So what if I haven't been of Fan Fiction in a few months…I had a writers block. Not the ones where you had no ideas (trust me, they kept coming like pop-ups in a virus filled website) I was just not inspired to write. Finally, after falling in love with Kingdom Hearts, I have decided it is time for my return. Now full of ideas that will surely make you wonder if I'm a human being or a lunatic, I am writing a story…this story…and much fluff will be involved. Ah…coming back is so relaxing….ENJOY!

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Sora stood in front of King Mickey, stunned. He wasn't sure what to say. What he had just revealed was bittersweet. The only thing he could do was mutter one word:


Oh, sorry. I'm going way too fast for your own sake. I guess I should start a week before, the day after Sora and Riku had finally arrived to their long awaited sanctuary, home. It felt like it wasn't real, just a dream, and that Sora would wake up once more, his heart racing if the middle of his bedroom in their old Gummi Ship. But this was real. As he ran down the stairs of his house, he saw him mother cooking. What was that sweet smell in the air? He had been away so long he had forgotten.

"You're making pancakes? You only make pancakes on Sundays." Sora said.

"Well, you just arrived yesterday. I haven't seen you in years. I want to spoil you for now. But don't get used to it." She said. She moved quickly from the sizzling pan to the washing machine. She opened the door, bent over, and searched for something. Sora quietly sat down, his stomach turning of hunger. She slammed the door shut, in her hand a spatula, and walked to the pan once more. She flipped the piece of bread, and turned to look at her son.

"How'd you sleep?" she asked.

"Good. It's better than sleeping with a rock as a pillow." Sora said. Oh no. Not those things again.

His mother started to cry.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I can't help it. I'm just so happy. You're finally home." She walked over to where her Sora was and hugged him briefly. Sora patted her back, to comfort her. She let go, and walked back to her cooking. Sora looked around. The kitchen hadn't changed much. The windows where still covered by a blue cloth. The floor was still a clean as clean could get. The chair he was sitting in still fit his body perfectly, as if though it was meant for him. He smiled to himself.

Nothing really has changed…

His thoughts were quickly interrupted by the cinnamon smell beneath him. His mother's eyes had said everything he needed to hear

Dig in.

He quickly grabbed the syrup, and flipped the cap that concealed the sweet concoction. He squeezed the bottle, letting amber fountains fall on the pancakes to make pools of syrup. He cut the bread, and savored the meal. Goofy wasn't that bad of a cook, but this beat everything by all means. He dived his fork to get another bite.

"Sora, I have some good news and bad news. Which one do you want first?"

"Vgvood vews"

"Kairi came by this morning looking for you. I told her you were asleep. Said that she would meet you later with Riku at the islands."

"Kairi?" said Sora after he had gulped down the last bit of his pancakes.

"Yup. You have a thing for her don't you?" she said. Sora nearly choked on his orange juice.

"Mom." He whined. He had had this talk before with his mother concerning the phrases that came out of her mouth. She was the cause for his never-ending embarrassment. No girl would ever make him blush more than his mom had. (Well, maybe Kairi)

"Aw, come on honey. I know you like her." She chuckled. Her son brightened her day more than anyone else.

"Oh, and now for the bad news. Tomorrow is your first day of school." She said. Sora sighed. He barely remembered anything. He'd be lucky if he passed this grade.


"Yes. The place where people teach you things like, I don't know, math?" she rolled her eyes.

"Oh, and more bad news. I have no clothes for you. You're as tall as me now. Your old clothes will look like underwear on you." She said as she picked up Sora's plate.

"Try on some of your fathers clothes. I'm sure he has something you could wear."

"Alright mom. I'm going to the island , okay?" Sora said. He got up and walked to his parent's room. The room smelt of air freshener and old socks. What a wonderful combination, no?

Sora quickly remembered where the closet was, He walked through the room, trying his best not to step on the clothes on the ground. He quickly arrived at the familiar door. He stepped inside the closet, searching for a fairly nice shirt. His dad owned nothing but work clothes and nice shoes. He found a navy blue shirt at the very back of the closet. He started searching for a pair of pants. Sora's eye caught something odd in the closet.

A box.

An ordinary box. Nothing special about it.

Except the label printed on it.

'Keyblade Chains'

Keyblade Chains? Sora stood on his tip toes, and grasped the box with the ends of his fingers. He opened the box, only to find key chains…for a Keyblade. His Keyblade appeared in his right hand.

"What in the world…"

Could it be possible? I mean, he was a Keyblade bearer after all…there could be a slight possibility that-

His thoughts were interrupted by someone rushing inside the room.

"Sora! What are you doing?" His mother screamed. The Keyblade in his hand wasn't helping either.

"Tell me. Tell me who has a Keyblade. Its dad isn't it?" he said.

"I knew this would happen one day…"

"Mom! Answer the question!"

"Me, okay? Me. Happy?" she said. Sora stood there, surprised. She slumped down to the bed.

"The Keyblade chose you because it knew that you would have a strong heart. I knew Riku would wield a Keyblade the day I met him. I knew you wouldn't. But the day darkness invaded Destiny Islands, I knew something bad would happen. I felt betrayal."

This didn't surprise Sora. His mother was known for predicting things, and sensing events before they happened. What he was surprised was that his mother wielded a Keyblade.

"So the Keyblade chose the next most powerful person. That was you Sora. I had asked for you to not be given a Keyblade for many reasons. But there was no way I could stop it from choosing you after Riku turned to the darkness. I knew were you were. I'm no fool. I didn't believe the bad excuse Donald and Goofy gave me. I knew that you were off saving the worlds, as I had been once."

"Why didn't you tell me?" he said.

