The tree house swayed then tumbled to the ground. Drake and Josh shared a look of surprise. This was not the result they had expected. They had been trapped in the tree house for hours and both of them were getting stir crazy. They had decided their only means of escape was to try and knock down a wall. The problem was, Josh had used 6 inch screws to hold the walls together. Both boys had run as hard as they could and threw themselves against one of the walls. It didn't budge. They tried a second time and it still didn't move. So they decided to give it one last try.

The ground came up hard and fast. Neither boy had time to react.

Drake felt himself fly forward, do a somersault and land hard on his left arm. He had the wind knocked out of him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw that Josh had also flipped and landed flat on his back.

Drake lay on his stomach in silence. He lifted his head and watched the dust whirl around the room. He was trying desperately to catch his breath. He could hear his chest wheezing as he struggled to draw in one...two...three.. shallow breaths that were racked with coughs. He tried to push himself up into a sitting position. He put just the slightest pressure on his arms, and cried out in pain as he fell back to the floor. His left arm had made a sickening crunch and he had never felt so much pain in his life. He began to cough again. "Why isn't Josh trying to help me up?" he wondered. Then he realized Josh wasn't moving. He used all of his strength to try to sit up again.

"Josh!", he coughed out. "Are you okay man?"

Drake had managed to sit up. "Josh? OH NO!!"

As quickly as he could, Drake made his way to his brother. "Josh say something! Oh man this is bad. JOSH!"

The heavy tool box and the drill had also taken flight when the tree house decided to fall over. The drill had hit Josh in the leg. The bit had stuck completely into Josh's right thigh. The drill looked like it was hovering in the air right above Josh's leg. Drake could only imagine how badly this must hurt.

The tool box had not been as nice as the drill. It had hit Josh square in the face. Blood was pouring from his mouth, nose, and a huge gash on the right side of his forehead.

Drake started screaming "Megan!!!" Then a little more softly, "Josh please wake up!" "MEGAN!!"

There was no answer.

Drake didn't know what to do. Josh was the level headed one. Josh was the smart one. Josh had paid attention in first aid class. Drake was too busy checking out the hot girl sitting in front of him to listen to what the instructor had been saying.

Drake started talking to himself. "What do I do? Think Drake think! Okay...ABC's I remember that from that first aid class. A means??? I can't remember. B means breathing, I think or was it B for bleeding. Crap I can't remember."

Drake decided to try and deal with the bleeding. He looked around the small enclosure and found absolutely nothing to use to stop the bleeding. He knew the only thing he could use was the shirt he was wearing. So he slowly removed it treating his arm as though it was made of thinly spun glass. He then wiped away the blood as best he could. He then wrapped the shirt around Josh's head. He hoped it would stop the bleeding. He had seen this in the movies. It always worked for them.

Drake had been avoiding looking at the drill in Josh's leg. There wasn't any blood, but it creeped Drake out to see that thing hovering there. He knew he needed to tend to it. He decided the best thing to do was to leave the bit in Josh's leg that way it wouldn't start bleeding. He carefully removed the drill from the bit. About a quarter inch of the bit stuck of his leg.

Just as he sat the drill down he heard Josh make a gurgling sound. Panic rose in Drake's chest.

"Oh No! He's choking!"

Without thinking Drake rolled Josh onto his side and opened his mouth. Blood and what looked like a tooth came tumbling out. Then Josh's breathing was much better. Drake breathed a sigh of relief.

Drake took another look at Josh's face. It did look like the bleeding was slowing down.

He decided to call for Megan again. She didn't answer.

What Drake didn't realize was that Megan's friend Janie had called and spoken to their mom. She really wanted Megan to come to her Birthday Party. Audrey decided that since the tree house was almost finished, Megan could go and spent the night at Janie's house. Janie's mother had come and picked up Megan about 30 minutes before the tree house fell over.

Josh began to moan.

Drake looked down an saw Josh's eyes begin to flutter. He started moving like he wanted to get up. Drake forced him back down. "Josh be still. Oh God please don't move. You're hurt!"

Something in Drake's scared shaking voice chilled Josh to the core. He stopped moving and put his head back down. He closed his eyes trying to remember what had happened.

Josh had felt the tree house shake. He felt his body tumble. Then he felt nothing until this moment. And, what he felt was PAIN! His face felt like it was on fire. He could taste blood in his mouth. He ran his tongue around his mouth, and found some teeth missing or broken. He couldn't breath through his nose. He knew it was bleeding too.

Yes, his mouth and nose were painful, but the pain in his forehead was almost unbearable. It felt like an ax was imbedded in the middle of it.

Josh could hear Drake calling for Megan. The loud shouts made his head scream in pain. He let out another soft moan. Drake looked down at his brother. "Josh are you okay?"

It took almost all of Josh's strength but he managed to mumble a "Yeah."

"Thank God! I'm gonna get us out of here. You hang in there. MEGAN!!"

"Don't yell." Josh whispered raising his hand to his face.

"Oh hey man I'm sorry." Drake said in a much quieter voice. "Just Please don't move around. I'm gonna get us out of here." Drake promised. "Just keep still."

Josh had rolled onto his back again. Drake sat down next to him on the side where there was no blood.

"Josh," Drake confessed after a few minutes, "I have no idea how I'm gonna get us out of here." He pulled his knees up to his chest and began to tremble. He was so cold without his shirt. His arm was throbbing and he had just told his injured brother that he didn't have an escape plan. He was scared. As much as he didn't want to admit it, Drake Parker was scared.

Josh could feel Drake's body shaking next to him. "Was Drake scared?" He wondered. Then he had a horrible thought. "What if Drake were hurt too? What kind of brother was he not to even ask if Drake was okay?"

Josh tried to clear his throat. The noise he made caused Drake to jump in fright. He was not expecting the silence to be broken. Drake looked at his brother. "You need something?" he asked.

Josh spoke just two words, "You hurt?"

"Nah, I'm fine." Drake lied. In fact he was far from fine. He was freezing without his shirt. His arm was hurting so badly that ANY movement almost made him want to pass out. To make matters worse, he was extremely sick to his stomach. He should not have eaten the raw hamburger meat Megan had thrown through the window earlier. "I'm just a little cold." he added.

Josh closed his eyes and whispered, "Good." Then he was out again.

"Josh! Josh!"

There was no response. Drake knew this was not good. On TV they make people with a head injury stay awake. Josh was fading in and out. Drake made a vow that next time Josh woke up he was going to do everything in his power to keep him awake.

Until that happened, however, Drake decided to roll Josh on his side again so he wouldn't choke. Then Drake came and sat with his back up against Josh's to keep him from rolling back onto his back. He then took his right hand and stroked Josh's hair, just so he knew he wasn't alone.