"After reviewing the testimony of Healer Baker the Wizengamot has reached the decision of releasing Cassandra Granger into the custody of St. Mungo's," Harry sat in the closed court room as the presiding official of the Wizengamot addressed the defendant and prosecutor. A handful of others surrounded him, all Auror's that had been specially cleared by both the prosecution and defense to gain permission to the medical hearing. A hearing that had been scheduled at the last minute by the defense in an effort to throw the prosecution off balance. It had taken a handful of back favors from various Wizengamot members to get him a seat in the gallery.

"Can you believe this shite," Harry turned to his nearest companion, Ron Weasley was glaring at the Wizenagmot, "Bloody ass was thinking with his dick."

Harry nodded his green eyes locked on the fearful face of Cassandra Granger, "She can't get away with this."

"She won't," Ron whispered, rising to his feet as the court signaled the end of the hearing. Turning he pulled on his heavy robes, marking him as a lesser court judge, "If she had been in my court she would have been given the kiss."

"Bones was conspicuously silent during the proceedings," Harry pointed out nodding towards the judge who was having a tight lipped conversation with the presiding judge Reinhardt. Both men watched as she turned away from her colleague and stormed from the courtroom as Cassandra was given over to Healer Baker. Following the midnight black head as she walked out Harry felt his blood boil as she turned to look at him a small smile curving her lips. Ron put a hand on his arm holding him in place as the witch exited the courtroom. Once she was clear Harry hissed under his breath, "He helped her."

Ron raised an eyebrow, "Who helped her?"

Pulling on his coat Harry strode out of the courtroom not bothering to answer his former partner in his hurry.

"I read your paper about the war," Michael said as he helped Carolyn put her coat on after their lunch, "Interesting approach, not really biased but not neutral either."

"How did you get a copy of my paper," Carolyn turned quickly her hair whipping out and hitting his shoulder in her haste.

Owen laughed, "We are Malfoys, Carolyn how do you think he got it?"

Carolyn rolled her eyes, "Thank you all for lunch, but I must be getting back and clean up before I can get a lick of sleep tonight."

"Sleeping alone?" Owen asked earning a shove from Leo as the small group walked out of the restaurant.

"If I didn't know we were related," Leo muttered as he held the door open for Carolyn, "Carolyn about your paper though-."

"What about it," Carolyn snapped, her hackles rising in defense of her hard work she frowned up at the cloudy sky as she pulled her coat collar up.

"Those were some interesting diary's that you looked in for your information," Michael picked up where his brother was cut off, a hand on Carolyn's elbow he steered her through the crowd towards her apartment only a few blocks down.

"They were some that Professor St. John recommended," Carolyn peered up at him, "Why do you want to know about the diaries?"

"There was just one that was of particular interest," ducking his head under a low hanging awning over a shop Michael smiled down at her, "You wouldn't perhaps still have the diary of Miss Rita Skeeter?"

Eyes widening Carolyn nodded as they reached the steps to her building, "Yes. I had to purchase it along with the Hollis diary."

Owen nudged Leo with his elbow as he moved forward to open the door for Carolyn, "Do you think that you might be willing to part with it?"

"Why would you want her diary? I read through it at least a dozen times and there was nothing but her accounts of her misery not being recognized by the journalistic community," Carolyn crossed her arms over her chest, "What is in there that I didn't see?"

"Let's just say that it has some rather interesting perspectives," Michael countered smoothly. Owen and Leo at his heels the three brothers walked Carolyn up to her door, waiting patiently in her living room as she dug the dusty acid green tome out from a box in her bedroom.

Walking forward she held it out to him, but snatched it back at the last second, "Why do I get the feeling that some how this is going to come back to bite me in the ass?"

Owen reached over and plucked the book from her fingers nimbly, "Told you I was good with my hands. Thanks for this."

Michael glared at his brother, "Don't worry Carolyn we will return it to you."

"It is no problem," Carolyn escorted them to the door, "Take your time with it, I got all that I need from it already remember."

