Normal POV

As usual they're in their long journey again..

they're traveling for 13 hours with no break nor food..

no one's talking.. even Naruto ain't talking.. would you believe..

The tension between Sasuke and Ino are heating up..

Naruto's POV

Shit!! I can't brought a good topic!!

I am going to die!! no one's talking, no break and no food..


With Neji and Sasuke as your teammate..

you sure now is dying in quietness..

Well Ino-chan's fine to be as teammate in a mission cause she's talking but i can understand that she can't be loud now.. because of her love life problem..

I am tired and starving...

"Neji!!" I verbalized..

Neji looked at me..

"when are we going to stop... I am now tired.." I complained..

Neji looked at Ino-chan..

"it's fine, Neji.." Ino-chan said with smile..

We stop... Thank goodness..

"does fruits right here are edible?" Ino-chan asked Neji..

"some of them are..." Neji retorted..

"Thank God.. since this mission starts we're always eating fish.. I am afraid that if I woke up one morning.. I have gills.." I said.

"Are we going to set camps?" teme canvassed Neji..

"are we?" Neji passed the question to Ino-chan..

"well.. it's fine.. but can we leave early morning tomorrow?" She inquired..

Neji just nodded..

"Neji can you go with me gathering some edible fruits cause I have no idea what's edible and what's not.." i asked..

"who'll stay with Ino?" he asked back to me..

"well Sasuke's here... It's not like that Sasuke will do something 'irrelevant' to Ino-chan.." I stated..

"Naruto.. you better back off if you wanna go back to Konoha in a piece..." Ino-chan warned me..

"But Ino-chan, please!! We will back soon.. please.. please!!" I begged Ino-chan..

"No.. if you want, I can go with Neji.. and you stay here.." she told me..

"Ino-chan.. you have no idea how hungry I am.. so you have no idea how much food i will eat tonight.. so please.." I sincerely said to her..

"why can't just Neji will stay will with me here... and you two go pick some fruits.." she uttered to me..

"how would I know if Sasuke ain't lying.. I mean.. what if he said that, that fruit is edible and the truth it's not.. at least if it's Neji.. he can't do that to me cause he's the leader of this mission and I am his responsiblity.." Naruto said in dramatic tone..

"since when I did lie to you, loser?" Sasuke asked me.

But I pretended that I heard nothing..

Ino-chan breath out sighing of giving up..

Both Neji and I walked off heading where the heck we can find an edible fruits..

End of Naruto's POV

Ino's POV

great.. absolutely great..

Sasuke and I stucked together..

We start now standing the freaking tents..

I know to myself that this is one of Naruto's plan..

All of us knew that..

I can feel the tension heating on us..

I am so nervous..

I just can't understand why...

"Fix the other tent and I will fix this one.." I said without looking at him..

he did not say anything...

"about yesterday night.." he started..

"don't mention it.." I warned him..

"we have to talk about that.. so that the akwardness will disappear.." he insisted..

"fine.. you start..." I command him..

"What I said about that night is true.." he told me looking at me..

"so... you said to me that night that you do love me.. but I forgot to ask you when did you show to me that you love me??" I inquired him directly..

"before we become together... this is me.. I am not showing my real emotion.. and you know that to yourself.." he vocalized..

"you know what?? you're right.. i know that it's you.. i know that you won't show your real emotion cause you think that showing emotion means weakness.. and I know that a shinobi must not show the real emotion.. but I am just curious... if you really do love me as what you said yesterday night.. why you didn't break that rule for me??" I alleged to him.. I feel to my cheeks that a tears streaming down to my face..

he's just quiet..

"I am tired Sasuke, I become tired waiting for you.. I become tired of waiting that someday you will make me feel special.. that's why I broke up with you.. cause i want to give myself another chance.. i want to give myself a a chance to be love by someone.." I continued..

he speak no words once again..

"Sasuke, thank you.. thank you for hurting me.. because I am become stronger than before.. and even though I never felt that you loved me..I never regret loving you.. because those times that I am loving you.. i am so happy.. it's just that I become tired of waiting.." I said as I gave him a small smile..

I turned my back at him.. and I am about to walk off as I feel someone hugged me.. he's hugging me from my back.. Even though I am not looking to the person whose hugging me.. I knew it's Sasuke..

"Sorry for being a coward.. Sorry for not breaking a rule for you.. Sorry for hurting you.. and thank you for loving me.." he whispered to me..

Come to think of it.. This is the first time he hugged me..

I turned around to look at him..

"Sasuke.. don't make this things hard for us..." I said as I pulled away..

he just look at me with sincerity in his eyes..

"both of us need some space.. we can be friends again.. you know.. and if someday.. if both of us are really for each other.. no matter what.. we will end up together.." I told him..

he nodded..

"so friends?" I offered me hand..

"friends.." he said..

"No akwardness anymore?" I asked him..

he shook is head..

Suddenly, Neji and Naruto popped up from nowhere..

"Thank goodness, things went smoothly betwen you two..." Naruto commented..

"cut the bull shit, can you?? we know that you two are watching us from far.." I told Naruto..

"teme, i don't know that you're so sweet... you hugged from her back.. that part is my favorite.." Naruto teased us..

"uhuh... and you Neji? what is your favorite part?" I asked him sarcastically as I rolled my eyes..

"Neji's favorite is when you said to him that 'even though I never felt that you loved me..I never regret loving you.. because those times that I am loving you.. i am so happy..' right, Neji?" Naruto stated to me, laughing..

"what the hell, you just forced me to snoop with you.." Neji protested to Naruto..

"it's fine, Neji.. I know you're trembeling in romance that time when you're watching them.." Naruto taunted Neji..

End of Ino's POV

After that we ate the fruits that they gathered..

"So it looks like that we don't need to rush because you two are fine now..." Naruto told me..

"I don't think so.. I told ya i have works to do.. especially in the interrogation.." Ino answered him.

"will Ino and Sasuke will share tonight?" Naruto thought to himself..

"knock it off, bullhead.. even though Sasuke and I are fine now.. that doesn't change the fact that I will share a tent with Neji.." I said..

"huh? you read my mind? how? gave me some privacy, y'know.." Naruto protested to Ino..

"yeah I read your mind.. I can read other's mind and I can torture other's mind too.. want me to do it to you?" Ino inquired him raising an eyebrow.

"no, thanks, i'll pass.. you have to give me my own privacy, y'know.." Naruto uttered to Ino..

"What do you know about privacy.. you even snooped on us when Sasuke and I talking earlier.." Ino explicated..

"nevermind.. I wanna sleep now.. I am so tired.. night guys" Naruto told them..

"uhm... wait.. do we need to go to our watching routine like before?" Ino asked Neji..

"Not at all.. we can handle ourselves.." Neji replied..

Naruto stand up and entered the tent..

"We have to rest too.. let's go now, Neji..." Ino said..

they entered to their tents and sleep..


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