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Chapter 1:Surfing The Web Of Death With A Spider In It

It was a dark, beautiful and deathful night.

Sly Cooper and his friends Murry and benTly were playing CHINESE CHECKERS 360╝ on the XBOX 360╝.

"Fuck this SHIT!!!" Sly yelled as he lost for the 6298318579230795872398 tme.

"Yeah, Murry this game is gay." Bently the turtl said. :(

"UBER PWNAGE!!" Murry the fat hipppo said.

"You can't pwn in Chinese checkers, you fatass retard." Bently said.

"AAAAAAAAAAARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Murry said as he jumped over one marble.

"Take a chill pill homey." Sly said.

"OH YEAH!!!!" Murry said as he jumped another. "OHHHHH!!!! YES! YES YES ! YES YES!!!!!!"

"What the fuck? Fuck Mury, it's fucking chinese checkers. This game is lame. Heh heh eh.. it rhymes."

Sly turned off the game.


"Ass." Sly said.


Murrys eys turned blood red. He grabbed the game disk and ran out smashing out a window.

"Fuck, he's retarded."

"Will you quit saying fuck?"

"FUCK!! Fuck." Sly said."...fuck..."

"Bently stepped on his foot...hard.

"FUCK!! Fuck." Sly said.

"STOP SAYING FUCK!!!" BEntley said.

"FUCK YOU!!!" Sly said in a French accent.

Bentley then promptly grabbed slys balls.


"Look Buffalo Bitchcake, if you say the word "fuck" one more time i will crush these puny blueberries you call racoon testicles and you can't have sexual intercouse with carmelita or even masturbate good."

"I'm sorry..." Sly said as tears coursed down his face and hit his balls. The tears started to burn, causing steam to rise.

"Oh God!" Sly screamed as Bently began to twist his steaming nuts.

"Now lets' find murry and make him not totally evil and vile." Bentley began to leave.

"Um Bentley."


"Could you let go of my balls, please?"

"oops, sorry buddy." Bentley let go of sly furre sac.