Michael took the small book from his brother and tucked it into his coat pocket, "Thank you again Carolyn. Good luck with your job tomorrow."

Carolyn smiled as she shut the door on the three retreating brothers sending them off with a wave. Leaning back against the door she gave a sigh of relief at the peace and quiet that surrounded her, "Now where did I put those notes."

"Thank you again Denny," Elle said as she pushed her end of the couch flush against the wall of her new suite at Hogwarts.

"You are a witch Elle, you could just move things the old fashion way," Denny St. John huffed as he fell into the couch, "Wasn't this in the Ravenclaw's common room?"

"Yes, but McGonagall said I could have it," Elle grinned at him as she stepped back to rub her hands on her pants as she surveyed the room. Admiring the blue and gold print over-stuffed couch next to the shelved lined walls she brightened, "Plus you have to admit it does look rather charming there. Now I was thinking about moving that desk under the window…What do you think?"

Denny rolled his eyes, "I think that you should use your wand instead of trying to break your back and mine."

"Come on lazy bones," Elle hit his leg on her way by, letting out a yip when Denny grabbed her and pulled her down onto the couch with him. Brushing her hair out of her face, she struggled against his arms. Relenting she sent him a frown, "Let me up Denny, I have work-Come on."

"Elle, have a little fun," Denny nuzzled her neck, causing her to giggle as he nipped, "I just was thinking of a reward you could give me for all my hard work."

"Really?" Elle tilted her head to the side allowing him more access, "And what makes you think you deserve a reward?"

Denny laughed against her neck his hands pulling her t-shirt up, "Use that imagination of yours."

She laughed as she slithered out of his arms and quick footed out of his reach, "How about you earn your reward by helping me move this desk to the window in my bedroom."

Denny surged to his feet, his black hair falling into his eyes as he gave her a sly grin, "Bedroom? Well why didn't you say so?"

Laughing Elle let him pull her into the airy bedroom, the desk already moved to an awkward position in the middle of the room. Boxes blocked the spot she wanted to move it too. Pushing the boxes to the side Elle jumped to the side just as Denny shoved the desk into place. He straightened his eyes darkening till they were almost black she felt her breath catch and let out a nervous laugh as she backed away from him. Cornering her Denny placed an arm on either side of her bracing himself on the wall and trapping her with his body. Elle felt her pulse jump as she looked up at him, eyes falling to half mast as he lowered his mouth to hers. Elle moaned at his soft touch, her body arching up into his as he pressed closer. His hands were pulling her shirt up and Elle could feel herself responding even if a part of her thought that things were moving to fast.

"Elle, are you here?" Elle almost jumped and had to force her self not to give a sigh of relief as she bolted out of the bedroom.

"Abby, what can I help you with," Elle patted her hair down nervously when she spotted the petite blonde. The usually unflappable blonde gave her a shaky smile as she struggled to bring out a folder from her bag, "Are you alright?"

"What? Oh, yes," Abby gave her a smile as she jerked the folder free, "I have had a rather interesting morning so far. The room looks nice by the way."

"Thanks, now what is it that you have brought me," Sitting down on a newly shined leather chair she had apprehended from the Slytherin common room she waved Abby to its mismatched partner from Hufflepuff.

"I was brewing the potion, and I-," Abby began flipping through the folder she tossed her coat on the back of the chair as she sat down, "Look here the proportions we discussed aren't working."

"I see," mouth pursing Elle flipped through the file looking at the reports results, "This isn't right…Perhaps an infusion of salt water tick puss…No that would react with the-."

"It would react with the distilling process, yes that's what I thought too," Abby rubbed tiredly at her eyes. Leaning back in her chair she closed her eyes, "Everything is out of proportion. But the right proportions don't do anything…"

"Elle, I think I should go," both Abby and Elle jerked at Denny's voice, causing the folder to fall to the floor. Crossing the room he swooped down to pick up the file, straightening the papers he held it out to her with a smile, "Here you go. I was thinking that perhaps we could have dinner later?"

