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Chapter One: Men, Yellow Grass, and The Knight Bus
(This chapter is K)

"This is it, men," I announced, gazing at the crowded platform ahead of me.

I smiled to myself. This was most definitely it. The day we were free from the walls of Hogwarts and allowed to do whatever we pleased in the worl-

"Excuse me?" Lily snapped from behind me, hands on her hips. She was glaring at me in irritation and realization dawned on me.

I grinned sheepishly and ruffled my hair, "Men and my wonderful girlfriend, of course."

Just like that, her hard expression dissolved back into her usual soft one. "Thank you," she sniffed, returning her gaze to the swarm of people around us.

Sirius heaved a sigh from next to me, combing a hand through his hair. It was then that I realized how much longer his hair had grown over the short seventh year. It had gone from a shorter, sleek cut to a tamed, large mass that was up to his chin. My hopes rising, I ran a hand through my own mane. Perhaps it had flattened somewhat.

Of course, I had no such luck. Damnit.

I redirected my attention to Remus, who was now checking his watch. The leather watch I gave him for Christmas, mind you. But that's probably not even significant. Oh well, a bloke's gotta show off every once in a while. Don't stress the 'once in a while'.

Remus looked up at us with a slight frown.

"We ought to get going," he announced, clapping his hands together. "There's no point in just standing here."

Just like that, it seemed as if the whole atmosphere of the group changed. I turned around, so I was facing my three best mates and Lily.

Lily was smiling at me quietly, her eyes slightly swollen. She had sat with her other friends – her very strange friends who are all either sugar high or jealous of her – during the train ride and apparently, they had been crying. Merlin, it wasn't like they were going to Azkaban. I, frankly speaking, am glad to be leaving school. And they call me strange.

Without any warning, she hopped forward and pulled me into a hug. A very large hug which sucked the air out of me. I pressed a kiss against her hair – never get tired of that – and smiled back. She pulled away, looking at me quietly as she brushed some hair behind her ear.

"You won't forget me, will you?" She asked, although I knew we all knew the answer. She just needed some sort of confirmation that everything wouldn't change.

I mean, come on – Would I really ditch her after pursuing her endlessly for so many years? She clearly had no idea how many times my asking her out had gotten me in detention. Like that time I bought her a goat. I won't get into that for my own sake, though.

"I should be asking you that, Licorice Stick," I replied softly. A beam overtook her face, causing my stomach to clench in happiness.

Lily carefully lifted her trunk, carrying it steadily with both hands. "You have to write, like, everyday. Come and visit me every once in a while. Merlin, life's going to be so different without you." A lone tear had begun to slide down her cheek, but she quickly wiped it away. "I love you." With that she cast each other a quick smile or waved, and rapidly took off in the other direction.

"I love you, too," I called softly, burying my hands in my pockets. Merlin, I hope I see her again. Seven years of caring for a girl so much tends to do that to a man. I sighed, looking at the floor. I was definitely not going to let her slip away, just because we were going to be separated.

"That was touching," Sirius muttered sardonically, touching his chest where his heart was for extra emphasis, "Thank Merlin she's gone."

I rolled my eyes, slightly annoyed with Sirius's refusal to accept Lily. He used to support me in trying to get her, but I don't think he ever believed it would work. How rude, if I do say so myself.

From the other side of me, Peter spoke up for the first time. "Mum's waiting for me on the other side. I better get going."

I looked over at the boy. He had changed, too. He was still slightly chubby, yet he looked older than ever. His watery blue eyes were transfixed on the stone floor. He didn't want change, either.

"Hey, Peter, we're still going to be the Marauders forever, you know," Remus said, smiling in an assuring manner at the boy.

Peter looked up for the first time and smiled back. "Thanks. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go, though. With the war going on and all."

"Don't fret," Sirius spoke up, thumping him on the back. "The war will be over in no time."

Peter nodded slightly, taking a hold of his own trunk, "Keep in touch?"

What if I don't want to, huh?

"Of course," I agreed warmly, grinning at him.

He waved one last time, and the fourth Marauder disappeared into the crowd, too. My eyes drifted back to Sirius and Remus. It's just the three of us. Wow, exciting.

"Where are you two going?" Sirius asked us curiously, lifting up his own trunk.

Remus shrugged. "My mother kicked me out."

All eyes flew to the boy in question. Okay, my mum couldn't even kick me out and I drove her absolutely barmy. All Remus does is read. How can he get kicked out because of that?

