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Chapter 9

The Full Moon Conspiracy

"Shuu-chan, relax. You need to, so we can go home." Ryuichi was smiling as the doctors helped him get Shuichi out of the hospital. Shuichi couldn't relax though.. Not after his dream…

"Yuki!!!" He ran close, but Yuki stepped away. No…he couldn't! Just a bit further! He had followed Yuki into a building… An apartment… "Yuki!" No matter how much he called… he couldn't hear him. "YUKI!!!" Yuki had set the apartment on fire… But why?!? He was going to die too! "YUKI!!! YUKI!!!"

It had been so odd… As soon as they got to Ryuichi's, Ryuichi decided to go shopping with Noriko. He called Yuki.

"Hello?" Yuki's voice… Oh how he missed it.

"It's me… Shuichi. How are you? It's been a while since we talked…" He muttered

"Yeah… Listen, I'm busy.. Is there anything important you need?"

"Not really… Yuki?... Who's that voice in the background?"

"No one…" The voice in the back clearly stated he wasn't no one, Yuki restated. "My sensei."

Shuichi's eyes widened as he dropped the phone. The teacher?!? Not the same teacher that had raped him?!?! He couldn't find his breath as he store blankly at nothing.

"Shuichi? Shuichi? I'm hanging up…" And the line went-

Dead… That was how Tohma felt. It had been hours since Shuichi's phone call. Warning him about the teacher. Of course he'd know! He had sighed, but listened. He needed to get Eiri alone to explain things… Kitazawa was just trying to ruin them…. That was all. Besides… He loved Eiri so much more then all of Eiri's fans, Shuichi, and Kitazawa combined! And that was a lot. When he opened the door to his apartment, Eiri was alone typing. Now was his chance to talk to him…

"So…You're saying I can get back at Tohma? And you'll help?" His blue eyes were shadowed in the moonlight. A full redish moon illuminated everything in an eerie glow. His eyes watched those of the tall man's, golden and evil.

"Yes, that's what I'm saying." The man responded.

"And Tohma won't die…But suffer?"

"I'm sure of it."


"It was a pleasure working with you Mr. Sakuma…"

"The pleasure is all yours….Mr. Kitazawa…"