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Letters of Invitation… (Prologue)


We all have something that digs at us- At least we dig each other


(V)(I)(C)(E) (V)(E)(R)(S)(A)

It was a brisk, snowy day on the streets of Boston. The skies were painted a bleak gray, and icicles hung from the sides of buildings that lined the paved roads for miles.

Naruto was there, huffing as his shoes crunched on the icy surface below them. He tightened the scarf around his neck and nuzzled into the soft article of clothing, shivering when a gust of chilled air swept past him. He murmured a quiet curse under his breath, pulling his sleeve up to examine a small wrist watch. "Fuck," he mumbled, quickening his pace. "I was supposed to arrive ten minutes ago."

His hands fumbled in a coat pocket, pulling out a half-drenched sheet of paper. The ink was smudged in some places, but it was still legible, at least to Naruto it was.

You have been chosen to participate in a research project, it read. Money will be given as a token of participation at the end of our sessions, but only if you follow through until the last day. Declining will not be allowed after your first day has started, so choose wisely. We are offering a great profit for your benefit. Please do not let this chance expire.

Naruto's lips twisted into a small, smug grin as his eyes trailed along the last sentence: After the two weeks are over, you may go home a richer man than ever before. Will you accept our challenge? We await your answer…

'Already been accepted, buddy,' he thought, reading the small address printed near the bottom of the form. 'I've been needing some quick cash, anyways. Only two weeks- Hell, I can do that with my eyes closed. If it'll get me money, I'll stay there for an entire month.' It was a blunt thought, that of Naruto. However, his entire outlook on life seemed to be that way- straightforward and cocky, blunt and never previously considered. This may or may not have been a negative aspect, but it was Naruto.

The blonde, twenty year-old had lived in Massachusetts his entire life; however; his biological parents had been Japanese, and even if this were true, he knew not the first thing about Japan, nor how to say a single word in the language. Although it had been rumored he did not look the slightest bit foreign, his name was proof enough of his heritage, and it wasn't anything relatively special to him. It was merely another factor in his life that could be stored away and never brought up again.

To him, it was even less important than his homophobia. Recently, he had pledged to be "anti-gay," coming to the decision while spotting a homosexual couple holding hands. It was repulsive, to share an intimate relationship with the same sex. Why, it had to be on the same level as murder, according to him. It was plain out not acceptable, and Naruto wouldn't tolerate it. At all. That is yet another good reason for getting the invitation: It served as a temporary distraction, which was pretty much a good thing for his neighbors, who were tired of hearing him rant about the gay agenda.

Why, exactly, did Naruto dislike homosexuals? It was simple, really: At a time, his father was his idol, the picture he strived to achieve, and he would do anything in his power to become just like the man. However, almost immediately mother passed away, sometime around his sixteenth birthday, his father started dating again. This may have been acceptable, but to Naruto it wasn't. It wasn't because his father had told him that he had begun seeing another man, leaving him in a state of confusion and desolation. Moreover, Naruto had asked his father who he would choose if there was a decision to be made: Him, or the boyfriend.

The man chose his boyfriend, and Naruto never looked upon his father's face again.


When the message had been delivered to his doorstep the previous morning, he had been ecstatic. His normal, dreary mood altered, and he was experienced euphoria for the first time in three years. Nevertheless, today was proving to be a tad difficult; he was impatient to reach his destination. Why, even his steps had a little more bounce in them, and all of the bystanders would simply raise an eyebrow at his peculiar behavior.

Luck- it had to be luck that got him here. Nothing this fortunate had happened to him for quite some time, and it was overwhelming. Even if he had not the slightest idea as to where he was going or what he was going to do. Those things hadn't even crossed his mind. All he had was an address, and a paper that said "money," and that was enticing enough to draw him in. Greedy much? Not exactly. Though he did like the idea of being wealthy, he never had such an experience, unlike his neighbors or co-workers, who all seemed to be swimming in a pool filled with the green bills.

Now, while these people were practically drowning in money and jewels, he had but a small living area: a simple, typical house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a small kitchen and dining space, and a living room that was only filled with a plain, boring couch and an ordinary, inexpensive television set. Things that many of the regular, American families owned.

Moments after stuffing the paper back into his pocket, he arrived at a large building that towered before him. To him, it seemed to continue up for miles on end and then some. He gaped at it in awe, marveling at its size and wondering how he could have missed such an enormous thing on his way to work every morning. 'I'm probably in a daze when I come this way,' he thought, giving an inward chuckle and shrugging the topic off, pushing the double doors open and stepping inside.

He walked through the large room at a tentative pace, earning some spiteful stares from other people that seemed almost dead to him; their eyes were filled with disdain, probably towards him. 'Or the world,' he thought, and he gulped under the wary eyes, walking silently to the front, center counter.

