Disclaimer: I Don't own The Black Stallion, Alec, or Henry. Other character's I created.


The blood dripped from The Black's withers, Alec, Henry, and the vet could only stand by and make the horse as comfortable as possible. The veterinarian put his hand on Henry's shoulder and motioned for him to come speak with him for a moment.

"Henry, I do not know how long The Black can stay like this. His breath is already shortening. The boy has to make a decision now. What do you say?" Dr. Gregory sighed.

"He is Alec's horse. It's his decision. Let's ask him." Henry turned and walked back into the barn. "Well Alec, you have to decide now, what will you do? Think about what's best for The Black."

"He can make it, you'll see." Alec replied. At that same moment, The Black let out a shrill whinny and let out a loud breath and then no more...

Notes: Sorry it's short, It's just a prologue. I'll get the actuall first chapter soon.