Title: A cappella Alegrías
Author: Janine
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Niki/Jessica
Warnings: NC-17, masturbation, Sanderscest
Word Count: 391
Disclaimers: I don't own any of the characters in this story, I'm just borrowing them.


Niki sighs as her hand slips between her parted thighs, her eyes lifting to the mirror opposite her as her finger slid across her clit, a soft gasp escaping her.

In the mirror Jessica stares back at her, her eyes dancing with passion and her lip ensnared between her teeth in a primal smile.

Niki feels and sees her hand begin to move and knows she is no longer in charge.

She whimpers and throws her head back, her eyes squeezing shut in pleasure as three fingers stab inside of her, her hips lifting automatically to meet the penetration and beg for more.

Niki opens her eyes when she hears Jessica's voice, and feels gentle fingers brushing sweaty strands of hair off of her forehead.

"Who takes care of you, baby?"

"You do," Niki whispers as Jessica's fingers twist inside of her drawing out a long pleasurable moan.

"Who protects you, and makes sure you have everything you need?" Jessica says softly, her fingers trailing from Niki's forehead to her mouth, running tenderly across her lips before Niki opens her mouth and sucks them in, her tongue curling around them desperate and feverish. "Who loves you?" Jessica asks pulling her fingers out of Niki's mouth long moments later making a wet trail down her throat and over to her breast. "Who loves you?" she repeats, pinching and twisting Niki's nipple, before stroking it softly and repeating the process again and again.

"You d--" Niki moans the words dying in her throat as Jessica's fingers drive her over the edge and a kaleidoscope of colours explode behind her eyes and her body arches and shivers in ecstasy.

Niki can still feel Jessica with her when she opens her eyes again; whispering to her, her voice like smoky tendrils in her mind, but when she looks into the mirror it is herself that she sees staring back at her.

Niki knows that there are a lot of things wrong with a manifestation of your sisters consciousness fucking you into oblivion in your own body, but afterwards as she clings to the sound of Jessica's voice and wishes that she could split herself into two so that she could curl herself into her sisters arms, she knows that wrong as it is, Jessica is right.

She is hers, she always has been, and she always will be.

The End