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Chapter 1 – An Emotional Breakdown

She was driving along the busy lane to the arena where she was scheduled to have her match on Raw. The twilight has now overtaken the city and the streetlights slowly popped up instantly as the night slowly made its way through. She sighed as she made a stop at the traffic light signaling red. Her fingertips were tapping on the steering wheel as she waited until she could move along the road again.

Her cell phone rang and reached into her pocket to answer it.


"Hey, are you on your way over?"

"I am, but I'm now stuck for a moment thanks to the traffic light."

"Oh well you know the show has started already, right?"

"I know, but I will be there soon."

"Alright well I'll see you when you get here."

"Okay later Candy."

She hung up and shoved her cell phone back in her pocket. She sighed and rolled her eyes. This was her first time that she would be late but she didn't care. Her mind was filled with a lot of things rather than her singles match against Jillian. Why would she even care about it? It was only just a match; couldn't someone else take her place?

But in her heart she knew that she would regret it and she knew it would be a huge disappointment to her fans not to mention 'paying' their way so to speak, to get their seats just to see Mickie James in action.

"Finally, it's up."

The traffic light has flashed its color to green, permitted the drivers to go on ahead as Mickie went for the accelerator and set off along the road once again. She would always look forward to another great night as tonight's show was held in Texas. But tonight was different. She didn't really want to take any part of it, let alone wrestle. You could say that for some apparent reason, she wasn't in her usual 'hype up' mood.

She tried not to think about it but it just kept coming back to her.

Mickie arrived to the arena thirty minutes later. A harsh sound of the wheels was made as she was carrying her suitcase to the arena along with her gym bag at the shoulder. She didn't stop to make any conversation as she met with a few Superstars as well as the crew members. A greet to the brunette Diva would be returned with a wave or just simply 'Hi' along with a smile. Her smile wasn't at all genuine but she faked it good so it worked anyway.

She got to the women's locker room and met Maria and Candice, who were in an in depth conversation but was stopped abruptly and turned to see their friend and smiled. Mickie made a smile as she brought up her bags to the bench. Candice held her hands out and brought the brunette Diva for a hug. But a hug didn't really help much with a bit of a cheering up for Mickie secretly needed as she wasn't having a great day herself.

"Hey honey,"

"Hi Candice,"

"You know you're up next right?" Maria asked.

"I know, I know," Mickie hated to be reminded of something she already knew of. She knew she would be late anyway.

"So any matches on?"

"Well as you can see," Maria motioned Mickie to a small television that was displaying a match on its screen. "It's the tag match with The Greatest Tag Team against Brian Kendrick and Paul London."

"Oh okay. Well I'll just get dressed and get a quick makeover."

"Are you sure you can get it all done in time?"

"Yes Candice, I'm sure of it."

"You better get it done quickly!" Maria joked. "Or Kendrick and London will get this match done in five minutes!"

Whoa, what a double dropkick to Shelton Benjamin!

"Okay make that two minutes."

The divas laughed as the Raw broadcaster Jim Ross made his comments on the tag match along with his partner Jerry 'The King' Lawler.

"Alright, I'm on it," said Mickie. She took out her ring attire from her suitcase and went to the bathroom to make a quick change. She came out and went for her black wrestling boots.

"That was quick!" said Candice.

"Told ya I could make it,"

"And the match is still going on!" said Maria.


She put on her boots and made sure that they were laced tight enough to ensure comfort to her feet.

"Alright I'm on the move," said Mickie as she got up from the bench.

"Well, see you later after the match," said Candice.

Mickie nodded and left the locker room. She went through the corridor to the makeup compartment and greeted the make up artist.

"I just needed a little work on my face and the eyes. Thanks."

She got on the makeup chair and closed her eyes to allow the makeup artist to apply some purple eye shadow to Mickie's eyelids and then made powdered her face.

"You're free to go," said the lady with a smile.

The brunette diva nodded and made a smile back. "Thank you."

She got up from her chair and set off to go as she could hear the noise coming from the fans out by the ring. At that time she would have gotten the adrenaline rush but there was none of that. No excitement built in her. Tonight was just…different.

A rock song could be heard blaring from the outside which has signaled a commercial break. So she had a just a few minutes before she would go to her match. Mickie found a quiet spot to do a bit of a warm up to get herself ready.

Soon the echoes of laughter were heard as they flowed downward through the corridor. Mickie looked up and spotted two men with arms around each other. From the look on their faces, Mickie sensed that Brian Kendrick and Paul London may have been the ones who would end up being victorious.

"Hi," said Mickie.

"Hey!" they said in unison.

"So I'm guessing you guys won?"

"We sure did!" said Paul.

"Wow congrats, you really impress the crowd out there."

"Well we're just doing our thing, you know," said Brian. "We're going to the back and celebrate with some Mountain Dew!"

Mickie laughed. "Have fun you two."

