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"Look out!"

Kunais flew past a tall man with bright blue eyes. He dodged them, but before he could thank the other man, more weapons where thrown towards them. The little crew continued their path from tree to tree, but the tall leader suddenly stopped, leaving the two others questioning.

"Hokage-sama!" a huge bandana-clad man yelled out frustrated, but the tall man held his hand up to prevent the other from saying more.

A small cry sounded further in the woods. It was a heartbreaking cry, which could probably belong to a child. The hokage changed his path and followed the sound of the child, leaving his teammates to themselves. As he moved, he heard them yell his name.

The rain fell even harder, and the hokage felt his blonde hair stick to his face, but ignored it and continued. When the cry was near enough, he stopped and hid in case it should be a trap.

Under the trees sat a little girl. From what the Yondaime could see, she couldn't be more that two or three years old. As he slowly walked nearer, he looked around to find her parents, not succeeding. When he reached her, she jumped up and moved away from him in fear.

His heart broke when he saw her face. She was covered in mud and had several cuts all over her body. Her face looked beaten up, and she had a bleeding cut under her left eye. She gasped as she saw him, but was too scared to cry.

Without thinking of danger, the Yondaime sat down in front of her, smiling friendly.

"Hello there," he whispered soothingly. The girl just stared at him with big, wet eyes. "What has happened to you, poor child?!" He reached to wipe the blood away from her cheek, but she quickly moved away from him touch.

"Hush, child. I am not going to hurt you!" Without breaking the eye contact, he moved a little closer, carefully so he didn't scare her even more. "Tell me, child. What are you doing out here? It's dangerous. And where are your parents?"

The girl's eyes went even bigger. "K-kaasan…… T-tousan…" she mumbled as her brown eyes filled with new tears.

"Yes… Kaasan…tousan... Where are they?"

The little girl started once more crying and pulled further away from him. Then she lifted a shaking hand and pointed in a direction behind the Hokage. He turned around, but what he saw was not a good sight.

Two lifeless bodies lay under a big tree, injured and bloodied, with broken arms and legs. The Yondaime widened his eyes in anger and rose, slowly and carefully.

"Girl! Who did this?!" he whispered shocked. The girl just kept crying and shook her head as she whispered: "Kaasan…Tousan…"

Yondaime walked slowly, but steady towards the bodies, leaving the girl alone.

"IIIEEEE!!" she screamed as he left her, but she didn't dare to move. Yondaime stopped and turned to look at her. She kept saying 'Iie', as she shook her head.

Yondaime smiled at her and said: "Don't worry. I'll take care of you. Your parents will be revenged" He turned again, but got stopped of the girl screaming 'Iie' again. He turned again, and this time the girl stretched her hands out as if she wanted him to come back to her.

"What a shame you can't talk," he smiled. He motioned the 'just a sec' sign and turned his back to her - which he should never have done.

A dark ninja jumped down from above the corpses, holding a kunai in front of him. Yondaime couldn't get away in time, so the ninja burrowed a kunai deep into his abdomen. Blood sprang, but before the attacker could do more, Yondaime swung around, sending him to the ground with a kick.

Behind him the little girl screamed in fear as she saw the ninja, and then the blood. She stood up and held her hands up as a child does to a parent.

Yondaime pulled the kunai out and held a hand over the wound as he stumbled towards the child, lifting her up in his arms and continued running without stopping once. He couldn't see them, but he heard and felt them tracking them down. He found a kunai and swung around to parry some incoming kunais. As he swung around, he stumbled over a tree root and fell, dropping the girl. They both collided brutally with the forest ground.

The girl screamed as she collided with the ground, rolling further away from the Yondaime. The hokage stretched his hand after her, and made an effort to stand, but he choked up blood and fell down to the ground again. He had already lost too much blood and he wasn't sure what to do. His teammates weren't in sight. He guessed the ninja had already found them and were fighting with them.

A sizzling sound made him look up. A herd of shurikens had been thrown against them. Yondaime rolled away from those which were meant for him, and stumbled towards the girl covering her just before the shuriken hit her. He felt the cold metal tear his flesh apart which made him choke up blood one more time. He collapsed over the girl, not possessing anymore strength to run and hide again.

The girl managed to drag herself out from under the hokage. When she saw him, dirty and blood running down his face and body, tears ran from her eyes. She gripped his clothes and yanked it to get him move. She screamed and cried, screaming 'tousan' over and over, finally moving him to his back.

When the shurikens were pushed further inside his back, it made him choke up more blood. He looked sadly at the girl. "Gomenasai," he whispered. "I couldn't keep my promise." Choking. "But you have to run. Hide or they will find you."

The girl looked at him, terrified. "Iie!" she yelled. "Iie, tousan, iie!!"

The hokage coughed again. "Gomenasai…"

"T-tousan… IIIEEEEEE!"

The scream sounded so loud that even Yondaimes teammates could hear her. "Kiko! Hurry! It could be the hokage!" Ibiki yelled. Kiko finished off the last ninja and they followed the scream – hoping not to be too late.

Yondaime gasped in shock as a thick, blue shield of chakra poured out of the little girl surrounded them both. Thrown weapons were either blasted away or simply destroyed by the heavy flow of chakra. The girl clung to his shirt, still screaming from pain and from anger and fear. A silly ninja jumped down from a tree, but got hit by the uncontrollable chakra and burned to dead with a painful scream. With a suddenly glimpse, the chakraflow turned yellow and exploded and burned the rest of the ninja, along with the surrounding trees, leaving a burned crater around them.

The girl collapsed on Yondaimes chest from exhaustion and felt unconscious.

The two of them was found not long after by Ibiki and Kiko, both unconscious, but still, even barely, alive and was brought back to Konoha.


'Kaasan: Mother

'Tousan: Father

Iie: No

Gomenasai: Sorry


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