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Daisuke Niwa, a red eyed and red haired teen, quietly walked home from school, his bag lazily thrown over his shoulder. There was a bored expression on the boy's face as he turned around a corner and quietly made his way home.

'What's with the silence?' a loud voice resonated in Daisuke's mind. Daisuke sighed and closed his eyes. An image of a tall dark haired man with violet eyes appeared in his mind. The figure looked as bored as he was.

'What do you want?' Daisuke replied mentally. He opened his eyes and continued to walk.

'I'm bored,' the figure complained.

'Just wait until we get home Dark," Daisuke replied. Dark huffed in complaint, but went quiet. Daisuke sighed.

Four years ago, on his fourteenth birthday, Daisuke found that he could transform into a being called Dark. This 'condition' had been passed down through many generations. Dark was actually a famous art thief known as Dark Mousy. Whenever Daisuke got excited or saw a picture of the one he loved, he would transform into Dark.

At the time, when Dark had first appeared in Daisuke's life, the boy had been in love with two girls named Riku and Risa Harada. The two girls happened to be twins, but over time he began to favour the older twin, Riku, and went out with her.

However, it didn't turn out as well between them and Daisuke had broken things off. He had realised that the affections he held had only been a childhood crush and he had quickly grown out of it.

Even though he wasn't in love with anyone, Daisuke still managed to change into Dark, although it was a lot harder then before.

"Young man," someone called from behind him. Daisuke stopped walking and turned around. There was an old woman standing there with the help of a cane.

'Just ignore her,' Dark said.

'That would be insulting,' Daisuke replied.

He approached the old lady and smiled kindly at her.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" he said politely. The old lady extended her hand. There was a small gem like stone in her hands. Daisuke picked it up and closely examined it.

"What's this?" Daisuke asked.

"You dropped that from your bag," the old woman said. Daisuke looked at the gem once more.

"You must be mistaken. This isn't mine," Daisuke said as he looked up. The old woman had disappeared. She was completely gone without a trace.

'What a creepy woman,' Dark whispered. He looked at the stone that Daisuke held in his hands. 'It's a pretty looking stone so we might as well keep it.'

Daisuke remained silent and placed the object in his right pocket before heading home. Just as Daisuke began crossing the bridge, a glow emanated out of his pocket. Daisuke took out the gem and saw that it was glowing brightly.

'I'm guessing that this isn't normal,' Dark said.

Daisuke suddenly let out a cry of pain and fell to his knees.

'Daisuke! What's wrong?' Dark exclaimed when he noticed the trouble his tamer was having. Daisuke didn't say anything.

"My body feels hot all of a sudden," Daisuke complained as he wrapped his arms around himself.

'Daisuke!' Dark shouted.

The last thing that Daisuke saw before he blacked out was the sun setting over the ocean.

"Daisuke! Daisuke!" someone shouted. Daisuke felt someone shake his shoulder and that person once again yelled his name. Daisuke groaned in his sleep and quietly opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw was a familiar pair of amethyst eyes. Daisuke slowly sat up and shivered when his hand touched the cold pavement beneath him. Daisuke looked at the sky, which had already darkened.

"What happened?" Daisuke mumbled.

"You suddenly collapsed out of no where," said a familiar voice that had been calling out his name. Daisuke turned his head towards the voice and his eyes widened when he saw the figure.

"Dark!" Daisuke shouted.

The phantom thief was standing beside the fallen red head and had a grin on his face.

"Don't bother trying to ask me what happened because I have no idea what's going on," the thief stated.

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