Elle blushed taking the file from him, "I would like that. Here let me see you out."

"No you and Abby have work, after all it isn't like I don't know my way," smiling a charming smile at Abby he bent down and gave Elle a peck on the cheek, "Seven alright?"

"That would be perfect," Elle whispered still blushing. She studiously turned her attention to the file in her hands as the tall Herbology Professor quietly closed the door behind him.

Abby's smirk was firmly in place as the oak door pulled closed causing Elle to roll her eyes, "Focus Abra."

"But this is so much more fascinating," Abby leered, "So you and St.John?"

Elle glared at her, choosing to look at the file in her hands instead of answering the blonde across from her, "I think that maybe an extract of the of the root of Saint Peter…or will that interact with the balance…"

"You are just going to pretend like a good looking man didn't come out of your bedroom aren't you?" Abby leaned back in the chair her face amused.

"I for one would love to know how things are between you and Harry," Elle said snapping the folder closed she gave Abby an obnoxious look of rapt attention. When Abby just glared at her Elle gave a smug look, "Or would you like to go over this instead?"

Grumbling Abby leaned forward her and Elle's head bending together as they got to work.

"Miss Granger I believe that this room will be comfortable," Cassandra looked down her nose at the sniveling healer. Letting her hand trail along his portly chest she gave him a look from beneath her lashes and walked into the closet sized room. She watched as he shivered with pleasure leaning into her meager caress. Power surged through her body, power at his weakness turning her eyes almost black with an unholy light. Shrugging off her robes she daintily sat on the bed, frowning at the lumps she could feel.

"I think that this will do just fine Healer…" Cassandra trailed off with a small smile that was just coy enough to keep him from being offended.

Heaving his robes over his belly he leered at her legs as the patient robe she wore rode up exposing her thighs, "You may call me Bernard as long as we are alone. There is a thought that familiarity between healer and patient helps in the healing process."

Cassandra could practically see him salivating as he leered at her body, "Bernard…I…never mind it is too forward of me."

He stepped closer his upper lip sweating as he sat down next to her his hand coming out to pat her on the leg, "Come dear you can tell me anything."

She leaned in, her body molding to his, "I was just thinking about my brother. He is alone there in that prison cell with nothing to look forward to. He doesn't have a merciful man like you coming to rescue him like I did."

Jowls quivering he licked his lips leaning in to take a deep breath of her hair, "Perhaps it would be beneficial for your well being if we were to arrange a meeting between the two of you."

Cassandra's head snapped up her eyes big and doe like, "Really you would be able to do that for me?"

He smiled his head lowering to shorten the distance between them while his hand tightened on her leg, "I think you would be amazed at the things I am able to accomplish."

"Why don't you tell me," Cassandra whispered her hand grazing along his upper thigh, "Why don't you tell me all about it."

"You need help there Jacobs," Carolyn looked up at her supervisor, a needle nosed man as short as she with an ego twice as big as his. Brushing her hair out of her face she ignored the itch of dust left on her forehead. Shaking her head she turned back to the century old tome infront of her, "No thanks Baker, I've almost finished."

"Well then I'm off," shaking his head he left with a bounce in his step that made Carolyn bite back the urge to laugh at his entirely feminine attitude. Her attention focused on the book and the almost completely faded text she didn't hear Baker talking to someone at the door or realize he was still there till he shouted back to her, "Got a visitor Jacobs."

Carolyn lifted her head up only to shoot it back down again, "I wasn't expecting you."

Gabe grinned sheepishly from his spot next to the door, "I wasn't really expecting to find you in the depths of Gringotts."

"I have work, apparently the man who had the position before me didn't know how to catalog properly so I have to go through all these by next week," Carolyn snapped the book closed making a notation on the spine with her wand and also on a roll of parchment before sending the book back to its spot on the shelf.

"Perhaps you can take a break for a bite," Gabe pondered walking over to the bookshelf and smirking at how much she had already accomplished, "That is if you are still talking to me."