"We will!" said Brian.

"So your match is up next?" Paul asked.

"Yep, I'm going in a minute."

Paul nodded. "Okay."

"Well see you later then!" said Brian.

"Yeah sure, see ya."

They walked away and their conversation pertaining to the match continued on with Brian whooping for anyone to hear in the corridors. Mickie made a chuckle as she watched them and continued on with her stretching. Soon she would hear the Papa Roach's song come up again and that would be her time to get ready to make her entrance. She got up and took a few slow breaths and with her last soft blow of air she breathed out, she frowned and ran her hand through her brown hair and her eyes would be staring down blankly at the floor. She then held her head up high and tried to hide what she was feeling now as she walked off to the black curtain.

In the ring, a blonde woman was singing a pop song and wasn't making a good impression to the fans. She thought she was gifted.

The crowd thought otherwise.

With a microphone in hand, she sang and headed her song in a bad note which resulted in jeers. She made a cocky smile on her face. Jillian knew she could sing. It's just the crowd who doesn't get it. What do they know about criticizing a singer when they're not Simon Cowell?

The crowd was up on their feet when another entrance theme played in the background and a perky diva and appeared to be in a jumpy mood as she came out from the curtain with a big grin flashed on her face.

"And making her way to the ring, from Richmond, Virginia, Mickie James!"

Mickie made her way down the ramp. She clapped a few hands of the fans before coming up the steps and entered the ring through the ropes. She went and got up to the second turnbuckle and made her pose to the sold out crowd.

She came down and then would be face-to-face with her opponent who was smirking at her. This was her first singles match against the blonde diva. Jillian Hall joined the Raw roster thanks to the draft lottery that went on just a few weeks ago. Jillian has improved on her wrestling skills while she was on Smackdown and tonight would be her night to prove everyone that she was the diva that they would be proud of. Mickie had her eyes on Jillian with her mind keeping her focused on her opponent. The two divas would taunt each other and got into their positions and waited for bell to sound.

They were soon locked in and Mickie broke the hold by grabbing Jillian by the hair and sending her across the ring. The brunette diva went up to her, only to let out a yelp of pain as Mickie got her eyes raked by her opponent for self defense. Jillian gave a hard kick to the mid section and then gave Mickie a clothesline, which send her down to the mat. Jillian got her up and whipped her to the ropes. The blonde diva was going for another clothesline but Mickie quickly ducked and made a high kick but her move was suddenly blocked and Mickie was being clotheslined once again.

Minutes had passed with Jillian with the dominance on her side as Mickie was down to her knees.

Mickie! Mickie! Mickie!

The crowd was all she needed to boost back her energy when her body felt like it couldn't go on. She could feel the sharp pull from pain the roots as Jillian pulled her by the hair one again and sending her to the turnbuckle. Mickie was a bit woozy but she didn't let it got in her way in her match. She managed to regain her strength and she would be as quick as lightning. She got to the top turnbuckle with help from the ropes just as Jillian ran up to her and wrapped her legs around the neck of the blonde diva and executed a headscissors takedown.

She got up to her feet and the crowd roared jubilantly by her display of determination. Mickie taunted Jillian and beckoned her hands to the opponent.

"Come on, come on get up!"

Jillian got up with her body in an unsteady position; her legs were wobbling and her hand on her forehead. Mickie got her opponent into a facelock and raised her finger up in the air just to get the crowd hyped up as she let out a shout and planted the Tornado DDT on Jillian and turned her over so that her shoulders would touch the mat in order to make the pin.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

The bell had sounded and Mickie's music was turned on again and Lilian Garcia would announce Mickie the winner. The brunette diva got up to her feet and the referee raised her hand in victory while her other hand was massaging her neck after a well fought match that earned cheers from the crowd. She made a smile and made a wave to the thousands of people. She climbed up the turnbuckle and raised her arms up as she absorbed the ovation she has received from the sold out crowd. Then Mickie made her exit and made her way up the ramp to the backstage. She raised both her hands once again up with a grin on her face in appreciation to the support she has received from the thousands of fans around her.

Mickie was making her way back through the quiet corridor to the women's locker room. She gasped a bit to catch her breath and kept on walking. It was a good match and she enjoyed the competition she has gotten. But then that grin of hers would be turned into a frown and stopped dead in the middle of the corridor. Mickie sighed and ran her hair as her shoulder got near to the wall. She knocked her head gently against the wall and made a deep sigh again. The brunette diva would then found herself in an unusual state, with her back now against the bare wall; she sank slowly down to the floor. Her eyes started to sting and her lips were pressed firmly together as if she was afraid to make a sound. She couldn't hold it in much longer no matter how much she tried to keep to herself and wanted to hide it deep into the darkness of the unknown. She let her tears shed out of her dark brown eyes as she sat there on the floor, alone and weak by something that pierced her heart as she cried in the quiet corridor.

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