"I have this," he said to a man who stood behind the wooden surface, looking at Naruto with boredom. The paper was taken from his jacket and placed atop the counter, excess water splashing the two men. "Um, sorry…" was his apology, and he rubbed the back of his head nervously. The man said nothing but wiped the liquid from his face, gingerly unfolding the sheet and studying its contents carefully.

"My god… You're the other part!"

His abrupt exclamation and change of disposition puzzled Naruto, who cocked his head to the side, bemused. "Excuse me?"

The man shook his head, a smile so large spreading across his face that it seemed to engulf the entire expanse. "Nothing, nothing. Do not mind that. However, I am thrilled that you have decided to show up! Quicker than I expected, of course, but so did the other one, and-"

"What do you mean by 'other one?'" Naruto interrupted.

"That isn't important- yet," was the reply, and a small laugh followed as the man stepped from the counter, gesturing to Naruto. "Please, come this way," he said, making his way toward the exit.

Naruto raised an eyebrow and didn't move. "I just came in that way," he argued.

"I know, but you aren't going to be residing here for the project," the man reassured, waving his hand in a hurried way as an indication for Naruto to follow. Said blonde heaved a sigh and obeyed the command, walking from the building. Once outside, he let out a small gasp.

A limousine was parked next to the walkway, the chauffer giving Naruto a smile and tipping his hat in a courteous manner. Naruto flushed from the display, rubbing his neck in embarrassment. "Right this way," the man from before declared, opening a side door and stepping out of the way. "I do hope you have thought about this thoroughly- Like the form had said, once you enter this vehicle, there is no going home. You will be forced to remain during the testing." When Naruto nodded, he too gave a curt nod, closing the door as Naruto slipped into the seat.

Inside the elaborate car, he detected another person sitting beside him. The figure was slumped over, head rested on the window with closed eyes. It was a male, Naruto immediately registered; a man with glossy, black hair and sharp facial features. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he worse a loose, indigo tee with a long sleeved white one under it, giving him the appearance of a miscreant, perhaps, or a mischievous person related with gangs of some sort.

This could have just been a stereotype, however, because Naruto was dressed in a large coat that was neither fancy nor new, but it was sophisticated. He also wore a black, short-sleeved shirt with jeans that weren't exactly fitting, but they were not like the other male's, who's looked to be more than three sizes too big, and much too baggy for Naruto's liking. Though he had the look of a trouble maker, Naruto couldn't shake off the feeling that this newcomer was most likely appealing, or even alluring to many women out there.

In fact, Naruto was positive that the black haired man had over five girlfriends and possibly even a wife. At the same time.

When the silent man cracked an eye open, Naruto stuck his hand out in a friendly way, giving a, "Hey, I'm Naruto. What's your name? Are you here for the "experiment" too?"

Naruto didn't gain a reply, but a roll of the eyes from the other male, who scoffed and remained quiet for another minute before opening his mouth to speak. "I'm not shaking your hand, nor am I giving you my name. Yes, I am here for the same reason you are. Now leave me alone and let me sleep."

At his comment, Naruto wrinkled his nose, scowling at the raven haired man with scorn. "Oh, here," the chauffer said, breaking the silence in the vehicle as he pulled into the streets. He handed back two stickers, which Naruto took and examined. "These are from the company. They are to be worn on your first day, but after that you may dispose of them. The first one, reading "Part One" goes to the brunette, and the one that is labeled "Part Two" is to be worn by the blonde. Understand?"

Naruto nodded and placed the sticker on his jacket, having the other one pulled from his hand by the man beside him, who nonchalantly stuck it to his shirt. "What does this mean?" Naruto inquired. "I mean, everything. Why are we even here in the first place? Are there only two of us, or will there be more?" His questions made the chauffer chuckle, and he inhaled deeply before attempting to answer.

"Well, honestly, we aren't supposed to tell you until we arrive at the next destination, but since it has been agreed that you two cannot decline, then I suppose it's all right. First off, yes, there are only two of you. You will be sharing a house together for two weeks in order for us to collect our data. We have been informed by those who work with you how you behave and what some of you beliefs our, so we are confident that we have chosen wisely."

Naruto bit his bottom lip, still not grasping the complete concept. "Okay, but why us two? What data are you possibly hoping to acquire from us- two guys that don't even know each other?"

"Because," the man chortled, amusement glinting in his eyes. "You, Naruto Uzumaki, hate gays. But Sasuke Uchiha over there…" He trailed off, pausing to let another laugh escape his lips. "Sasuke is the gayest man in town, and the both of you are about to spend two weeks under the same roof. I hope you have fun, because now there is not turning back."

'…H-huh?… What-… Bu-… I don-…' Naruto thought, an eye twitching involuntarily.

Sasuke cringed, tensing at the words, and the blonde stared at him in utter horror, jaw dropping to floorboard as the chauffer practically cackled at the two males.


But you should know these colors that you're shining are surely not the best colors that you shine


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