Love's Consequence

Kyria: Christmas dance hooray!

Natsume: Hn.

Kyria: I'll give you and Mikan-chan some alone time!

Natsume: Hn.

Kyria: Just wait! Mwahahaha!

Hotaru: Baka!

Kyria: Baka huh? Well what if Ruka falls in love with me, Ice Queen?

Hotaru: Face the wrath of Baka-Gun Turbo III!

Kyria: Gulp!



Kyria: Okay here is the plan, this Christmas dance we make sure they are together always!

Tsubasa: Okay. How?

Kyria: Moshi-Moshi powder! I will enchant it to make it last for one week!

Tsubasa: And I will place it on any food Mikan makes,

Hotaru: And I'll tell the baka to make new cookies since Natsume did not eat the first.

Ruka: And I will make Natsume eat the cookies!

Kyria: It is all set.



Christmas Dance: Everybody was busy preparing for the dance tonight the girls already have their dresses.

Mikan: A silver off-shoulder ball gown that has a pleated skirt which reaches above her knees and a silver pair of ballet shoes.

Hotaru: A midnight blue ball gown with tie- sleeves and a pair of blue stilletos

Anna: A Pink spaghetti strap dress and white high heels

Nonoko: Similar to Anna's but in Lavander Color and white ballet shoes.

Back to the story:

A distinct arguing sound could be heard from the Sakura Tree. Two children were trying in vain to relax their so-called mother a bit.

Mikan: Pervert! I should have known you were planning to that to me!

Natsume: As I have said Polka, I could have not done that, but seeing as you begged for it…

Mikan: Begged? What I wanted to hurt myself with you? If you'd like to know it hurt very much last night!

Natsume: Well it was not my fault seeing as I will never experience it.

Mikan: Yet you caused it!

Natsume: Whatever you say Polka!

Aoi: Mommy, Daddy stop it already!

Youichi: Yeah! I'm hungry let's just go to eat.

Mikan: Okay! Come on.

Mikan stood up and dragged Youich and Natsume by the hand to the cafeteria. (Natsume was carrying Aoi)


Anna: Ummm… Hotaru? What in money's name did they do that Mikan got hurt and Natsume caused it?

Yuu: Yeah it seems like you know…
Kyria: Hahaha! Don't worry they did not do it!

Ruka: Yeah, here is what happened last night:


Mikan: hey Natsume I'm hungry.

Natsume: Hn. Shut up Polka. You'll wake the kids with that loud mouth of yours.

Mikan: But I'm hungry!

Natsume: Then cook something up.

Mikan: Okay! Ummm.. what do I cook?

Natsume: Baka.

So Natsume did the cooking and accidentally he used an expired coconut milk for his dish. Natsume noticed it but Mikan was so hungry to listen to his "Don't eat that" Later:

Mikan: Owwww… my tummy hurts!

Natsume: I told you not to eat it!

Mikan: But I was hungry!

Natsume: You begged for it!

Mikan: Begged? Begged to be hurt by you?

Natsume: It will never happen to me!

Mikan: But you caused it!

Natsume: Whatever you say Polka!

End of Flashback

Anna, Nonoko, Yuu and Koko almost died laughing!

Koko: So that's why!

Kyria: Hmmm… we should give them some alone time.

Hotaru: Already done. You owe me 1,000 rabbits Hyuuga.

Kyria: What for?

Hotaru: I told the kids to beg their parents to go to Central Town and get them clothes and toys. Then ask to play in the park, you know and have the toucy-feelys..

Kyria: You are ever brilliant Imai.

Ruka: Yeah!

Hotaru: (blush) Hmmm.


Mikan and Natsume:

Youichi: Yummy!

Aoi: Thank you mommy and daddy!

Mikan: Your welcome!

Youichi: Mommy, can we go Central Town?

Natsume: Why?

Aoi: We don't have clothes for the ball yet.

Mikan: Okay lets go!

Natsume's Car:

Mikan: Wow Natsume, nice car! It is a Ferrari convertible of the color Black.

Natsume: Hn!

Mikan: Awww…. Look at our kids Natsume, so kawaii!