Carolyn snorted, "If you have to ask then you know the answer."

"I am new at this Carolyn I am sorry if I am not doing it right," Gabe forced out his back to her.

Carolyn let out a weary sigh, "Perhaps I can leave this till morning."

Turning he gave her a wide grin, holding out his hand to her he waited for her to turn the torches down and grab her coat. Folding her smaller hand in his he pulled her close, "I love you Carolyn."

Her eyes widened, "I know."

Draco glanced up at the door watching as the Auror's brought in a tall thin man he had only seen from afar. Brown hair hung in greasy strings around an angular face filled with shadows and wide grey eyes that Draco looked at every morning.

Theodore Granger showed no surprise at seeing the older wizard waiting for him in the interview room, infact as far as Draco could tell his eyes gleamed with triumphant. The Auror waved his hand to raise the chains on the chair to bind Theodore in place giving Draco a nod before he walked out and left the two alone.

"Hello Father," Theodore smirked his face so like Leo's for a moment that Draco blinked warily at seeing his son's expression on another's face. Theodore rolled his neck the joints cracking loudly in the stillness of the room, "I must say the beds leave much to be desired but at least the company is interesting."

Draco cocked an eyebrow, "Why?"

"Why not," Theodore returned shrugging his shoulders as much as his restraints allowed him to, "You and your friends took everything from my mother and never even tried to repay her."

"Your mother ran away when we tried to help her," Draco leveled his gaze at his son, because he could be nothing but, "And I didn't know about you."

"Somehow I find that really hard to believe," Theodore closed his eyes briefly shaking his head like a dog shedding water. Draco's eyes narrowed as he watched the unusual action that the younger man seemed to be completely unaware of then he was faced with a flickering gaze as Theodore looked at him, "I apologize, I haven't been eating well since my arrest."

"Your mother ever tell you-," Theodore snarled forcing Draco to break eye contact.

"Don't fuck with my mind Father," Theodore snapped, "I know what you are doing here…though I am disappointed that your pretty little wife didn't join us. I always wondered what it would be like when you finally knew who I was. All those times we met over the years and you were so polite. Now though the reality is so much more satisfying than whatever I dreamed of."

"You had help didn't you," Draco asked, "There is no way a child could have been able to manipulate like you did without being coached."

Theodore smiled a cat like grin at the elegant blonde, "So that is why they sent you? Trying to find out if we had anymore partners, not allowed to use veritaserum so close to my hearing with the healers. Tricky Aurors…"

Theodore leaned as close as his restraints allowed him to peering at the man across from him, "Nice try Potter."

Draco glared at his brother in law, "I told you this wouldn't work."

Ron shrugged his shoulders staring at the duo in the interrogation room, "It was worth a shot."

"Idiot," Draco muttered, "Get him out of there it is disturbing enough seeing another me walking around, I don't want to see one making a fool of me."

Ron tapped his wand to the wall, sending a flash of light through the stone wall to his former partner. The two men watched as a guard came and took Kingston away, a few moments later the door to the observation room pushed open. Ron flinched at seeing the twin to the blonde leaning negligently against the opposite wall, "This is just wrong in so many ways. Bad enough he has spawn that look like him but-."

"Quiet Weasel," Draco snapped, "But as much as this hurts me to admit it you are right. Seeing Potter with my face is far more disturbing than I had ever thought it would be."

Harry snorted, "Not as disturbing as being the one walking around in this."

"Exactly what were you aiming for in there?" Draco pushed off the wall walking over to eye his old adversary up and down, "Because seems like nothing was accomplished aside from pissing away valuable time that could be used to find their partner."

Draco almost laughed at seeing his glare directed at him for the first time. Potter gave a half snarl, "I am going to wait out the time for this potion to finish and then I am going to go look at some reports from when we were watching the Granger house."

Harry slammed the door to the observation room, stomping down the hall he was more than aware of the stares he was getting and most of them directed his way because he currently looked like the Great Bouncing Ferret.

