mother for when she returned from work, and snuggled on the couch to watch a movie.

Sometime during the movie, the pair must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew, a very tired looking Sora was shaking him awake with an angry mother standing over them. The one thing her mother had always told him was that under no circumstances was he allowed to sleep at their house. He had always thought that meant he was not allowed to stay the night, apparently his assumption was wrong, a notion that she decided to lengthily solidify this evening and thus leading to his breaking of curfew. Matt shook his head at the thought of Sora's mother. He was respectful to her and never spoke badly of her to Sora, so he was still trying to figure out why she disliked him so much.

Suddenly, a shrill ringing resonated throughout the Ishida apartment, waking him from a sleep he never realized had overtaken him. He shot up and rubbed his eyes. "What time is it?" he mumbled to himself looking at the clock for the second time that evening only to groan; 3:28 am. He listened to the ringing emanating from the livingroom, the factory set ring identifying the device as his fathers. He waited for his dad's door to open but it never happened. Matt could not help but feel annoyed. He would wake up from his bedroom door's squeaking hinges but not from the blaring toll of his cell?

The ringing ended and he gave a sigh of relief. At least he could go back to sleep now. He rested his head on his pillow and closed his eyes only for the ringing to restart. He growled and got out of bed, resigned to the fact that his father would not be answering. He found the phone on the coffee table and flipped it open. "Hello?"

"Um…hi Matt," said a voice, obviously surprised he answered his father's phone. "Is Hiroaki, I mean, your father there?"

"Mom?" he asked. He had not heard from her in ages. The two didn't really get along much, even after the whole digital world experience. Her voice was very shaky and she sounded nervous, as if she was at the brink of tears.

"Yes, is he there?"

"Yeah, but he's sleeping. Can I just take a message for him?"

"Um…," she hesitated, which made Matt quite nervous. His mother always spoke quite confident despite the fact that she seemed uncomfortable around him, "is T.K. staying at your apartment tonight?"

"No, he should have been home hours ago." Apparently this was the wrong thing to say and she burst into tears. "Mom, what's wrong?"

"T.K. didn't come home yesterday." The words rang in his ears over and over again. His little brother was…gone? But to where? The phone slipped from his hand and fell to the ground. He knew something was wrong when the portal was still on Sora's computer. He could still hear his mother crying over the phone and as the exhaustion in his body was replaced by fear.

Sora had enjoyed the night she had with Matt, but all she needed was to be near him to have a good night. She loved to snuggle into his warm body and just lay there. Her only regret was falling asleep and getting caught by her mom. She knew she didn't want Matt sleeping there, but Sora never thought she would react like that to the pair accidentally falling asleep on the couch during a movie. She knew that her mom didn't approve of her dating the digidestined that went haywire, but he made her feel safe. He wasn't the same as his twelve-year-old self, and yet he was. He was still the kind, collected planner who protected them from rash decisions and her from her darkness, but no longer was he the boy who attacked Tai. Her mother just could see past the fight.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang, playing one of Matt's songs that Izzy download onto it. Matt was calling her at 3:37 in the morning. She answered the phone. "Sweetie, you know I love you but I need to sleep right now."

She hung up the phone and a minute later, it rang again. "This better be important."

"Check your computer."

"What?" she asked, confusion muddling her tired brain.

"Please, I need to know something." His voice was full of worry.

She got up irritably and sat at her desk, moved her mouse and saw the portal. "What am I looking for? All I see is the portal." There was an uneasy silence at the other end that instantly sharpened her senses. Something was wrong. "What is it, Matt?"

"T.K. was still in the digital world when we left." He voice was nervous now.

"So, I don't see…" Suddenly, she knew. "If the portal is still on my computer…"

"…he never left the digital world." And the phone connection was terminated.

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