Alternate Ending


Rei opened her eyes slowly, almost dream like. Sun filtered in through her curtains. She sat up and slid back the cloth, and saw children playing outside for the first time in weeks. She heard footsteps coming up her steps. She sat quietly for a moment, frightened at the fact that maybe the curse wasn't gone…Her door suddenly burst open-

-and Kei ran into her room, engulfing her in a hug. "Rei! Rei your okay! You did it, you stopped the curse!" Rei began smiling.

"But what about-" She stopped as she heard a voice coming from across the hall.

"Rei? Rei where are you? Is it over?" It was Miku. The two jumped up and rushed into Miku's room. Miku looked up with wide eyes. Rei jumped on her bed and engulfed her in a hug. "Miku! I thought I had lost you forever!" Rei began crying tears of joy. Suddenly the phone rang, and the trio rushed downstairs. Rei answered in a shaky voice. "Yes, this is the Kurosawa residence. Yes Kei is here." She handed the receiver to him. "It's the hospital…" Rei said daringly.

"Hello?" Kei said. After a few moments his face was covered in a large smile. "Okay, that's great!" He said. He hung up the phone. Miku and Rei stood staring at him. "It was about Mio…She's alive! And the man said that a fifteen year old girl named Miyuu came in and Mio jumped up and hugged her, calling her Mayu…They said she seemed to get less pale and happier that instant…" Everyone yelled, and wrapped each other in a group hug. Miku stepped back. "I never really understood why I was allowed to survive that night, but now I understand why I'm allowed to live. To keep the memories-"

"-of those you love living on as well." Rei finished for her. They all stood silent for a moment when suddenly the doorbell rang. The three walked over past the kitchen to the front door. Rei opened the door. She tried hard not to stare at the people standing before her. They were two young men, one wearing a white jacket and black pants with shoulder length black hair, and the other was wearing a vest and turtleneck with short hair. It looked like Yuu and Mafuyu. The one with the longer hair spoke. "Yes, I'm Mafuu and this is my friend Yau. We just moved in as roommates and just wanted to say hi." He smiled, and the other one looked at Rei.

"Have I seen you before?" He asked. Rei smiled.

"No, but it's nice to meet you…" She said politely.

"This was the start of a wonderful new life…" Rei thought…