Chapter 6

Ryoutaro Tsuchuira

'Iie, it isn't much. It's erm, probably because I'm always around girls. I don't have much male friends in school.'

Somehow, he felt a little unsatisfied with the answer.

Alone in the music studio, he tapped the pen unconsciously on the sheet music. It wasn't that he did not believe her. In fact, Hino does always hang out with her best 'female' friends and she was seldom seen with guys. It's only circumstances that she had a group of male friends now.

Which she doesn't seem to be nervous with.

She probably is a little, but it always felt like the nervousness was on full throttle when it came to him. Arghhh, why had him be so stupid that time? He should have just told the truth instead of teasing her. She probably was being nice when she said that she was uncomfortable with guys. Finally penning down one note on the score, he stopped again.

But, seriously, what was he hoping for? Was he hoping for something? Another answer maybe?

Giving up, he smashed his hands continuously on the keys; deathly, clashing sounds came from the piano. Definitely hard on the ears, but somehow it was a relief. It was reflective of his thoughts, even though he knows he was probably going to be barred from the studio if someone caught him like this.

It's just that he wanted to have a good relationship with her. Smash.

Since they were the only two of the general section, Smash.

He wanted them to be good friends. Smash

Good friends. Of what it seems to be the finale, he gave a little pause before smashing his hardest on the keys.

Feeling better, now that he had solved the mystery, he placed his hands on the tortured piano keys once again.

He better start focus on practicing for his solo. The band had specially included a piano piece in the coming concert repertoire just for him.

Hino Kahoko

"So we've heard..." Nao mused.

"that two people were trapped in the studio yesterday..."

"Mio, not you too..."

Sitting right in front of her, her two good friends looked at her earnestly as if that would convince her to even talk about the incident. To think that she thought Mio and Nao were visiting out of concern - they wouldn't even let her rest in ease. She caught flu yesterday, with the cold wind and lack of 'insulation' in the room. Well, there was some heat, body heat to be specific…thinking of that, Hino blushed, though it was not sure whether that was due to the memories or the fever.


"Well..." Nao echoed.


""hmmm?" Nao and Mio looked at each other, both not knowing where this conversation is going. They were anxious when they found out this morning that Hino and Tsuchuira-san was trapped in the studio yesterday night. It was beyond them how they can forget about using their handphones, but the girl sitting right in front of them now is really a klutz at times. But, even Tsuchuira-kun too, that means something.

Unless he is actually a blockhead too. Well, in this sense, it seems that they would really get along well.

"So?" Nao asked impatiently.

"So...nothing happened. End of story."

"WHAT?!" Both girls screamed upon hearing. "Nothing happened? There must be something else, you know? Like a conversation..."

"or some huggies, a kiss maybe?" Nao added. Conveniently.


"Please don't tell me you both stayed silent the entire time..."

"Not really..."

"Ok, so you had a conversation..."

"We did have a conversation..."

Yeah, a conversation about how he doesn't like me and instead wants to be 'still friends". And I thought that he might have liked me. And I almost confessed. And failed miserably. That was obviously an outright rejection. This would definitely top her list of most embarrassing moments, Hino thought.

"So, what was it about?" Nao continued to pry it out of her.


"He thought I was acting weird around him because of the previous incident and..."


"Wait! Wait, wait waaaait…" Nao interrupted, hands waving in the air.

"You knooooow."

Lips upturned. Hino caught that. Oh no. She knows what that meant, and if you are putting it in the context of Nao, that is a bad sign.

A very bad sign.

"you know, we never knew that there was a PREVIOUS incident." But by the time Nao has finished, Hino was already starting to shuffle them out of the room. She must have been really sick; the fever has fried her brain inside out. Ah, she must have been dreaming.

Did she really said that?

"Ahhhhh, w..what previous?" Hino said, stuttering a little but there and then, she decided to completely feign ignorance. She yawned loudly, deliberately exaggerating her actions to make sure they know that she was really tired.

"You know, I'm really really tired now. It must the medicine working up right now. I'm feeeeling sooooooo drowsy…" Hino placed the back of her palm strategically on her forehead. "Ahhhh, sooo dizzy." She said, while dragging her feet to walk past them. In the second their backs were facing her, she quickly gathered their bags.

'Guiding' them out to the living room, she was already biding goodbye to them.

"Bye bye, I love you guys, it's just that today's a little taxing. Please come over next time! We'll have fun!" Without noticing that they had yet to wear their shoes properly, she was hugging them and urging them out of the door.

"Hino! Don't think that that will be…"


Phew. Hino relaxed. There was already enough embarrassment and drama for these two days. She knew they would probably soon sneak it out of her, and she most probably would tell them soon, but it was going to be later. Tsuichuira-kun wasn't something she wants to think about now, especially with all those accompanying embarrassment. She is definitely going to avoid this topic as long as possible. At least not today.


Hino decides to ignore it as she slipped on her slippers to walk back to her room. It must be Nao. She always adored Nao for her strong determination… but she is seriously questioning her choice now.



She give up.

She is so going to open the door and tell her to quit it.

"You know," Hino said as she opened the door.

"there was really not a previous incident with…" She stopped, scaring the hell out of her; she was found herself facing a basket of fruits.

"With who?"

Really, can she be spared of all the drama already?

"Yunoki senpai…Hihara-senpai."

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