Love's Consequence

Kyria: Natsume you must do it.

Natsume: What are you talking about?

Kyria: Confess to mikan-chan.

Natsume: Huh?

Kyria: Scared bro? Love is a consequence.

Natsume: Fine.

Kyria: good. Hi this is my first hope you like it. be easy on me please.

Chapter one: The life and death

Aoi Hyuuga is held captive and so her brother saves her together with mikan. But mikan is injured badly.

Natsume: Please don't leave Mikan.

He was muttering to the girl in his arms. His sister was with Ruka and Hotaru (Ruka confessed after an alice fest where Mikan danced wit Natsume so he decided to let is friends happy and weeks later was with Hotaru.)

At the clinic:

Subaru: She's bad.

Natsume: What do you mean BAD Imai? Natsume said as the doctor examined his Mikan. ( Did he say HIS?)

Subaru: She's lost a lot of blood. Poison is spreding and we can't take it out of her system.

Hotaru: Do something onii-chan, Or face the rath of Baka Gun turbo II.

Subaru sweat dropped at the sight of his sisters new baka gun.

Natsume: The Ice Queen is right. Something appens to my Mikan Subaru you're a well done barbeque.

Just then Aoi arrived with Ruka, Anna, Sumire ,Koko and Yuu. All of them are in bandages.

Anna: How is Mikan chan?

Nonoko: She awake yet?

Yuu: Has she been better?

Subaru: Calm down. (Was all he can say to the armalites I mean Friends.) She's well worse.

They all sweat dropped. She's what?Just then they saw the petite girl wake for a moment they rushed to her as she said

Mikan: Na-Tsu-Me. Then she fell asleep again