"Sorry," Harry stopped as a petite blonde barreled into him as he turned the corner. Hands coming out to automatically catch the girl from falling he felt his breath catch at meeting wide grey eyes, "Abby?"

"Dad? What are you doing here?" Abby gave him a quick hug her face breaking out in a smile.

Harry felt his throat close up and held her for a moment longer than he should, but considering the last time they had talked she had thrown his love in his face he was going to soak up every bit of non-hostile affection that he could. Letting her go Harry cupped his hand to her cheek letting his thumb rub along her cheekbone. Abby gave him a quizzical smile, "Da what's wrong? Are you feeling okay?"

Harry shook himself pulling back his hand he straightened, "I-."

"I'm glad I ran into you, I need your help with something," Abby looked around them pulling him into an empty office and sealing the door, "I don't want you to say anything until I have finished. Alright?"

"Abby-," Abby shook her head her chin set with the same firmness that Harry had seen in Ginny so many times, "No Dad let me finish."

Sighing Abby leaned against the closed door, "I did something incredibly stupid the other day."

He knew it was wrong, that he should say something before she opened her mouth to confess but he couldn't. A part of him hoped that she would confess that her mistake was something to do with him. That small little perverse side of him won over and he remained silent trying his best to keep his face from showing anything but benign interest.

"You and Mum have been great about Thomas," Abby looked away from him biting her lip, "I mucked that up royally and all for nothing. Merlin I was such a fool."

She gave a low bitter laugh, "I always knew since I was little that I would marry Harry. I never thought that we wouldn't be together, strange isn't it that both me and Mum would think we would marry him?"

Harry fought the blush that threatened to expose him, as Abby continued, "And then he goes and gets engaged to-…And I did something terrible."

Harry leaned forward unable to stop himself, "Tell me."

Abby looked at him her eyes shinning, "Don't hate me, it was a mistake. And it only happened the once."

His heart pounding in his chest Harry knew the potion was going to stop working soon and he sent a prayer to the heavens wanting nothing more than for Abby to tell him so that he could be put out of his misery. Hands sweating he waited, as she glanced down, "I slept with Blaise."

His heart stopped that was the only thing that could explain the pain he was feeling at this moment. Stunned he turned away from her, and away from the pained expression she was wearing. He heard the rustle of her robes as she moved up behind him, "Da, I am so sorry. I know-."

"Don't touch me," Harry whispered, tearing away from her and whirling around his anger startling her enough to send her crashing back.

"Dad?" Harry stormed past her leaving her as quickly as he could. Running down the corridor he tripped into the bathroom clenching his hands on the porcelain sink he stared at the pale mottled face in the mirror willing it to change into his own. Slowly he watched as the chin rounded a bit and dark stubble sprouted, a scar appeared on his forehead above startling green eyes brimming with anger.

"Fuck," Harry whispered to his reflection his skin clammy and stomach turning as he relieved the last few minutes. Years ago he would have said his worst nightmare was being stuck in a small room with Draco or another slytherin. No his worst nightmare had just been realized, the love of his life wasn't his.

Ginny smiled at her oldest, "Darling you look out of sorts."

"Nice to see you too Mum," Michael kissed her cheek before sitting down across from her at the patio table.

Ginny smiled, "I was thinking about going and seeing your grandparents today but your owl sounded urgent. Is there anything wrong?"

Michael grinned, "I came for grandmother Narcissa's ring."

Ginny sank backwards in her chair her eyes closing as she brought a hand up to her mouth. Michael stared at her for a moment his expression clouding over, "I thought you would be happy."

Ginny grabbed his hand in hers a wide smile on her face as tears began to leak out of her eyes, "Oh darling, I am happy. But you have to understand I have been dreading this day for the past twenty-seven years also, the day when you would find the woman that would take you from me completely. I am so happy for you, I can't even begin to tell you."

Michael let out a breath of relief that made Ginny's heart ache a bit more, "Were you worried that I wouldn't approve?"

