Harry Potter and the Ori Adventure.

Chapter 16.

Harry, along with his group of ninja, were in his ship as he traveled through time. Since he was already on earth, he fast forward time to Hogwarts, where he landed on in the courtyard. They all filed out and Harry used his wand to shrink the ship and put it in his pocket.

After that, Harry pushed open the doors to the great hall and every one inside stopped eating and stared, every teacher at the table raised their wands when Harry led his men inside, "surely Headmaster you wouldn't hurt me and the reinforcements that I promised?" asked Harry with a smile.

"Harry, it's you, but you just left?" said Dumbledore.

"That's the beauty of having a time machine Albus, I can literality appear any time I want." Harry said with a smile.

Albus smiled and lowered his wand; the other teachers took his cue and did the same. He gestured to Harry to follow him to his office and they did.

As they left, the great hall erupted in conversation.

"Did you see them? Those guys looked dangerous." Said Ginny weasley.

"Yeah, especially that guy with the rings around his eyes, he looked scary." Replied Ron.

In the headmaster's office, Harry had just finished introductions when Dumbledore spoke.

"You all seem to be very powerful. If Harry's abilities are any indication, then your help will be greatly appreciated." He said.

They all nodded, and then Sasori spoke, "we will require the plans for this castle and its grounds, as well as what you can provide for this place known as Azkaban."

"We will also require all information you have on Voldemort's other strongholds so we can launch a proper counter attack." Said Nagato.

Dumbledore nodded, he pulled out several pieces of parchment, which already had the details they required, "I had already done so in anticipation of your help. I can give you details about the ministry and Azkaban; however, I cannot give you the numbers of his men, or what modifications he may have made."

They all looked at the information when the Shodai spoke, "our first target should be Hogsmeade, and he will no doubt use it as a staging ground for his assault on the castle. If we take away that advantage, it would set him back."

"And since it was recently conquered, he should still be solidifying his control and fortifying his defenses, now's the time to strike." Added the Nidaime.

Everyone nodded then Harry spoke to Dumbledore, "you realize that we are going to have to destroy quite a bit of property to succeed?"

Dumbledore nodded, "towns and houses can be rebuilt, and humans cannot."

"I have an idea, Harry, why don't you use your ship in stealth mode for Recon, so that we can properly plan everything?" suggested Kohan.

Harry nodded, "I'll go do that now, you guys go over the plans for the castle and see if you can't boost its defenses."

As Harry left, he enlarged his ship on the north tower and entered it. After making sure the cloak was on, he flew out to Hogsmeade.

It was an hour later that Harry returned with photos and information. When he arrived at the headmaster's office, he laid his information on the desk and spoke.

"From what I was able to gather, Voldemort is gathering survivors and putting them in a newly constructed building, no doubt to act as a prison. I say we wait a couple days so that everyone is in there, that way we can attack the town without hurting civilians." He suggested.

Everyone nodded, then Dumbledore spoke, "why don't I assign you some quarters and tomorrow we can continue planning."

Harry nodded and spoke, "sir, I have an idea. I think we should go to the chamber of secrets and secure it. Voldemort knows it better than anyone, if its open, he can come into the school anytime he wants."

Dumbledore looked grave at that, "ok, we'll all go now, then find you rooms."

Everyone filed out of the office and headed towards the chamber in the girls bathroom. When Harry opened it, they all went down the slide. Harry and all the shinobi then created several dozen clones each and sent them down all the pipes, to find an exit of sorts.

It was 30 minutes later that one of Kisame's clones found it. Harry and the Shodai then used their most powerful earth techniques to block it, and then Dumbledore, Nagato, and Kohan used their most powerful illusions to cover and seal the entrance.

Once everyone left the chamber, Harry and Dumbledore used several different jutsu's and magic to seal the entrance and the girls bathroom, as well as place alarm spells to let them know if anyone breaches it.

After that, they went to their quarters, turns out there were several free rooms in each houses. Nagato, and Itachi got Slytherin, along with little Sasuke, the Shodai and Nidaime got Hufflepuff, Sasori, Harry, and Kohan got Ravenclaw, while Deidara, Sarutobi, and Kisame got Gryffindor.

The students all tried to ask the new comers questions, but were rebuffed, except by Kisame, who scared them away with his teeth. One Slytherin tried to attack Nagato with a spell to the back because he was Potter's ally.

That student is now missing 2 fingers.

Before Harry went to bed, he had a word with Dumbledore, "don't tell Snape a thing, you may trust him, but I don't. Tell him anything, we go independent, got it?"

Dumbledore nodded, he trusted Snape, but he needed Harry's help more.

It was 2 days later that it was revealed that all the survivors of Hogsmeade were in the prison camp, and it was decided what their plan of attack would be.

Harry and the group would sneak into the village and wait behind key positions. Deidara would have his clay spiders infiltrate the strongest defenses and blow them straight to hell. The others would then attack at will. Dumbledore would then lead his Order against the prison camp to set people free while Kohan went with him to treat any injuries.

And now, we begin.

Harry took Sasori and made their way to the mayor building, were the leaders of this captured town, the Carows, would fight them. Sasori was promised their bodies for experimentation.


That was the cue, the explosions followed by manacle laughter. Harry and Sasori burst in, Sasori instantly sent dozens of poison senbon at the gathered death eaters, killing them instantly, while Harry made his way up stairs.

He hid in the shadows as one walked by, Harry grabbed the man and slit his throat with a kunai before moving on.

Harry arrived at the main office to see the Carows barking orders. He felt a presence and knew it was Sasori.

"Done already?" he asked.

Sasori shrugged, "it's amazing, they don't dodge, they just stand there and fire spells. It was quite easy." He replied.

Harry chuckled, then he and Sasori burst into the room, Sasori used his giant scorpion tale to impale 2 men at the same time, before fling their bodies at another man.

Harry grabbed his sword and sliced off the legs of one guy before twisting around to stab another in the neck.

One Carow tried to fire a curse, but found himself unable to when a needle hit his neck killing him.

The wife of carow was dead from a kunai to the neck, courtesy of Harry.

Pleased, Sasori started gathering bodies while Harry looked around the room for information. He found quite a few interesting pieces hidden in a safe behind the wall.

4 hours later.

The people that were saved were taken to Hogwarts, while at the same time checked for dark marks. None were found, so they were allowed into the castle. Harry and his men were in Dumbledore's office going over the post battle report.

"I had them blow up the guard posts, yeah. Then I blew up walls and feeling rather joyous, I blew up several guys as well, yeah. It was bloody fantastic, yeah!" finished Deidara.

"I took Kisame and we took care of the village square. Using our water jutsu we drowned the death eaters." Said the Nidaime.

"Me and Nagato patrolled the outer perimeter keeping any from escaping, we were quite successful." Said the Shodai.

"Me and Sasori took care of the Carows and their main office, all death eaters are dead. I also found some plans. It appears the Voldemort is using the ministry resources to locate muggleborns and making them slaves." Harry said.

The people in the room frowned.

"We need to destroy this ministry, completely. These resources must not be used." Said Nagato.

Everyone nodded, the war had just begun.

A/N: here you go, I know its not very action packed, but I plan to change that as the story and the war evolves. Next chapter will have some development with Adria and the SGC as well as Harry planning to attack the ministry. Next chapter will be quite long hopefully, I hope to make it at least 10 pages, maybe more.

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