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Chapter 4. Guardian Angel

After that day, Jack spent every moment he could spare at the stables so he could check on Galiant. Even though Mr. Alger told him not to try anything on his own, Jack began to attempt to gain Galiant's trust. He felt a deep connection with the horse since he was the one who rescued him, and he could only hope Galiant recognized that Jack would never do anything to hurt him. When Jack first arrived at the stables every morning, he would go past Galiant without looking at or acknowledging him and begin his morning work. After awhile Jack started to notice Galiant would watch him as he went about the stable doing the same routine every day, and he realized the horse was rather irked that he was being ignored completely. So Jack added the occasional glance at Galiant to his constant routine hoping the horse would notice. It worked. Now whenever Jack glanced at him, Galiant would snort angrily and turn away so the boy could only see his rear, payback for the times Jack had been ignoring him it would seem.

Jack decided every moment he could spare wasn't enough so he asked his mom if she would mind if he took his school work with him to the stables. From then on, Jack would sit against the adjacent stall after finishing his chores and read his school books aloud so Galiant could hear his voice. Every once in awhile Galiant would mosey on over to the front part of his stall to look out at the boy as he read, but as soon as Jack would look up Galiant moved back to the far side again. This made Jack chuckle, and he hatched a plan for the next time Galiant looked over while he read. So when Galiant looked out at the boy next, Jack didn't look up right away but watched him out of the corner of his eye. Then he pulled a fresh red apple from his backpack and took a slow bite. Galiant's ears pricked forward at the sight of the apple and he stomped the ground in anticipation. When Galiant realized he would not be getting any part of that apple, he blew hot air through his nose and let out a loud snort of irritation. Jack then slowly brought his eyes up to look at Galiant to see what he would do, and for once the horse did not move away from his gaze. He didn't want to push his luck so all Jack did was watch Galiant for a few days before trying anything more.

"Algebra, Galiant, is not a fun subject. I've never been very fond of math myself, I bet you could be better at it than I am." Jack spoke to Galiant in a way he would any one of his friends, not that he had many of those. He began reading some of his problems aloud to try and make sense of them, when Mr. Alger walked into the stable. Galiant noticed him first and quickly moved to the back of his stall away from the unfamiliar man, eyes wide with fear.

"What are you doing Jack? I thought I told you not to mess with that horse." Mr. Alger uttered a swear under his breath and made his way towards where Jack sat. "Now look here boy, Henry will be coming next week to look that horse over and I do not want you getting in the way. Period. So whatever it is you think you are doing, it stops once Henry arrives you understand?"

"Yes sir, only trying to help. I really think Galiant might be starting to trust me, but I will stay out of Henry's way while he's here." Jack spoke with confidence to show he wasn't afraid of Mr. Alger, he knew the man meant well for the most part, he just didn't know how to show it. Mr. Alger grunted and walked out of the stable, leaving Jack to find some way to calm Galiant down.

The next day, as Jack passed Galiant's stall during his chores, he dropped a slice of apple into the stall and kept walking. Then when he read his books aloud that same day, with Galiant standing there silently listening to his soft voice, Jack took a chance and stood up slowly with his apple out and took one step towards the stall. Galiant's ears laid flat on his head as soon as Jack took that first step, so Jack stopped and called soothingly to the horse and showed him the apple he had. Galiant tossed his head in anger but did not step away from the stall, so Jack took one more step and kept going this time, making his way slowly forward. He stopped an arm's length away and watched Galiant's reaction. His ears were still pinned back and he was breathing heavily, so Jack simply held out the apple as far as he could reach to see if Galiant would take it from him If he still stood back. Galiant sniffed at the apple then stretched his neck out to grab it swiftly from Jack's hand so the boy couldn't try to touch him, but it was enough for Jack, at least for now, he felt that Galiant knew Jack would not hurt him and would always be here to watch over him.

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