"A bit," Michael folded his larger hand over hers, "All my life you have told me to wait until I found the person that fills the other half of my soul. And for the most part I didn't think I would find them until Sera."

Ginny squeezed his hands, "Funny how sometimes the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with can already be a part of it."

Michael nodded, "It seems like the answer was always staring me right in the face I just had to open my eyes."

Letting go of his hand Ginny stood up, "I knew that you would grow up to be a handsome brilliant man that I could be proud of. I guess I just didn't realize till now that you already were."

Pulling her son to his feet Ginny led him into Draco's study, what had once been Lucius study all those years ago. Standing in front of the fireplace Ginny placed her hand on the Malfoy crest carved into the mantle piece. Giving her son a wink she waited as the mantle glowed gold for a moment before the stone shifted and a wide open room revealed itself, "Your Grandfather placed the ring here when Narcissa died, saying when it was time you would come for it. She always wanted you to have it and I think she would be proud of the woman you have chosen to give it too."

Michael beamed with pride as he followed her into the brightly lit vault. Unlike at Gringotts the trinkets that surrounded them were of priceless value only to the members of the Malfoy family. Portraits and trophies from all the children's school years, old toys that they had once cherished, the crib where all the Malfoy babes had spent their first year. Priceless family heirlooms that were chipped and tarnished around the edges that seemed somewhat out of place in the Malfoy Manor, but could not be parted with all the same. Ginny walked confidently past the finger painted stick figures that a three year old Leo had done of the family a very round looking one representing Ginny pregnant with Gabe. Michael grinned at the parchment remembering how his mother had cried all the while hugging her youngest for his brilliance. Following her softer tread he found himself standing in a much unused corner of the room, standing before a pristine portrait of his grandmother done before her death. Narcissa Malfoy was forever captured on canvas and safely tucked away in the study vault so that all the future Malfoy's would have the chance to know the woman who had changed so much in their family.

"I remember when the artist finished this," Michael reached up to run a finger along his grandmother's hand, "Father never understood why you wanted a muggle portrait but I think the idea amused Grandmother. She liked the idea that this one moment would be captured, and nothing else. She would be left a bit to the imagination but always remembered."

"She was," Ginny stopped looking up into the still blue eyes above her, "I still can never quite find the word to describe her."

Bending down Ginny opened the chest under the portrait, "She laid aside gifts for all of you, I think she had a bit of a seer in her though because I was just pregnant with Leo when she died and she set aside gifts for both him and Gabe."

Ginny sank down to the floor, unsurprised that not the least bit of dust flew up. The house elves were as thorough now as they had been when Narcissa had been alive, and even more so in the places that the family held dear. Loyalty that had been misplaced for centuries was finally being repaid and Ginny was thankful all the more as she pulled Michael down next to her.

"The pearls are to go to Abby, they were your grandmother Black's," Ginny said running a hand over the displayed strand each one perfectly rounded and arranged so that in the middle of the strand was a large pear shaped emerald pendant, "Your Father assured me that there was no curse to them, but I still had Bill check them."

Michael laughed, "She use to come in here and stare at them for hours telling us about how she was going to marry right out of school so she could wear them."

Snickering Ginny moved the pearls aside, lifting up a pair of cufflinks, "These were your great-great uncle Ivan Malfoy's. They are Owen's."

Michael studied the Malfoy emblem emblazoned on the simple but rich gold trinkets, "Can't imagine him getting dressed up for anything that he will need these."

"You never know," Ginny said with a knowing look in her eyes, "This is for Leo."

Placing the cufflinks back in the chest Michael watched his mother remove a silver pocket watch. Its plain cover was nothing special but when she handed it to him he could feel the magic humming through it. Carefully he pressed the release to open it, surprised at seeing instead of a watch face on the inside a small version of Sera sitting at her desk doing paper work.

Ginny reached out to take it from him, "She had this one specially made. It is fashioned after your Grandmum's clock, but instead of hands pointing to specific descriptions it will simply show you the person whom you hold most dear at the moment. Tricky bit of charm work that I haven't seen the likes of since."