"Because, Sora, I wanted to protect you. You didn't deserve the burden of a Keyblade. I knew that from experience. You've turned out to be quite a warrior though, as I've been told. Riku's father is a Keyblade bearer as well. He was off fighting heartless after he found out his son was in danger. I stayed here because I didn't want to go back to the way I used to be. The Keyblade felt more like a curse than a blessing to me."

Somehow, for some reason, Sora was mad. Secrets kept from him, these types of secrets, made him mad. He stormed out of the room, not wanting to talk anymore. The Keyblade disappeared from his hand, and he went inside his room. He took off his shirt quickly, put on the navy blue one, and tried to put on one of his old shorts.

Blast it.

They we way too short. He decided to stick with the black shorts he usually wore. Not wanting to see his mother again, he opened the window in his room, and jumped from there to the grass below. When he was younger, this would be a hard task. First, he would have to get over his partial fear of heights, Then, there was the task of being caught. Also, he had broken his arm once trying to do so, which wasn't a happy memory. But now that he had faced countless ordeals, all more frightening that jumping out of a window in a two story house, he had become not only stronger, but almost completely fearless. His only fear now was of the harming of his friends. He was completely scared of that.

He quickly got on the boat that said Sora on the side of it. It was odd. It looked like it had been used by someone else. The boat smelt of strawberries and cinnamon. It could only mean one thing.


Oh how he loved her. He would always deny it. But how he ached for her tender arms to wrap around him once more and embrace him. How he longed for those smooth lips to come in contact with his…

Sora! Stop thinking like that!

Hush it, Roxas.


Excuse me? Like you don't have a crush on Namine.

It's different.

How? She is Kairi's nobody. It would only make sense if you had a crush on her like I have a crush on Kairi.

We're here.

Sora snapped from his inner thoughts (and discussion for that matter) to give his attention to what stood in front of him. He quickly turned, only to come face to face with a certain red head. She was a bit too close.

Sora screamed.

Kairi had the same look in her eyes. She looked like that for a second, and the she started to giggle.

"Sora! You scared the living hell out of me!"

Like she had any hell in her. She was a Princess of Heart anyhow.

"Oh, and you think I was cheerful?"

"Oh, hush it."

Out of the corner of his eye, Sora saw Riku running toward them. He turned, only to find him with a worried look in his eyes.

"Kairi, you alright? I thought I heard you scream."

Roxas, stop laughing!

"It wasn't me screaming it was-" Kairi said before Sora grabbed her by the waist and covered her mouth. He made her sit on his lap. He smiled at Riku.

"MMM!!!" Kari couldn't part from him. His grip was too strong. When she tried to grab his arms and push them away, she found out why she couldn't get away from him. What had once been a skinny arm was now full grown muscle. He had become stronger. A lot stronger.

"You must be imagining things Riku."

Riku gave him a worried look before going back to what he was doing. As soon as he was out of sight, Sora let go of Kairi. When he let go, his first reaction was to run. Fast.

Kairi would tear him limb from limb if he didn't hurry. Luckily, he was faster than Kairi. He ended up getting tired and he hid inside the secret place where he once thought monsters lay. Now he knew that this was no ordinary place. It held the keyhole, which if locked in time, would have saved their world. Luckily, he was able to regain world peace and restore the worlds. He walked quietly through the room, and looked at the artwork. They had spent countless hours trying to decorate the walls. Even the mediocre drawings made Sora feel comfortable in such an ominous place. He looked up to the ceiling, only to find the blinding light of the sun. He looked down once more only to come face to face with the drawing Riku and he had made. He put his hand on it and smiled to himself. Ah, the good old times. Where there were no worries, no deceptions, and no bad things. Only happy thoughts, playing, and fun were on their schedule.

He looked around a bit more. His eye caught something. He kneeled down in front of it. It was the picture of him and Kairi. He had drawn a paoupu fruit that connected to Kairi the day before they were going to depart the islands. His eyes felt like they were tearing up. And before he knew it, one slipped down his cheek. He looked at the drawing again, and again, and again. He couldn't believe it. He stared at it until it was too blurry to look at. (A/N: Tears do that to me all the time….LMAO)


There, Kairi had drawn a paoupu as well for Sora.

"HA! I found y-" Kairi stopped. Sora turned slowly at the young girl's direction. Sora's cheeks were wet with tears.

"Sora? What's wrong?" she ran next to his side. She hugged him tightly by his waist. His hand was on something. She couldn't make it out.

It was the paoupu she had drawn for him 3 years ago. Right after she had returned to the islands. She smiled. Sora smiled.

"Kairi…" he wasn't sure what to say. He cleaned his wet face with the back of his hand.

"I hate it when someone sees me like this." Sora confessed. He turned around as Kairi unwrapped her arms from him, only for them to be wrapped around him once more. Sora hugged her tightly. He didn't want to let go. He never wanted to.

They stayed like that for a while. Just hugging one another. Making sure the other one was alright, until they're hearts were rhythmically the same. Kairi dug her head into his neck. Sora's chin rested on the top of her head.

"Sora…never forget. Anywhere you go, no matter how far, I'm always with you."

"Me too, Kairi. Me too." Sora stood up.

"Race you to the paoupu tree!" Kairi smiled. He always knew how to take a totally serious moment and make it playful.

"Last one there is a rotten egg!" Kairi said and ran off.

Sora followed.

"How is the plan going, sir?"

"Perfectly. The more the girl falls in love with the boy, the more I know what her true love is. And you know what that means."


"This calls for a brandy."

"I'll bring it right away, sir."

"Oh, Serenity, before I forget, there is a task I need you to do."

"Do tell."

"I need you to take care of this 'Riku' boy. He seems to be a threat for The Clan."

"Demolish him?"

"Actually, I want you to do something a bit different this time. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, though."

"Go on…"



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