"Jordan?! JORDAN!!!???" Lacey yelled as she marched across the rolling green hills. Where could he be? She wondered.

She was about 5'5", but she was wearing 3" heels, which sunk into the perfect green grass as she stomped along. Her tan legs were expertly presented because she was wearing a very short skirt. The rest of her skinny, curves-less, tan, body was displayed through a tight-fitting tee-shirt and expertly enhanced through a thick layer of make-up. Her shiny blonde curls bounced and she searched. Had she smiled at the moment one standing close to her would have no doubt noticed the line of pearly, straight, white teeth that resided in her mouth. Each ear was pierced twice, and one hole held silver hoops and the other, diamond studs. Her brown eyes flamed as the anger rose within her.

"Where could he be?" She wondered again, this time aloud. As she reached the top of a hill she scanned the area below her. She saw nothing that looked like a place Jordan would go.

Except, maybe, the Teens Center.

She hurried down the hill, careful not to trip. Full with determination she marched across the green towards the Teen Center, calling for Jordan all the time.

Inside the Teem Center was a flurry of action. The printer ran off one last picture, and the "Goodbye!" tune rang through the air as one lone boy was shutting his computer off in a great hurry. He grabbed the three pictures he had printed and folded them, placed them in his back pocket.

He paused for a moment, listening.

He could hear Lacey getting closer.

He began to inspect a nearby PC. A look of great interest and confusion was forcefully implanted on his face.

A moment later, the glass door of the Center swung open and Lacey Finnigan walked in.

"Jordan!!" She screeched, arms outstretched and a huge smile plastered across her face.

"Oh, Lacey! I was wondering when you would catch up to me!" Jordan replied, sounding quite happy to see her. They embraced and Jordan bent down to kiss her quickly.

As they pulled away Lacey started, "Why in Stepford were you here?" She asked, slightly shocked.

"Oh, I was just checking it out. Seeing what the whole deal was about. I really can't make out much of it…" He said, gesturing loosely to the computers next to him.

"Oh…yeah. Stupid machines…" She said, dumbly. "Anyways!" She Perked right back up again. "You should come on with me, Joe and Darcy made up this great new card game… If you know what I mean…" A sly look appeared on Lacey's face as she wrapped her arms around Jordan, pressing against him. "…and I want you on my team…" She said seductively.

No flicker of interest crossed Jordan's face. He couldn't stop thinking about the girl in the picture. As he looked at Lacey all he saw was the unknown girl. He studied her face… he noticed that she wasn't smiling. Her hair was much less shiny than Lacey's. Her eyes looked bloodshot and distant, not like Lacey's clear, bright ones. He really had no idea why, but he found this girl so intriguing that he actually pulled away from Lacey's embrace.

"Y'know, I'm sorry, Lace… But I…" he searched his mind for a quick excuse, "I promised that I would taste-test some of my mother's cupcakes! She is trying a new frosting recipie… Anyway, I've gotta go." He walked briskly backwards towards to door. "I'll catch up with you later!" And at that he turned, pulling open the glass door and ran outside.