Summary: Ron muses about his relationship with Hermione.

Author's Note: Yay! It's my 30th story on this site. I've loved this pairing from the beginning. So glad JK sort of started making it happen in the sixth book, and I have some hope for the seventh one. I tried hard to keep Ron in character here. He's kind of a stereotypical guy and thus not very deep or romantic, so I tried not to go too far in that direction.

You Can't Argue with Fate by ACM a.k.a. Annie May

It wasn't what you would call love at first sight. She criticized me, she looked disgusted, she scolded me like a mother.

We argued. Right from the beginning, we argued. Constantly.

She scolded us. I mocked her. She left.

Her hair was too bushy, her mind was too sharp, her wand was too "swish and flick."

She acted superior. I mocked her. She cried.

Her hair was too pretty, her eyes were too kind, her smile was too bright...

I was ashamed. She forgave me.

We became friends. We argued. Constantly.

But with every word she said, no matter how contrary, she endeared herself to me. Something always got past that wall and inside my head. I couldn't stop thinking about her. Lavender Brown was never there. It was always Hermione, only Hermione.

I was in awe of her, but everything I said came out as a criticism. I wonder if it was the same for her. No one would be in awe of me, but I think she liked me. In her own way, I think she always liked me, and I liked her.

It's taken us six years, but here we are. We laugh, we fight, we make up, and somehow it all makes sense. It all means "I love you." And when she rests in my arms and I stroke her hair, I think to myself, "I can't argue with that."