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Carolyn Jacobs looked around the slightly upscale restaurant, her anxiety very apparent in the way that she brushed at her skirt to get rid of invisible lint. At seventeen years old, she was in her final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Carolyn was the first in her family to go to Hogwarts; and so she took her studies very serious. So serious that she had contacted one of the most elite wizarding families in the world just to get a first hand account of two of the heroes of the War, all of this for a paper for her History of Magic class, she was a Ravenclaw through and through.

Shaking her head at the ridiculous situation that she had gotten her self into, Carolyn absently tucked a strand of brownish blonde hair behind her ear. One of her dorm mates had charmed her unruly curls to stay into fancy French up do, which had not lasted on the Portkey ride that she took to get to Diagon Alley. It had surprised her three days ago when she had returned from Quidditch practice to see the elegant eagle owl waiting impatiently for her on the windowsill of her dormitory. The letter simply stated that a member of the Malfoy family would be waiting for her at the restaurant at eight o'clock.

"Miss Jacobs," the hostess motioned to her. "Your party will be dining in the private salon this evening, if you will follow me?"

Smiling shyly at the elegant young woman, Carolyn followed her through the somewhat packed dinning area to a pair of ornate oak doors. The salon was dimly lit; and resembled a living room slash dining room. Decorated with ornate gilded chandeliers, and silk covered chairs and sofas it screamed of a wealth that Carolyn had never been around. She expected no less from a member of the Malfoy family.

'Speak of the devil,' Carolyn thought as she observed a tall blonde man staring into the fireplace across from her.

"Miss Jacobs, sir," the Hostess called as she ushered Carolyn fully into to the room so that she could close the door.

The man turned towards Carolyn a drink in his hand, smiling he set the glass down and approached her. Carolyn quickly took in the expensive hand tailored clothes covering an athletic frame. He was younger than she expected, which threw Carolyn she had been expecting someone old enough to be her father not someone only a few years her senior. Holding out her hand she smiled at him as his enclosed hers, she was shocked to feel the calluses there. Looking at him up close, Carolyn recognized him as the youngest son of Draco Malfoy. Carolyn remembered him from when he went to Hogwarts, Gabriel Malfoy. The Slytherin Playboy, as he was nicknamed by all the girls of Hogwarts.

"Miss Jacobs, I am so glad that you agreed to meet with me on such short notice," kind brown eyes looked at her from what she could only describe as an angelic face. Carolyn felt like an uncouth farm girl standing next to the elegant figure that Gabriel cut.

"The pleasure is all mine, Mister Malfoy," Carolyn said politely, as she with drew her hand, ignoring the shiver of pleasure that had ran down her spine.

"Please call me Gabe, my father is Mister Malfoy," motioning towards the seating area in front of the fireplace, "Please have a seat."

"Would you like something to drink," Gabe asked as he walked over to the sideboard.

"A glass of water would be nice," Carolyn studied him quietly as he poured her drink. He wore a well-tailored suit of muggle clothes; the quality was evident in every stitch of the charcoal gray suit. Walking back to her, Gabe held out the cut crystal glass with a smile.

Taking the proffered glass Carolyn took a sip before putting it down on a coffee table, "Gabe, I wanted to thank you for helping me with this assignment. I know that you didn't have to and I wanted to tell you that I appreciate this very much."

"It is nothing Miss Jacobs-." Gabe began with a polite wave of his hand.

"Please call me Carolyn," Carolyn interrupted him with a warm smile that echoed in her green eyes.

"As you wish, I would suggest that we eat first before we start with your questions about my family," Gabe said as he observed the waiter appearing in the doorway with the bottle of wine he had ordered brought when he had arrived earlier.

