Author: Merry1978
Translation into English: belana & Merry
Pairings/heroes: MM
Rating: Gen
Summary: Everyone has small weaknesses, and quite often everything comes to the simplest, ordinary things.
Post-war, post-Hogwarts. A series of independent drabbles.

A Bag

The Headmistress McGonagall's bag was the talk of the town – or the castle – at Hogwarts.

For one thing, no one could ever understand why a powerful witch needed a bag in the first place. After all, almost everything could be Accio-ed, transfigured or at least shrunk and put in the pocket.

Secondly, the notorious bag was huge. It was not a purse or a fancy-bag, but a real bag, and an enormous one – a black leather thing with a large buckle and sizable pockets.

But the most intriguing part of the riddle was: what's inside? This mystery became the origin of many legends. Students would have made bets, if there were a dare-devil, daring enough to peek inside it.

Ingenuous girls from Hufflepuff insisted that McGonagall carried her beauty products there. The boys from the same House assumed that the bag was used for different school documents and papers. The students of the other three Houses turned these guesses down with unanimity rarely seen.

Ravenclaws usually shrugged: "There are books in it, of course. What else there could be?"

Romantic Gryffindors were of the opinion that McGonagall carried a weapon in it. Say, the dagger of Godric Gryffindor himself or at least a shrunken claymore.

Slytherins snickered and said that the Headmistress simply carried a load of liquor around. Several bottles of Scotch whiskey, for example. "Otherwise she would not have the patience to deal with you," they teased the inhabitants of the lion's den. Naturally, almost every such provocation ended in a fight.

However, all these guesses were nowhere near the truth. It just didn't occur to anyone that such a harsh and haughty lady could suffer from a typical feline weakness. Actually, the Headmistress's bag was... empty. Her four-legged alter ego, like so many of her fluffy kind, absolutely adored to sleep in there.