Seeing our faces, Remus laughed slightly, "She didn't really kick me out. Just told me kindly that I have to learn to live on my own. And then slammed the door in my face."

I shook my head, exchanging incredulous looks with Sirius, "Okay."

Slightly pink, Remus looked at me, "How 'bout you, Prongs?"

My smile transformed into a frown. "Well," I sighed, "Seeing as I'm now an orphan, I really can't go back to my parents. Luckily, I'm not only an orphan, but also an heir. An heir inheriting lots of moola." I waggled my eyebrows, earning a weird look from some passing by ladies.

Remus wrinkled his nose with a hint of a smile. "Would I be correct in saying that you would also be willing to allow an old friend to bunk with you in that large mansion you were left?"

Who could he possibly be referring to?

"Nah, Sirius is far too cocky for his own boots. I wouldn't ever let him stay in my house. Bloke'll probably go around saying that he owns the place and steal all the ladies for himself," I drawled lazily, earning a smack on the shoulder from the friend in question. Grinning roguishly, I nodded in Remus's direction, signaling that I was perfectly fine allowing a werewolf to share a house with me the entire summer.

Wow, I must be high or something.

"Sodding hell, am I forgotten over here?" Sirius muttered, scowling at us in irritation.

"Careful, Paddy-Boy," I warned, smirking at him subconsciously, "or someone may just think that you only asked us where we were going during the summer so we could ask you the same question in return."

Sirius scowled, looking rather irritated that he had been so obvious. "Well, if you're so deep, Mr. Prongs, why don't you tuck in your shirt?"

"Excuse me?" I asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Sirius released a bark-like laugh, although his expression easily gave away that he was digging for an alibi. "You've already got those dashing glasses. Why not add the dorky attire? You could start your own wise-arse club. McGonagall could be your vice…"

"Would the two of you quit your lame attempts at insulting the other?" Remus sighed, looking at his watch again. Imagine where we'd be if I had gotten him that book he wanted instead of it.

I smirked at Sirius tauntingly and grabbed my trunk. "So, Padfoot, where are you going?"

Smiling as he levitated his own trunk, Sirius easily grabbed the handle of trunk with an arm and put a hand on my shoulder. "Since you asked so kindly, my own wonderful home in Muggle London."

I felt my jaw slacken. "You?" I asked incredulously, all thoughts of taunting forgotten. Sirius is an excellent friend, but he's never had much gold to make a living. His parents weren't about to lend him anything. "How?"

Proudly, he brandished a large pouch from his cloak, filled to the brim with coins. "Uncle Alphard lent it to me. I mean, it's nothing compared to what you have, but it's enough to make a living. Sure, I'm gonna miss them days when you and I goofed off all day in your mum's house– Don't you dare say something perverted, Prongs -, but It's time to move on." Dramatically, he thumped a fist into his chest.

He's buggered.

From next to him, Remus gave Sirius a grin. "Congrats, Mate."

I smiled encouragingly and nodded. "Yeah, that's excellent."

"I know," Sirius replied pompously, tightening his grip on his trunk. "I better go now. I've got a deal with some Muggle about buying a portion of his land. Don't know how Muggles react when they've been stood up." He winced and waved quickly. "I'll send you an owl once I settle down. We could meet up tomorrow." With a loud crack, he Disapparated from the spot. My gaze shifted to Remus.

And then there were two.

"Well, we best be off," I muttered, shooting him a quick smile as I straightened my cloak.

Remus nodded, returning the smile. "Yes. Hey, and Prongs," he clapped a hand against my shoulder, "thanks for this."

He's best off not getting used to it.

"Anytime, Moony, anytime," I replied lazily, straightening my glasses. "I'll meet you there." With a roguish grin, I Disapparated from the spot. There was the familiar tugging of my bellybutton and a loud crack. Moments later, I opened my eyes, faced with a mahogany door. The mahogany door leading to the Potter mansion, to be more specific.

I looked around once. The green fields had yellowed. Which was actually pretty easy to believe, as there was no one to fix it. Unless Uncle Henry, who chose to be buried in these fields, suddenly was revived and decided to start his new life as a zombie by maintaining the grass.

My attention returned back to the door. I brought my hand to the doorknob, ready to enter house after six months, but stopped as I spotted a note taped magically to the knob. Confused, I took the note off and squinted, reading the fine print slowly:

Dear Mr. Potter,

We have been required to inform you that all your possessions, including this property, are currently not of your belonging for now. Dorea Potter has made it clear to us in her will that she does not want you to get your inherited valuables until you are of the age of twenty. You may pick up your supplies anytime after you are of the required age. Until then, your mother's possessions are in your safe at Gringotts Wizarding Bank.