Carolyn nodded her agreement and getting up she walked over to the table set across from the bay windows that offered a view of nighttime London. Gabe watched her discreetly from hooded eyes as he motioned the waiter over with the bottle of wine. Holding Carolyn's chair out for her Gabe's breath caught as her hair brushed against his cheek when he pushed her chair in. The light clean sweet smell was a refreshing change from the overpowering expensive perfumes that so many women he went out with wore. Going to his own seat Gabe smiled as the waiter offered Carolyn a glass of wine, which she politely refused in favor of a simple glass of water. He hadn't wanted to come to night if the truth be known, but his siblings had pulled rank on him. Sometimes it didn't pay to be the youngest; no one believed you when you said that you had something to do that didn't involve a nerdy student trying to get an O on an assignment. True it had involved a leggy brunette named Fiona who had promised him all kinds of things for the night ahead. Now he found himself sitting in front of a slim blonde who had dimples when she smiled.

The meal passed in comfortable small talk about the up coming World Cup, England had made the finals this year against France who was promising to deliver a punishing set down to the English team. When dessert was cleared, Gabe and Carolyn moved back to the sitting area before the fire, where hot chocolate was waiting on the coffee table.

"That was a wonderful meal Gabe, but now I really have to ask you about my paper," Carolyn said as she set her mug of chocolate down and reached into her purse for a small black box.

"What's that?" Gabe asked as he watched her press a button on the box and set it down on the table in between them.

"This is a tape recorder, a muggle device that has been charmed to work in the magical world. If you don't mind I would like to record our conversation so that I may use it again later when I am writing so that I don't miss anything," Carolyn watched as Gabe picked up the recorder and studied it with an open curiosity that Carolyn found more appealing than she thought she should.

"Well my grandfather always is saying that the Muggles are good for some things, and I guess this just proves it, you may use it."

"Thank you. I am, as you know writing a story about your parent's involvement in the war. The textbooks and journals that have been written about them show your parents in a very cold light, almost borderline. They were both involved in the down fall of Voldemort yet not much is known about there involvement."

Gabe smirked as he set his mug down next to hers, "My father and mother wanted it that way. And I really am not sure why they agreed in the first place to letting me tell you their story," frowning now that he thought about it he really didn't know why his parents who refused to give interviews about their past were now giving their permission to let someone and a student at that know their history. His parents confused him more and more every day. "Sorry, now where should I begin? How about how my mother and father became involved with each other?"

Settling back in his chair Gabe smiled as he looked over at Carolyn, "It was my father's seventh year at Hogwarts, my mother's sixth…"


Draco Malfoy frowned down at the small third year Hufflepuff who was blubbering about being lost. It was midnight and only three weeks into school, and as Head boy Draco was required to patrol the halls every Monday, and Wednesday, for people out after curfew. Normally all he caught were people snogging in corners or a few people sneaking down to the kitchens. Tonight had been no exception to the norm, shaking his platinum blond hair out of his eyes Draco groaned as the young girl burst into tears.

"Oh Bloody Hell," Draco moaned as the girl continued to tell her sad little story, "That's enough just go to your bloody dorm already."

The girl ran off crying, Draco watched her go with relief. His replacement should be coming along in thirty minutes or so and he could go to bed. Whose bloody idea was it to let students patrol the halls anyways, probably batty old Dumbledore's, Draco thought as he continued on his way down the drafty hallway.

His last year at Hogwarts, the thought struck a cord in Draco as he absentmindedly looked at the portraits lining the walls, all the occupants slumbering peacefully. This time next year, he would be sworn into the ranks of Voldemort's army, and be fighting alongside his father. Draco felt his anger bubbling up as he thought about his Father's last letter telling him to keep his nose clean and to try to live up to his family's name for once in his miserable life. Family name my arse, Draco snorted, his family name having been tarnished long ago due to his father's flagrant display of loyalty to Voldemort in Draco's fifth year. It had taken his father only about six months to have the charges dropped, costing the family countless galleons. Draco though, did not let the world see him as anything other than a loyal son; one of the few things instilled into him early was pride. Even though his father had hurt the family name, Draco still had his pride to up hold and he would honor the Malfoy name as long as he lived. He believed in the fact that Mudblood's were not worthy of learning magic alongside of Purebloods. Moreover, Potter was not even worthy of breathing the same air as Draco, the filth needed to be brought down a peg or two.

