Author: Merry1978
Translation into English: belana & Merry
Pairings/heroes: SS/RL, HP
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Everyone has small weaknesses, and quite often everything comes to the simplest, ordinary things.
Post-war, post-Hogwarts. A series of independent drabbles.

A Cuff Link

"Are you sure you don't want to stay?" Harry Potter asked for the umpteenth time without any real hope. Staying by the doorway, he was despondently watching Remus pack the bags.

"I am sure, Harry." Remus sighed, looking around the empty, almost deserted bedroom of his old cottage. "I have nothing to live on and no job."

"Sirius left heaps of money," Harry reminded him stubbornly. "You can..."

"First of all, he left it to you," Remus answered calmly, checking if he had left anything necessary in the drawers. "Secondly, I can't bear to hang around doing nothing. Thirdly, I will have all civil rights in Canada, unlike our Merry Old England.

"It's all Snape's doing!" Harry uttered with hatred. "If it weren't for him, you could work anywhere!"

"Until another clever girl would have noticed the connection between the full moon and my regular absence," Remus objected gently, packing a tie he had just found in the depths of the drawers.

"What about Tonks?" Harry turned to the last resort.

"She and I have talked everything through," Remus answered vaguely. "That's enough of it. Trust me, it will be better for everyone this way. Alright, are we done?"

Harry looked carefully around the room once more.

"Hey, what's this?" he stepped forward, noticing something shiny near the foot of the bed. "A cuff link?"

He picked it up and handed it to Remus.

"Ah, you found it! Just put it into the case, will you?" Remus suggested carelessly, adjusting the belt of his jeans and fastening his jacket. As he was going to Montreal via Muggle plane, he had dressed accordingly.

Harry obeyed. The cuff link landed in the middle of the case and disappeared immediately between the piles of clothes.

Remus closed the case and smiled.

"Now everything is done," he said. "I will write you as soon as I settle down."

"Right," Harry nodded. "So we could find you, in case anything important happens." His smile turned predatory. "Maybe we'll get Snape. You know, they already promise five thousand Galleons for his head."

Remus only shook his head.

"There are better ways to spend the money... Alright, I've got to go, Harry. Come along."

On the porch, Remus locked the door and gave the keys to Harry.

"Give them to the new owners. Well... Good bye?"

"Good luck!"

"Thanks," Remus nodded and Disapparated.

The plane was gaining altitude, and Remus looked at the man in the next chair. The brunet with a short haircut was dressed in a severe tailored black suit; he was reading a newspaper. Remus bent to him and said quietly: "I have your cuff link."


"It was under the bed."


"We're lucky that Harry is somewhat inattentive."

The brunet forgot about the newspaper and abruptly turned to face him.

"What does Potter have to do with it?"

"Harry tried to persuade me to stay. And while I was packing, he accidentally noticed your cuff link under the bed. Luckily, the boy didn't notice that it was made of silver. He handed it to me, imagine that!"

"How did you manage to bluff it out?"

"I asked him to put it into the case in the most casual manner," Remus shrugged. "When we arrive, get it out yourself."

The brunet nodded.

"I need to find some substitute," he muttered thoughtfully. "Otherwise it will come to no good."

"When you get rich, you can switch to platinum," Remus snorted.

"Mmm," his companion replied and returned to his newspaper.

In the meantime Harry forgot about his accidental discovery. He had no way of knowing that one of the few weaknesses one Severus Snape ever had was cuff links, elegant and preferably handmade.