And here's another one DX This time its ShunsuixNanao


When asked why he drank so much, Kyouraku-Taichou would simply smile his goofy smile (the one Nanao knew to be fake) and reply in his general easy manner

---Sake just tastes so good. --- And Nanao would always roll her eyes (She did know what was expected of her as his cold fukutaichou and normally complied against her better nature)

She did after all love her Taichou and knew the real reason he loved his sake so much.

It was so he could sleep.

She knew this (Among other things. Private things) and respected him for it. She knew that he drank his sake only so he could sleep.

He always drank enough to knock himself out because otherwise there wouldn't be any sleep for him.

He drank enough so that the screams of a long-forgotten war would not echo in his mind and invade his dreams.

After all, Kyouraku-Taichou was not the happy-go-lucky man everyone knew him for. He had served in a war once and still remembered the deaths of men (at his hands no less) and it had worn him.

Few remembered him before he discovered sake. Ukitake was one of them, and Nanao---well she didn't remember him but she heard from Shunsui and knew.

There were times, when there was the odd time when there wasn't enough sake to knock him out (---such a horrid thing---Nanao would mutter because she knew what would happen) and he would try his hardest to sleep (so hard, so hard) but even if he managed it, he would wake up two, three hours later in a cold sweat and his jaw clenched to keep himself from screaming (He preferred to suffer in private thanks)

Then the only thing keeping from going insane was his precious Nanao-chan.

Years later, when asked why he no longer drank as much Kyouraku-Taichou would offer a small smile (one Nanao knew to be true) and replied in all seriousness

---Sake tastes good. But Nanao-chan tastes better.

(She would always hit him when he said this, blushing and glaring)