Wanted: Mr. Right!!

Chapter one

Yamanaka Ino is walking down the street in Konoha. It's very sunny day. She and Sasuke broke up a week ago. Because she believed that they're not for each other. She believe that they're never be compatible.

Ino walk towards her bestfriend's house.

He walk towards Hyuga Compound.

At the Hyuga Compound..

She knocked.

Neji open the door.

"Hi Neji." I smiled weakly.

"Well, do you need something?" he asked.

"Yeah. Is Hinata inside?" I saod.

"No. She's with her boyfriend." he stated.

"Okay. I need to go now. Thanks, Neji." I said.

"..k" he said.

Ino's POV

I went back in my house.

I am now 23 years old that's why I already separated to my parent's house.

I am a Jounin now.

I've got a lot of work to do in my everyday life.

I am Jounin, a head of Interrogation, a medical ninja, I am a sensei of a three man squad and sometimes I need to take care of our family business.

My life is surely tiring.

I laid my back at my bed thinking about my love life.

My love life is very empty.

It's been a week when we broke up.

It's kinda sad. As of now my heart is crying.

It's kinda hard for me to move on cause I love him so much.

I said to him that both of us need a space.

And I can feel that he's not in love.

I think I need to look for a guy that will love me.

But I want a guy like Sasuke.

I think it's very impossible to see a guy like Sasuke.

He's the only one.

End of Ino's POV

while thinking she fell asleep.

2 hours passed..

"Ino-chan.." someone said while knocking to her door.

Ino woke up.

"Who's that?" Ino asked.

"It's me, Hinata." Hinata said.

I unlocked the door.

"Ei, Hinata, come in.." Ino said.

"Did I wake you up?" Hinata asked.

"No. Not at all. What are you doing here by the way?" I inquired.

"Neji-niisan told me that you're looking for me a while ago." Hinata said while smiling.

"Yeah. I need to tell you something since you're my bestfriend." Ino stated.

"What happen Ino-chan, is there something wrong?" Hinata asked her.

"Sasuke and I broke up." Ino said sadly.

"When, how?" Hinata asked very worried.

"Cause I think our relationship won't work anymore. We broke up a week ago." Ino said giving Hinata a fake smile.

"Ino-chan if you want to cry, cry. Don't stop your emotion." Hinata said.

"Hinata, I am not sure about breaking him up. I still do love him. I love him so much." Ino cried.

"Why you broke him up. If you still love him?" Hinata asked.

"Because I can feel that he's not happy to be with me. And he doesn't love me. He never loved me.." Ino said continue crying.

"You must move on. You don't need a guy that never loved you." Hinata said as she wiped the tears at Ino's face.

"You're right. But how?" Ino said.

"Date someone else." Hinata stated.

"Who?. I have no idea who's available or interested to date me." Ino asked.

"Let's see. Kiba's with me, Naruto's with Sakura, Lee's with TenTen, Shino's with Hana, Shikamaru's with Temari, Chouji's with Ayame." Hinata stated.

"So, who's availabe?." Ino asked her bestfriend.

"Wait.. what's your standard first." Hinat asked.

"Uh.. Ninja from Konoha.. A guy will love me, of course.." Ino said.

"What else?" Hinata asked.

"Actually, I like a guy have similarities to Sasuke." Ino said sadly.

Hinata think for a minute.

"There's a guy I could think suits for your standard.." Hinata said..

"Who? Tell me!!" Ino asked excitedly.

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