"So wait, you're saying that I'm supposed to chase after a girl I barely know because her life depends on it?" The prince inquired. Axel sighed, frustration covering his face. Sora nodded quickly.

"We don't have much time, so it would be jolly if you could just come along and find the girl." Sora said. Riku grabbed the Prince's wrist, tugging on it desperately. The prince moved forward, leaning in towards the direction opposite of his castle.

"Wait, this girl said she lived far away from here! Plus, it's the middle of the night. She left at midnight! There's no way we can trace her down!" he said, this time tugging on his arm so he could keep it to himself.

"But we-"Sora said, but he shook his head.

"It's best if we do this my way. I shall find her on my own accord, thank you very much."

"But we don't-"Sora began to protest, but was harshly stopped by a sturdy hand. He looked up to see a pair of bright green eyes, glaring at him harshly.

"We can't interfere, mate." Riku said, understanding.

"Alright. But, just so you know, you better find her mighty quick. Good day." Sora said, and started walking away from the prince, the others following after him.


"This is swell! I'm bored as hell, and all you can think about is stitting there on your stupid ass all day while-"

"Shh!" Kairi said abruptly. She looked around quickly.

"How dare you?" Serenity bellowed.

"Dude, didn't you hear that? It's like someone-"

"Is behind you? Good job princess." A man said. His eyes were a piercing neon blue, and he smirked at Kairi. Kairi gasped, and he grabbed her by the neck. The lances circling around them made her anxious, and she yelled, but it was muffled by the strong grasp of the mysterious man.

"Hm, just my luck. I found 2 Princess' in one place. This will please Maleficent."

He said, his eyes gazing downwards and upwards. Kairi bit his arm, and scrambled on the floor, gasping for breath, the moonlight aiding her. He grabbed her arm harshly, and he returned her to his grasp, this time, his hold tighter.

"Serenity! Run!" She managed to choke out. Serenity was slightly stunned at the sudden appearance of the man. She lifted her hand quickly and stumbled towards Kairi and the man. She dove forward, trying to distract the man from his target. But the lances spinning wildly around them created a shield, and made her slam against a nearby tree.

"Holy-" Serenity exclaimed in pain. She reached for her walkie-talkie.

"No." she said, staring at the device she still didn't fully understand. She would do this on her own. She wouldn't let a slight concussion get in the way of her beating this imbecile that was bestowed upon her.

She would prove to Riku that she was mightier and stronger than him.

"Who the hell are you?" Serenity screamed.

"I am Xaldin, Maleficent's ally." He said, and Serenity's eyes opened wide.

"Xaldin? But aren't you-"

"Supposed to be dead? Yes. I know. But just like your pals Demyx and Axel, we were reincarnated into separate bodies. Our souls are still here." Xaldin said. He smirked.

"Now, pretty girl, if you don't mind I'm going to go fetch the girl I promised Maleficent." Xaldin said.

"Leave Kairi here!" Serenity screamed. Xaldin roared with laughter.

"I doubt that will happen. Leave me be before you get hurt!" he said, ignoring her once more, and he continued forward.

"Cocky bastard!" Serenity screamed. She lunged at him once more, her eyes closed prepared for the impact. She screamed as soon as she felt the heart radiating off the being, knowing the crash was awaiting her.

Then, out of nowhere, a flash passed by her, and she fell to the floor, in shock.

"Leave, young girl. I know I have to save her." The blonde girl known as Cinderella said. Her blue eyes shimmered with an intensity Serenity couldn't help but admire.

"My, my." Xaldin said, smiling. He looked at Cinderella, his smile growing wider and wider.

She seemed to understand this impulse of hers was not the wisest of the bunch.

Death wish.

Serenity couldn't help but to think this anxiously. A pure death wish.


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