Speaking of Potter, Draco watched as his relief walked towards him, Ginny Weasley. Potter's girlfriend of two years and the youngest Weasley. Ginny looked upset, her pretty pale oval face turned down in a frown as she walked towards him, her long wavy red hair swaying rhythmically with her sure stride. For such a little thing, Draco thought, she does have a certain presence.

"What took you so long Weasley?" Draco let out as soon as Ginny was within arms reach of him.

Ginny turned her light brown eyes up to his, "Not that it's any of your business Malfoy, but I got in a fight with my brother."

Draco smirked, "What has that idiot been up to lately? Still playing tonsil hockey with the Mudblood?"

Ginny turned red as she took a step closer to him, "Don't you dare call Hermione that you spoiled arse ferret."

Draco drew himself up to his full height and stepped closer to her, "I will call her anything I want you penniless wench. Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, I will be going to my dorm. Watch out for the Charms corridor, there was a rather nasty looking ghoul there earlier."

With that said Draco pushed past her and sauntered down the hall, leaving a still fuming Ginny behind him to do her round of patrolling alone. Ginny stomped her foot in frustration as she watched him turn the corner, wishing she had given into her impulse and cursed him when she had the chance. Resolutely Ginny set off to do her patrolling.


"Ginny get up, breakfast starts in ten minutes," Ginny rolled over on her stomach and looked up through her mass of hair at her roommate Helen Manster.

"I'm up, thanks Helen," Ginny groaned as she stumbled into her bathrobe and ran down the hall to the prefect's bathroom entrance, all the dorms had doors in there dormitories that connected them to the Prefect bathroom magically so that they did not have to travel very far to get the luxuries that they were privileged to.

Throwing her clothes off as she stumbled into one of the shower stalls Ginny sighed as the water poured over her skin, the heat waking her up as she began to wash her hair in her favorite vanilla shampoo. After scrubbing herself clean Ginny turned the shower off and stepped out onto a plush terry cloth rug wrapping an oversized green towel around her petite form. She used another towel to dry her hair as she walked over to a vanity mirror with a porcelain sink underneath. After brushing her teeth and charming her hair dry the rest of the way, Ginny turned to gather her pajamas off the floor.

"My, my Weasley; does Potter know what you have been hiding under your robes," a cool voice remarked from across the room.

Ginny gasped and whirled around to face the voice, "You! What the hell are you doing here?"

Draco smirked as he sauntered forward wearing only a towel, wrapped loosely around his hips, "Head boy remember. I have just as much right to be here as you do."

"I thought there were wards against males and females being in the bathroom together," Ginny gasped as she straightened up from her crouched position. Dropping her clothes and putting her hands up to ensure that the towel was firmly in place.

"Well apparently you thought wrong," stepping closer to her than Ginny was comfortable with, Draco smirked down at her as Ginny took a step back.

"Since I am finished I'll just be leaving," Ginny said as she bent down again and picked her clothes up. Straightening, her clothes in one arm, and the other hand holding her towel together, she made to go around him.

Draco stepped into her way, blocking her effectively enough that she glared up at him. Draco had been just as shocked as she was when he had walked into the bathroom to discover a newly washed Ginny Weasley drying herself off with a towel. So stunned that it had taken him more time than he was willing to admit to recover; which he had when he was given another view of her bending over for her clothes. He could have just stood there and not said anything to her and she never would have known he had seen her, but Draco wanted to keep her there for a little bit longer. To see if he could touch the peach colored skin that was anything but hidden under the green towel she was wearing.

"Let me by Malfoy," Ginny whispered as Draco reached out one hand to trail his fingers down her shoulder to her elbow. Her heart sped up as she too studied him, he was taller than she by at least a foot, and even though he was slim Ginny could see the muscles in his arms and shoulders. Her eyes trailed down from his shoulders across his chest and down his toned stomach to the top of the towel that was resting on his hips dangerously low in her opinion.