Natsume: (Thoughts) Our kids…..

Mikan: Natsume do you have a fever? You are so red! (dense)

Natsume: Its nothing Polka. Just sleep.

Mikan: You look kawaii when you become red!

And she fell asleep holding the hand of the ever blushing Hyuuga Natsume.

At Central town of course Mikan had to get her Howalons. So she and Aoi got a box while Yoichi and Natsume looked at BMW to find a new model. After that they raided the whole Central Town with Aoi pulling Youichi and Mikan pulling Natsume. When they enter a store Aoi would scream Mommy, Daddy! I want this one or Youichi wailing Mom, Dad! Aoi has rabies! She's drooling! And Aoi retorting "When Mommy knows about this!" Causing the cashiers to say, what a lovely couple! We hope you have more adorable kids! Natsume is already tomato red while Mika n just smiles and says thank you. At lunch Aoi accidentally spills her juice and so Mikan had to take her to the bathroom and change her clothes and when she came out, "Daddy,daddy! Look I look so kawaii like mommy, ne?" And when Youichi had ketchup all over his mouth Natsume laughed and said "Now, Youichi let us wipe of that ketcup, so you will still be handsome like me!" With Youichi retorting "Hai, daddy!" The waiters also complimented Natsume "You are a lucky man sir! A lovely wife and two wonderful kids!" With a tomato red Natsume retorting "Yeah, thanks" (A/N: You might see that I have changed my way of writing, sorry guys, I figured this is a faster way to give you my story!)

At the park:

Hey let's play tag! An ecstatic Youichi screamed. He tagged Natsume and began running, along with a squealing Mikan and Aoi. At first Natsume let them run and run until Mikan stopped at a tree so he ran up to her, and when Mikan saw him approaching she tried to run but Natsume already grabbed her by the waist from the back and began tickling her. They were laughing while Aoi and Youichi climbed Natsume's back trying to yank him off but failed so they all ended up laughing (Natsume still hugging Mikan). And when they came back to Natsume's convertible the two kids were fats asleep while Mikan had said "Arigatou, Natsume", held his hand and went to sleep.


Meanwhile, Imai Hotaru already has her wonderful videos and pictures! "I'm going to be rich!" "Now, now Imai, hold it before you sell those! Remember the plan?" A frustrated Kyria Hyuuga said. "Fine Hyuuga!" "Hey, Kyria!" Ruka called the attention of the beautiful Hyuuga. "What is it Ruka?" "I need your help." "On what?" whispers "I like your idea Nogi!" Ruka just smirked. Hotaru just pretended to work on the pictures but deep down she was jealous of Kyria Hyuuga.


8:30 p.m.- Four stunning ladies stood at the reception area waiting for 5 boys and another 2 girls.

"Sorry, I'm late! I had to organize something! Right Ruka?" A disheveled Kyria Hyuuga stood before Hotaru, Mikan, Anna and Nonoko. Beads of sweat can be seen from Kyria's face but she was still stunning. Mikan complimented her one-chan. But Hotaru Imai simply dragged the four girls along. Just then a dashing Hyuuga Natsume together with Koko and Yuu approached them. Anna began running to Koko and Nonoko to Yuu, the four already proceeded to the dancefloor. As Misaki and Tsubasa approached them the five were already in an uncomfortable silence. "Hey why the long faces. Natsume if you stare at Mikan like that my chibi might melt. Nogi the Ice Queen might turn into a melted one, and Kyria…." Tsubasa Andou lost track of thought when Misaki said, " And Hyuuga Kyria might be water vapor Tsubasa!" And all of them laughed. "Hey Mikan, you have the cookies?" asked Hotaru. "Oh,yeah" (Hotaru told her to bake cookies when they got back from central town and Tsubasa already placed the Moshi-Moshi powder in it.) "Here, Natsume. Hotaru told me you did not eat the first ones." "Hn!" Was all Natsume could say while accepting the cookies. "Okay, we all look like freaks here, so why don't we sit down?" Kyria asked. Everybody was settled round a big table to fit all of them. The program already started with Kyria and Tsubasa hosting. Misaki weirdly disappeared and Ruka was off somewhere. All that was left was Mikan, Natsume and Hotaru. A few minutes later Ruka came back and whispered something to Mikan. She brightened up and smiled and stood up with Ruka. Natsume remembered what Ruka told him the other day. Then he heard his sister from the stage "Okay now everyone let us hear Ruka sing for the love of his life!"

