She wasn't sure how long she'd been drifting on this ocean, only that it felt like forever and only a second. The water felt like blood; warm and caressing every little inch of her skin it touched. The sun was the perfect height in the sky, just bright enough that she could see a little of the emptiness around her, but not enough to burn her skin. She sighed a little as the waves became a little rougher, more and more of that warm water coating her. She drifted….lost in comfort.

As the sun rose a little higher she began to feel warmer, the waves a little rougher. She turned her face away from the slowly rising blaze and gazed out at the ocean, not really seeing it. Some current under the water began to draw on her, rushing her into the waves, turning them higher, faster, harder. Feeling too warm already she relaxed into the currents embrace, letting it carry her. As the waves crashed into her faster and harder she was forced to move a little, just to keep her head up as she drifted away. Finally she could fight no more and one of the waves finally bowled her over.

Gasping a little she woke up, the sensation of being drug under still pleasantly rolling through her. As the sensation eddied she felt the small waves again, the whole cycle starting over, but faster.

This is wrong. How can I be in the ocean, but still be in bed.

Conscious thought fled as another wave took her down, fingers digging into sheets, breath becoming ragged. As she regained herself she was able to pinpoint where the sensations were coming from. Unclenching the sheets she managed to find a soft head of hair before another wave drowned her. The cause of the movement slowed down what it was doing upon feeling the tugs on his hair. Mistaking her trying to catch her breath as signs of encouragement he renewed his pace.

As she felt him speed back up she dug her fingers harder into his hair and held on, letting out a moan as another wave, this one larger than the rest took her. Without taking a moment to catch her breath she tugged on the strands twined around her fingers bringing his face to hers. He only gave her a glimpse of his eyes as he went right for her earlobe, wanting to keep her close the place she had just been.

"When did you get back?"

"This morning," he moaned into her neck, entering her as he said it.

"Welcome home," she sighed back, eyes closing as he joined her in that familiar sea.