"Why should I do that Weasley," Draco said just as softly, his fingers tingling from contact with her warm skin. He didn't know why but he wanted to touch more of her, she was so soft. Swallowing Draco looked at her face his eyes searching hers. Ginny's eyes were darker than they normally were, her emotions playing one after another, confusion, longing, need. He knew that his were probably just as evident, he couldn't explain it not at the moment anyways, but he needed to be with her to wrap himself in her, have her need him as much as he needed her.

"Because," Ginny said struggling for words as Draco dipped his head and nipped at her collarbone. Ginny sucked her breath in as his tongue licked at the place he had bruised with his teeth. His arms wound their way around her waist pulling her closer as he nipped and licked his way up her neck and jaw. Ginny dropped her clothes to the floor as she struggled to breathe, her hands coming to rest on his shoulders.

"Because why?" Draco whispered as his mouth ghosted across hers to the other side of her face to continue on his leisurely perusal of her. His arms tightening around her, as he licked the shell of her ear.

"Harry," Ginny whispered quietly.

Draco stiffened and pulled away from her slowly, Did she just call me by Potter's name? He thought as he scowled down at the red head.

"Excuse me?"

"We have to stop because of Harry," Ginny said more firmly as she dropped her arms and stepped back away from him.

Furious Draco stepped forward pushing Ginny against the wall behind her, "That's right you're dating the Golden Boy. I have a question for you Ginny does Harry make your breath catch as I just did. Does he make you breathe as hard as I do while barely even touching you?"

Ginny turned red as she drew her fist back and punched him in the stomach; Draco gasped and doubled over in pain. Ginny used all her strength to push Draco to his knees and out of her way. Grabbing her close she ran out of the bathroom and through the door back to her dorm room.

Gasping Draco watched her go, "I'll take that as a no."


Draco watched Ginny sitting next to Harry and talking to her friends at Dinner that night. She was laughing at something the Wonder Twit had whispered to her, her face was alight with pleasure and just the sight of her made him start to grow aroused.

"Draco, if you keep staring at the Gryffindor dorks then people will start to wonder about you mate," a cheerful voice joked from his right.

Turning Draco turned to look at his best friend Blaise Zabini, the dark eyed Italian exuded charm and confidence unknowingly, making him the hidden threat of Slytherin. While Draco was well known for his conquests, Blaise was quieter in his accomplishments. The two of them had a long-standing bet going on about which one of them would be the first to give it all up for one woman. It was really a joke, but it gave them something to tease the other about if they needed a good laugh. Considering, that the closest thing that Blaise had to a long-standing relationship was to sleep with a girl more than twice and Draco was not much better. His known bed partner was Pansy Parkinson, which the two of them only came to one another when they were bored or did not want to waste the time chasing someone.

"I was simply observing the mating habits of the Weaselette my dear boy," Draco said with a small smile.

"Disgusting if you ask me, the dear girl could do so much better," Blaise said as he to looked towards the red head. Ginny was talking to a first year girl who was sitting near her. Harry had his arm around her waist keeping her hugged to his side as he talked to Ron.

"I believe she could also my friend," Draco said as he mentally beat Potter to a pulp for having his arm around Ginny's waist.

"You can't possibly mean yourself Draco, the girl wouldn't come near you if she were being paid," Blaise snorted as he put some cobbler onto his plate. "I mean you are the second best looking boy in the school," at this Draco laughed, "But our dear Weaslette is too good for you. She is pure and innocent, while you my fellow snake are the complete opposite."

Draco looked back at Blaise for a moment before turning his attention to his food, was that why he wanted her so much and hadn't thought about anything else all day? Because she was everything that he wasn't and couldn't possibly be, the answer was simply yes. He couldn't remember a time when he wasn't surrounded by something dark, a time when he hadn't been included in on the dark magic rituals that his father and his friends performed. Hell the first time he was Crucioed was when he was five, at five Ginny was probably not even spanked. Maybe all that did make her better than him, but Draco was spoiled and always got what he wanted and right now, he wanted Ginny. He wanted her innocence, her laughter, her love. He wanted to taint her, to make her not so perfect, maybe then; he would be able to get her out of his system.

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