An: Nya, I'm writing another story!

Pairing: Silver Pair, which I believe is Shishido/Ootori? A little Dirty Pair, Oshitari/Gakuto...

Yuushi and Gakuto walked out of the Hyoutei tennis courts. It was a sunny day. Really sunny. REALLY, REALLY sunny. So sunny and warm that if a bird laid an egg, it would've already been cooked alive. So warm that if a man was walking down the street with his new sandals, the sandals would've already melted to the ground.

Let's go back to Hyoutei instead, ok? Melted shoes aren't very interesting.

As I said before, it was a sunny, sunny day. A really warm day. Gakuto and Yuushi just finished one of their practice matches. Shishido and Choutaro just finished their match too.

Choutaro sat down, taking out his towel to wipe off the sweat. "Wow, today sure is a hot day, huh Shishido-san?"

Shishido took out a water bottle, "Yeah, but that doesn't mean we should slack off. Water?"

"No thanks." Choutaro turned to see Oshitari and Gakuto. "Ne, Shishido-san, don't you think Mukahi-sempai and Oshitari-sempai are total opposites? How can they get along that well?"

Gakuto was talking to Yuushi. He was jumping around as hyper-like as ever.

"Hn, Gakuto's an idiot. How would I know? They might as well be called the Idiotic-Genius pair." Shishido said.

"How do we get along then?" Choutaro asked.

Shishido turned to Choutaro, now looking at directly at his kouhai's (sp?) eyes. "You helped me before and I helped you. We became a doubles pair… and we get along well. Any more useless questions?"

Choutaro just turned away, "So we're just doubles partners?"

Shishido just realized what he said, "Uh… what I mean is that we're best friends, ok? We're doubles partners but good friends…. No, great friends! The best of friends! Boy--" He stopped. "Boyfriends?! What am I saying?"

Choutaro looked at his sempai, "Yes?"



"Anymore questions?"

"No. I'm fine. Just fine."

"Good, because I'm not good at making anyone feel better."

"Ne Yuushi!" Gakuto shouted to his doubles partner.

"What?" Yuushi asked.

"Want to know what Shishido and Choutaro are talking about? Maybe I can make fun of him!" Gakuto cried.

"Why do you want to know what they are talking about?" The tensai asked.

"Because it might be fun!" Gakuto said.

"Is there anything else that you want to do besides that?"

"Annoy you? Glomp you?"


"Oi Yuushi!"


"Yuushi!? You alive?"

"Go bother Atobe."


An: Nya! That was fun…. It was more Silver Pair than Dirty, ne? Oh well…