Michael smiled, "You might not want to wait till Leo's wedding to give that to him."

"I am surprised he never use to sneak down here to look at it with Abby," Michael looked sheepishly away earning a poke in the ribs from his mother, "Did you sneak down here too?"

"Once and awhile, we all did but never together," Michael whispered feeling foolish, "It was sort of a silent agreement that we went alone to look at our gifts."

Sneaking her arm around her son's shoulders Ginny smiled up at him, "I think Narcissa would be thrilled to hear you all were so interested in her presents to come down here without permission to see them."

Michael nodded, clearing his throat, "What did she leave Gabe?"

"Gabe's is a bit funny," Ginny placed Leo's present back in the chest reaching for a black velvet jewelry box, "She didn't know I guess if she was going to have another grandson or granddaughter so she left him this."

Handing the case to Michael she smiled at him motioning him to open it. Michael gave her a quizzical look before opening it, "A medallion?"

"A muggle medallion actually," Ginny lifted the necklace up holding it to the light so that he could see it better, "The Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Death, God's Messenger…"

Michael reached out to take the small piece from her, "Why though?"

Sitting back Ginny studied the woman in the portrait above them, "I asked her that myself when we were first putting these boxes in here. She told me that the one thing that we share with Muggles is that eventually we will die, and in death everyone is equal. That even if she never lived to see if she would have another grandchild that that child should know that there is hope that one day they would meet. Hope in something that even magic can't guide us through."

Michael gently placed the medallion back in the velvet box a new found respect for the woman who was a distant fleeting memory to him now, "Is that why you named him Gabriel?"

"Yes," Ginny leaned over to pick up the final box, the first one placed in the chest and first to be removed forever, "I never even considered another name for him once I found out I was pregnant with a boy. But this," handing him the smallest box, "This is what you came for."

His fingers suddenly clumsy Michael eased the lid up on the small ring box. Nestled against the silk was a beautifully cut emerald so rich it had a an almost bluish look to it, two diamonds flanked its sides perfectly placed in the silver band so as to be almost flush against the larger stone. Brushing his thumb over the top he gave a wistful smile picturing it nestled on Sera's finger just as it had rested on his grandmother's and all the Malfoy women for as long as their family had been, "It is just as beautiful as I remember."

Brushing at a tear running carelessly down her cheek Ginny sighed, "It is for the Heir's Bride, and always will be."

Glancing at his mother Michael gave her a careful look, "The Heir's Bride?"

A brush of fingers to his forehead to sweep his hair out of his eyes Ginny sighed, "It will be hers till I die, and then she is to get the Malfoy diamond."

Michael shook his head eyes darting to the diamond on his mother's hand flanked in similar fashion by emeralds as the ring in his hand was by diamonds.

"No talk of death is allowed while celebrating our son's engagement," Draco called out walking up behind the pair.

Ginny gave him a watery smile before pulling Michael close and burying her nose in his shoulder. It seemed like only yesterday he was small enough to pick up and toss around, now he was preparing himself for a life without her. Ginny had never felt so lost in all her life, "I love you little man."

Michael shot his father a desperate look before closing his arms around his mother, "I love you too Mum."

"Ginevra," Draco bit out, holding his hand down to his wife, "You are scaring the boy."

Letting out an indignant huff Ginny extracted herself from Michael and closed the top of the chest. Ignoring Draco's hand she climbed to her feet and walked out of the vault muttering as she went.

"You didn't have to make her mad," Michael snapped glaring at his father as he tucked the ring safely in his vest pocket.

"She deals with things better when she's mad," shrugging his shoulders Draco gave his oldest a once over, "Were you going to tell me?"

Eyebrow raised in answer Michael started out of the vault only to stop short when a hand clamped on his arm turning him around. He wasn't altogether shocked when he found himself pulled into his father's arms and a bone crushing hug. Hugging the older man back Michael grinned against his father's shoulder happy at the unexpected show of affection and even more pleased when Draco whispered, "I am proud of you."

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