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"Do you have class?" Dark asked as he made his way to the kitchen table. Daisuke was setting places on the table so he could serve breakfast.

"You should know my schedule by now Dark. You've been living here for a year now," Daisuke complained. Dark rolled his eyes at the painter.

"Your schedule changes after every semester so I don't want to waste energy trying to bother memorizing it though," Dark answered calmly. Daisuke sighed and then served the food that he had prepared.

"You're too lazy," Daisuke said.

"Just answer the question," Dark said as he began to eat the meal.

"I don't," Daisuke answered.

"No work either?" Dark asked.


"Are there any visitors that are supposed to come today?"

"None that come to mind."

"Do you have anything important due for tomorrow?" Dark asked again.

Daisuke raised an eyebrow at the thief and gave him a suspicious look.

"What is this? Fifty questions?" Daisuke responded.

"Just answer."

"Tomorrow is Saturday," Daisuke said, thinking that that would answer the question. Dark put an exasperated look on his face.

"I just want you to me give me a straight answer."

"I don't have anything important to work on or that's due really soon," Daisuke answered. Dark smirked and pushed his plate away. He stood and moved to Daisuke's side of the table where he grabbed the red head's hand and pulled him to his feet.

Daisuke gave the thief a curious look and then smiled as he saw the teasing look in Dark's eyes.

"What is it?" he asked.

Dark's only answer was to kiss the red head's lips. Daisuke wrapped his arms around Dark's neck and moaned into his mouth. Dark pulled back and ghosted his lips onto the painter's neck.

"Let's move to the bedroom," Dark whispered lustfully in Daisuke's ear.

The painter shivered in anticipation and they both made their way to the bedroom, bumping into a few objects on the way.

When they entered the room, Dark pushed Daisuke onto the bed. The red head's body feel onto the soft mattress and he looked up and gave Dark a deep stare. His eyes had darkened because of the lust he felt and his usual ruby eyes had turned into a color that resembled a dark crimson. Almost like blood.

Dark licked his lips as he looked at his prey and crawled onto the bed. He leaned forward so that their lips could meet in another kiss.

During the kiss, Dark let his hands wander to Daisuke's shirt. The thief was happy that the red headed boy had decided to wear a bottom down shirt instead of a normal shirt that would have to be lifted off. At the moment, Dark didn't really want to break the kiss so the fact that his lover wore an easily removable shirt made the thief happy.

Dark slowly unbuttoned the shirt and slipped his hands beneath the fabric in the hopes of feeling the skin underneath. Daisuke parted his lips from Dark and cried out in passion when the thief passed his calloused fingers over the red head's sensitive stomach.

Dark smirked at his power over the other boy and continued what he was doing. Another loud moan warmed its way through his lips. The sound sounded heavenly to Dark's ears. Daisuke moved his hand to Dark's hair and pulled roughly on the dark strands of violet hair. Dark winced in pain, but a smirk could be seen on his features. Daisuke's eyes were coloured with lust.

"So Daisuke likes it rough?" Dark teased as he proceeded to bite Daisuke's lower lip. The painter groaned and bucked his hips against Dark's. The thief actually moaned because of the slight friction that was caused by Daisuke's somewhat innocent action.

Dark's eyes narrowed and he licked the bite mark he left on Daisuke's lip.

Daisuke pushed Dark enough so that he could look into the others eyes. Daisuke took a deep breath and put on the most seductive expression Dark had ever seen. He lifted his body so he could reach Dark's ear.

"Take me," he whispered in a deep voice.

At that moment, Dark lost all control of his actions when hearing the usually innocent Daisuke whisper such sinful words.

Daisuke was awoken by the sound of someone knocking at the front door. He groaned tiredly and got out of bed only to realize that he was completely naked. He put on a pair of boxers and a pair of jeans he found lying on the floor. He glanced at the still sleeping Dark and smirked.

The knocking became persistent and he quickly rushed to open it before the person on the other side got annoyed enough to actually break down the door.

The moment he opened the door, Daisuke came face to face with a smirking Saori. She took one glimpse at his topless form and her smirk widened even further.

"You guys are like animals," Saori teased. Daisuke blushed darkly and then gave her a surprised look.

"How did you know?" he asked.

"With those, its kind of obvious," she announced as she pointed at Daisuke's torso. The painter looked down at his own body and blushed when he saw the numerous love bites that had been inflicted on his body the previous night.

Daisuke growled angrily and mentally cursed the thief for leaving so many marks.

'I'm going to kill him,' he vowed mentally.

Saori cleared her throat, which forced Daisuke to look up at her.

"What is it?" Daisuke asked as he tried to cover his body as much as possible from Saori's stares.

"I just came to deliver this," Saori announced as she motioned to a package in her hand. She handed it to the painter and smiled gently.

"What is it?" Daisuke asked, "Another cheesecake?"

"A birthday cake," she answered.

"Birthday?" he repeated.

Saori smiled and then shook her head in mock annoyance.

"I can't believe that you forgot about your own birthday," she teased. Daisuke blushed and then prepared himself to close the door in her face.

"Shut up," he hissed.

"No need to get angry at me. Go back to your lover and sleep. You probably need it after the exciting night you had," Saori stated. Daisuke slammed the door shut and then placed the cake on the table before making his way back into the bedroom.

Daisuke slipped back under the soft sheets and snuggled up to Dark's body. Dark opened one of his eyes and then yawned tiredly.

"Who was it?"

"It was Saori. She brought over a cake," Daisuke answered.

"Cheesecake?" Dark asked hopefully.

"Didn't check," Daisuke mumbled as he closed his eyes and suppressed a loud yawn.

"Night," he mumbled.

Dark smiled and then closed his eyes too.

"Happy Birthday," he whispered, but Daisuke was already in the land of dreams, a happy smile on his face. Dark smiled and soon followed his lover into sleep.

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