Dracula absorbed Moira's words slowly. "What do you mean this will be my only living child? I'll just have my brides suck your blood frequently and then all my children will live!" Dracula exclaimed.
"Go ahead, bleed me dry Count. It wont work. A witch's blood power relies on the fact that she gives her blood freely to another person. If you take my blood by force it will be as useless as human blood would be. And there is nothing you can do, say, or bargain to make me give my blood willingly again." Moira answered calmly.
Dracula cursed, but let it stand. Anna watched both of them glare at each other for awhile before interrupting. "I'm going to go lie down."
Dracula focused his attention back on Anna. "Of course my darling, I'll escort you."

Anna settled on her bed and Dracula lay beside her, stroking her abdomen. Anna leaned against him and fell asleep.


Anna could feel Verona's jealousy seething behind her usual mask of calm. Anna did pity her because she knew that she would probably feel the same way if their positions were reversed. Anna's pregnancy was moving fast. It did not take as long as human's would so the baby would be here in a couple more days. Anna wondered whether it would be a boy or girl and what to name the baby. "Verona come here." Anna asked her quietly. Verona approached, "What?" she snapped. Anna set Verona's hand on her stomach so she could feel the movement. "This will be our baby. You're my blood sister. It's your child too. You will be its mother as much as me." Verona didn't answer and moved away, but her hostility seemed lessened.
"My darlings," Dracula entered the room. "How are we doing?" He slid an arm around Verona.
"Just a couple more days, I think." Anna responded with a smile.
Dracula led Verona away to his bedroom leaving Anna with peace and quiet.


Anna was in terrible pain. It was so hard to bring life into the world as she screamed yet again. Verona was waiting at the end of the bed and Dracula was gripping Anna's hand. "Vlad..." Anna whispered weakly, then groaned in pain. With one last shriek the baby was born. Verona began cleaning it off and wrapped it in a blanket.

"It's a boy." Anna grasped her lover's hand and she knew everything would be alright. She had an eternity before her after all, closing her eyes with a smile.

This is the final chapter for this story. I may in the future write a sequel and the main character would be Dracula's son. I havn't got all my ideas sorted out yet, so this is a possible "may-be-continued."