Chapter 1


The day dragged on. Shuichi found himself staring out the window at the pounding rain. He wondered exactly what Yuki was doing. He said he was going for a walk an hour ago. But it was becoming a very long hour. He seemed board and decided to go and hack Yuki's laptop to see if he had any decent games to pass the time. Once inside the novelist's laptop, Shuichi Shindou found himself staring at the wallpaper that read, "SHUICHI YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY LAPTOP!", and a folder labeled, 'KEEP OUT!" Shuichi blinked. The folder was not only locked, but zipped, and password protected. He blinked. Slowly he opened the password bar.

'Eiri Yuki' He typed.


Mika Usegi


Shindou Shuichi




Shuichi Shindou


Shuichi found himself stumped. "Jesus Yuki, could you make this any harder?" For kicks, Shuichi found himself typing, 'Shuichi my love.' MUCH to his utter amazement, the folder was open. His purple eyes widened and dilated. His face turned about as pink as his hair. The folder was full of word documents labeled with different dates. Hey! This one was today's date… Slowly he double clicked.

Six years ago sensei passed away… I killed him. I'd visit his grave… but Tohma wanted me to stay with him tonight. So I will. Shuichi has been his typical annoying self. Sometimes I wonder if that boy understands his age. He's absolutely insane. Sometimes I wonder why I tolerate him. But amazingly I'm amazed with myself at how much I actually can tolerate him. I have to go now. It's nearing six. I told Tohma I'd meet him at seven. I need a walk beforehand…

Shuichi's violet eyes were teary. Annoying? Well he had said tolerable… Did he truthfully think so? The teacher…he remembered it. It was the anniversary? How come Yuki never told him the exact day? Did he not want his comfort? He clicked on a few more of them. All of them stated how Yuki was annoyed with him. His heart ached. Did Yuki seriously think of him as just an annoyance?

The next thing he remembered was running. His heart hard and pounding in his chest, reverberating into his ears. He could hardly breathe. The thought that he was at Tohma's echoed in his mind. Why was he suddenly always with Tohma? It came all too quick. He was running for Hiro's house. He remembered that much. But he was running across the road…there was the screech of tires and he fell, hard onto the pavement. He remembered his side hurting…his head…the smell of gas and blood. He heard the commotion of people and someone shout, "Call 911!" He wasn't moved. He could hear it. People were gathered. The last thing he heard was Yuki's voice… Yes it was Yuki's voice, he remembered it clearly… But the word it spoke crushed him as he passed out… "Idiot."