Dracula fought through the fog of sleep. He felt as though he was being smothered. The darkness around him enfolded him like an intangible blanket, dragging him down. He couldn't move his arms, couldn't fight against it. He was exhausted trying to fight it.

With a jolt, wakefulness came to him. His brain was still overrun by the fuzziness of dreams, but his senses were wide awake.

Slowly, he became aware of another presence in the room. Lying on his belly, he was unable to turn and look without showing he was awake; a mistake, in his experience. Best if your opponent thought you helpless.

He sensed a figure standing by the bed, the other side to which his head was turned. A light pressure began on his bare back, a feather light touch that trailed down his spine to the edge of the sheet, and back up again. He should have been fearful, he thought with the more alert regions of his brain, but for some reason he felt safe. The touch was not prompted by a will to do harm.

He felt the figure lean closer, felt the warmth from another body as whoever it was leant over his head.

'Vlad,' a female voice whispered. Dracula's forehead crinkled in a frown. He recognised that voice. Certainly not using that tone, but he knew...

'Anna Valerious?' he asked, turning his head sharply and attempting to sit up.

A hand pressed down on his back, forcing him to lie down again. 'Tut, tut, tut, Vlad,' she said.

Dracula peered through the darkness to the edge of the bed. It was indeed Anna Valerious, her willowy body encased in a white satin nightgown. The moonlight caught its glint, and bathed her milky skin in its glow, caressing her body. Dracula looked at her in puzzlement. Though scantily-clad women were definitely not outside his night-time experience, they were certainly never Anna Valerious. There must be a problem, Dracula thought, his logical faculties finally waking up.

He tried to sit up once again. 'Anna Valerious, what are you doing? Did Van Helsing send you to kill me?'

Once again, the hand flat on his back pushed him down again, and Anna shook her head. Dracula realised just how warm that hand felt on his bare skin.

'Bad, Vlad. I did not give you permission to sit up, did I?' Anna asked sweetly.

Dracula idly shook his head, his mind abuzz with confusion. This situation was surreal.

'Anna Valerious-' he bit the words off as the hand on his back began stroking his skin. 'Miss Valerious, why are you here?'

'Oh, Vlad,' she purred, leaning closer to whisper in his ear again. He could feel the sweet heat of her breath brushing against his ear, and tried to stop a shudder in reaction. She might have been Anna Valerious, but he was a grown man, and she was, well, the stuff of dreams. As she leant forward, his whole view became encompassed by one perfect, satin- clad breast. She breathed over his ear again, and he bit his lip. 'Vlad, in the circumstances, I believe you can just call me 'Anna.'' Her lips moved away from his ear and onto his neck, where she placed a gentle kiss.

Dracula shivered. Her intentions couldn't have really been clearer, but he wondered what had brought this on. It was possible that someone had placed the poor girl under a spell, as some sort of revenge.

'Anna Gr-' his words were cut off once more by a nip at the base of his neck. 'Anna,' he growled. 'I don't know what has caused you to behave in this fashion, but I do believe that you are not currently responsible for your own actions. I think it could be best if I-'

'Shh, Vlad,' she whispered, placing a small kiss at the edge of his mouth that made him want to groan. 'I'm a grown woman, and I know what I want. You know what you want, too, don't you?' she asked, trailing her hand further down his back and squeezing his buttocks lightly. He bit his lip again, almost drawing blood. She had to pick exactly his weakest point. He opened his mouth to begin one last valiant attempt to dissuade her, but she shook her head.

'No,' she said. 'I'm doing this because I want to, and so will you. There's no harm in not fighting it, just- for- one- night-' she began punctuating her words with kisses along his back, and Dracula gave up his weak resistance. There was only so far a man could be pushed, and the whispered, 'Please,' she said in his ear was his undoing.

She lay on the bed beside him, still forcing him to remain on his stomach, and began running her hands lightly over his back, stroking, touching. The tingling sensations her warm hands brought were pure torture.

Though enjoying her ministrations, the doubt that such a beautiful young woman would be even remotely attracted to a man she evidently hated as much as himself still niggled at his conscious. Finally, he moved slightly, leaning on one elbow to grab her hand.

'Why?' he asked, looking into her eyes. She returned his gaze without flinching.

'Because I want you,' she replied frankly.

As though seeing the doubt in his eyes, she leant forward and pressed her lips to his, her dainty little tongue flicking inside his mouth and stoking the flames of his desire. He moved, to deepen the kiss, and she pulled away, laughing.

'Tut, tut, tut, Vlad,' she repeated. 'Do you think I would just come in here, without wanting to torture you?' She smiled wickedly, and took his hand, tugging so that he fell flat on his belly once more. Leaning over him, she whispered an incantation, and Dracula felt his arms being locked to the bed.

Anna climbed on top of him, the satin of her nightgown brushing and teasing his skin. With her hands and lips, she worked her way down to the base of his spine, torturing him almost beyond endurance. As the sheet slid down to his feet, Dracula gave up the fight to keep silent, letting her skillful touches elicit moans and growls from his chest.

Anna once again straddled him, her nightgown pooled around her hips. Oh, gods, Dracula thought as he felt the wetness between her thighs press against his skin. It was a sensation far beyond the erotic. She pressed her hips down, grinding herself against him, and Dracula bucked and moaned, his hands gripping the sheets in desperation to keep control. Small, purely female sounds erupted from her throat, making his frustrated desire to touch her even stronger. The granite-hard length of his erection pressed into the bed as he strained against the weight of her on his back.

She leant forward, and Dracula felt the brush of her bare breasts on his skin. The sensation was almost too much. Just the thought of her beautiful, naked body squirming on top of his nearly drove Dracula over the edge.

Anna bit and licked his neck, adding to the wetness on his skin. 'Oh, Vlad,' she moaned, running her hands along his sides. 'I want you so much. Just the thought of having you inside me- I can't stand it- It just makes me want to-'

Feeling her hips on top of him, feeling the mounds of her breasts pressing into his back, hearing the alluring words she whispered in his ear, painting tempting scenarios and confiding dark fantasies, Dracula was pushed into climax.

Drenched with sweat, his heart beating wildly in his chest, Vladislaus Dracula woke into the empty darkness. He rolled over onto his back, ignoring the patch of wetness left on the bed behind him, frowning into the night.

'Damn,' he muttered.

That... dream. It had come from out of nowhere. Though a healthy man, it was rare that Dracula's dreams were focused on a pleasant topic. If one could call such torture pleasant, he thought. Waking up this evening had been hell. If his dream-Anna had wanted to torture him, as she had promised, she had certainly done an excellent job.

Wait a second. Dracula paused, mid-stride. That thought struck a chord. Something about wanting to torture him was not just a memory from the dream. It was a thought on the edge of his mind. Though he couldn't quite grasp it, he was familiar with the sensation. Moira.

That dratted girl. After all their talking of yesterday she had formulated some sort of plan- he didn't know the details, but he was beyond certain that that tortuous dream had been that Wiccan wench's doing.

With an evil glower on his face, Dracula swept back toward his rooms. First some soothing to drink, he believed, and then time to find Moira. She would pay dearly for his discomfort.