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Author's note: Yunoki may seem a bit of OOC, but since we aren't given the chance to view his inner thoughts in the anime, I thought that he would have a evil inner self, a built up pseudo image (obviously), and probably, ironically, a good heart. Somewhat complicated character. Well, it not definite that Yunoki would be like that, it all depends on where the story is going. Oh, and another thing, this story will not be centered on Yunoki, although he appears right at the beginning, he's just another one of the few main characters in the story. Enjoy reading. Please do review!

It is dislike. No, it's more than that. I hate her. Hino Kahoko. Walking to the gate, beaming, chattering non-stop with her two sidekicks. What's their names again? Takafumi and Koyazu? No, more like Takatou and...Ah, Takatou and Kobayashi. Both of them dancing around her like idiots.

Well, that's not too surprising, considering birds of the same feathers flock together.

Unconsciously, he gave a little smirk before stepping out of the limosine.

Welcome to my life...

Yunoki Azuma, a model student. Always caring and patient towards people, even strangers. He's rich, smart, good-looking and elegant. What more can one ask for a guy like that? It was no wonder that many in Seiso Academy are smitten with him. With a face like his, it was impossible not to love him. However, as with all stories, there's always a catch. The catch? He just wasn't as simple as he looks. It was easy to fool all around him, fooling them into thinking that he was one without flaws, but beneath all that, he was all but perfect. He wasn't going to admit to that, but sometimes the truth just caught on to his never-ending lies. He sacrificed a lot and worked hard in order to get to his position. His family, music, friends and studies. He put on his perfect-goody kid's mask everyday, every single second, just to be the one that everyone likes, but still, he couldn't gain the recognition he wants from his family, neither was he truly happy. But why? How can she do it so easily? He couldn't understand. She's poor and brainless, but why does she always seem so cheerful everyday? Why is she accepted by everyone? It's ironic.

I'm the one who has everything that everyone desired, not her. I should be the one's that living in happinness.

Azuma-kun, wait for me!' Yunoki turned around to see that familiar voice who's holding on to his trumpet case, running towards him.

He smiled.

Hihara was always that cheerful, that friendly. Although he may be over friendly at times, it's hard for people not to open up to him. That was probably one of the reasons he and Hihara are good friends. He always felt relaxed with him, somehow Kazoki's overflowing aura of happinness made him feel that he was happy too, but most importantly, Kazoki gave him the ability to hope. Hope, to see the rainbow after a thunderstorm, to be given a chance to be happy. Seeing Kazuki, made him able to continue living his life of lies.

' Ohayo.' Azuma greeted, after which, continued his conversation with Hihara as they walked together to class.

' Ne, are you free after school today? Want to go to the orchestra practice together? Everybody would be excited to see you there.' Kazoki asked.

' I should be free this afternoon to go. Why?'

' Ah! Really? The school's orchestra is having a concert next week. I was wondering if you could help out today. You can help Tomoko with her solo. Give her some suggestions, tips... Anyway, Kaho-chan and Tsukimori-kun are coming too. This could be a reunion for us! It has been a long time since we got together after the concours.' Hihara replied with such enthusiasm, face beaming the moment he mentioned Hino Kahoko's name.

' Yeah. It has been a long time indeed.' Azuma answered. Looking out the windows at the blue sky, he thought about the past. The concours was definitely the most enjoyble time of his life. Although it's already 3 months after the concours, the memories were still imprinted deep in his mind. The joys of performing, being with everyone, and the welcomed stress.

Not to forget, the occasional run-ins with little Hino...-san

'Come on, hurry up, or we'll be late to class.' Hihara called out on the corridor, with a huge grin on his face.

'Mm. Coming.' Quickening his pace, involuntary smiling too.

Maybe we can have a continuation of this, Kahoko. Make it an Act II...

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