You and Me (Lifehouse)

What day is it? And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive
I can't keep up and I can't back down
I've been losing so much time

'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

One of the things that I want to say just aren't coming out right
I'm tripping on words
You've got my head spinning
I don't know where to go from here

'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

There's something about you now
I can't quite figure out
Everything she does is beautiful
Everything she does is right

'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you
and me and all other people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

What day is it?
And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive

And when Ruka finished his song, "I love you, will you be mine…" But before Ruka said the name, Natsume simply jumped out the balcony.

And when Ruka finished his song, "I love you, will you be mine…" But before Ruka said the name, Natsume simply jumped out the balcony.

Natsume Hyuuga sat there looking at the stars thinking that the girl he loved and brought him into the light will be happier in the arms of his best friend. He stared at the cookies she gave him. I friend is all that I will ever be, and he took a bite. From inside he could hear his sister announcing the last Christmas Dance. He smirked thinking that his best friend will me dancing by now. He ate a cookie. He felt like burning Andou, for no apparent reason. He ate another and another until he finished the whole box. He was simply shocked, until he felt a great force pulling him to the dance floor where Sakura Mikan was flying towards him. His right hand locked over her left. He tried to pull but he can't. All eyes we're on him now. He looked at his sister, she smiled. "Oh I am so gonna kill you Kyria!" he thought. Just then Tsubasa Andou grabbed the microphone from Kyria Hyuuga. "Well Natsume Hyuuga it was your turn to pick a dance and it seems she already agreed. "Hey wait Tsu.." Mikan tried to speak out but Natsume just covered her mouth "Just shut up Polka. Let me borrow you from him" And Natsume placed his free arm around her waist. Mikan was puzzled but the high beating of her heart removed her ability to speak. So she just placed her free arm on Natsume's neck and drew him closer. Ruka Nogi meanwhile was busy mentally kicking himself for his spontaneous actions.


And when Ruka finished his song, "I love you, will you be mine…." He looked at Hotaru. "Kyria Hyuuga? I have waited for you, so long it had been." The crowd cheered while telepathically, "Thank me later, Nogi Ruka." The earth maiden using her alice to make herself blush walked to the center stage with a stunned Ruka waiting. The crowd thought it was because of Kyria's beauty. When Kyria reached him she senta message, "Move Nogi, or risk your chance!" They ended up laughing while they dance. Meanwhile Imai Hotaru thought of crying herself to sleep. "My fault…. All of it…" she thought to herself.

End of Flashback

The Christmas dance was finished. Aoi and Youichi already went to bed before their daddy stormed the balcony. They were so peacefully sleeping. Mikan and Natsume were simply blushing. "Umm.. Natsume? I talked to Kyria-chan, she said we are stuck for a month until she forms an antidote." Mikan said unsurely. "Polka, with my sister's alice, she could do it in the blink of an eye. But seeing as she loves to do this, she simply won't. She musthave enchanted the cookies with Andou's Mochi-Mochi Powder. So we are stuck for a month!" Natsume said exasperately. They went to the bathroom, and wit Mikan's invisibility alice they did not see each other. They went to bed and Mikan started to fidget. "Hey Polka?" Natsume began. "Hmm?" "Let me borrow you." "Borrow me from whom Natsume?" Mikan replied half awake, half asleep. "Let me borrow you from Ruka. I promise I will…" But he was cut off by Mikan's mouth on his. After a minute or so, she smiled. "You don't need to borrow me, because I am yours." And with that she fell asleep. Natsume just smirked. "Then no one will ever borrow you, good night, my Mikan."


"Look Aoi…." Youichi Hijiri said. "I know You-kun! They are falling in love!"


Kyria Hyuuga: Wow. It is so…. Not ending! Haha. Stay Tuned!

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