The Staff at Gringotts

I blinked, removing my gaze from the letter. Well, I honestly hadn't been expecting that of all things.

"What happened?"

I jumped, startled, and whirled around to see Remus standing behind me.

"Merlin, Moony, I didn't hear you Apparate," I muttered, tousling my hair.

"Shows how daft you are, Prongs," Remus muttered, smirking tauntingly as he snatched the letter from my hand. His eyes scanned it for a few seconds and moments later, a similar look of shock came over his face.

Suddenly, his eyes averted to mine, looking lost. "We can't not have a place to go."

I laughed dryly, taking the paper back. "According to the sodding letter we don't." Annoyed, I shredded the letter and let it scatter on the floor. "Looks like we're both homeless."

"Don't be silly," Remus said immediately, voice higher than usual. His honey-coloured eyes made contact with mine. "We just need another option."

I bit my lip as I thought of a response, leaning against the sturdy door behind me. I examined the blue sky screaming 'Summer!' above us, squinting as the hot June sun hit my hazel eyes. "There's Sirius. We could room with him."

Remus looked keen on this idea, but only for a second. "No."

"Why not?" I asked immediately, looking at Remus with slight annoyance, "We know that'll work."

"It's not that," Remus replied, looking at me with a small smile. "Prongs, we both know that you've grown this year."

I have?

"So?" I beaconed.

Sighing, Remus raked a hand through his sandy locks as if it were the most obvious thing on the planet. "So, this is his chance of growing up. He's finally going to learn how the big world is with a little money, no teachers to bribe, girls to praise him constantly, or loopholes. We can't wreck that by coming into the picture."

He has a point. We'll probably end up being his personal maids. While we were Hogwarts the idiot even got us all Muggle maid costumes for Christmas.

Remus scratched his chin, deep in thought. "How about Wormtail?"

"Peter?" I asked in disbelief, "That's the stupidest idea ever. His mum makes him sleep at eight at night, he's not allowed to fly, and the food probably tastes horrid."

It only makes sense, after all. He's probably only so fond of Hogwarts' crap food because his mother cooks much worse. I winced at the thought of this.

Remus heaved a sigh, dropping his trunk onto the cobblestone path below us as he cradled his head in his hands. "We have no money, no house, and no where to go. Do you have any ideas?"

I glanced at Remus and bit my thumbnail. Slowly, I stood up straight. "I propose we stay with Lily."

His eyes instantly widened, "As in Lily Evans?"

I rolled my eyes. No, the other Lily I'm in love with.

"Yes, Lily Evans. I've never met her mum, but I'm sure it'll be fine with her," I continued, smiling for the first time since we'd arrived.

Remus stood there dumbstruck for a few seconds, and then let out a fake, loud laugh. "No, no, no. We couldn't possibly– You've never even met her parents… It'd be completely unethical -"

"Its fine," I persisted, taking a hold of my trunk with both hands as I stepped forward in excitement, "Her mum sounded extremely nice from the letter Lily sent to her and she's never spoken badly of her parents. Well, not really. Lily can't possibly reject me; I'm her boyfriend…"


I looked at Remus in amazement, "Really?"

"Yup," Remus sighed, also picking up his trunk with a slightly disdainful look about him, "It's not like we have any options."

I beamed and began walking, "C'mon."

Remus followed me and we both walked towards the road down the familiar cobblestone path. "How do we plan on getting there?"

"Last time, I walked and it took two hours," I admitted rather sheepishly, "So we're doing the alternative."

Once we arrived to the side of the road, I took out my wand and stuck it out towards the road.

"We're taking the Knight Bus."

» ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ «

I am never taking the Knight Bus again.

I groaned, a wave of nausea passing through me as we exited the bus. I held it back, clutching the trunk painfully hard. Without daring to look back, I began walking forward.

"The house… Is it hers?" I heard Remus moan from behind me.

"Yes," I croaked, trying to ignore my churning stomach, "Boring, isn't it?"

I received no reply as we walked up to the front door. I didn't even give it a second thought – Well, I was actually feeling too sick, too -, but I rapidly knocking.

I uncharacteristically waited patiently as there was a loud cry of 'I'll get it!' and the shuffling of feet. I clutched my abdomen painfully, tapping my foot as the front door opened.

Instantly, all forms of nausea disappeared as my Lily gazed at me.


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