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Amongst the Dead

A Harry Potter/Underworld/Hellsing/Love Hina Crossover

By: The Fanfic Stealer

Prologue: A Different Path Unfolds

Lucius Malfoy was angry. No, he was beyond angry; he was furious to the point of a berserker rage! How dear that stupid little brat do that to him, place him in such a position!

The man paced his study, his long blond hair gelled to the point that it didn't even move with all the pacing, his aristocratic face twisted in an ugly snarl of rage, and his robes billowing out to give him a dangerous air. He had just returned from Hogwarts, where he had had an encounter with Harry Potter.

Harry Potter! His rage increased at that hated name. That impudent little brat had had the gall to humiliate him, and lose him his most prized house elf to boot! Not to mention the fact that the boy had destroyed a diary that was most treasured by his master! Why the Dark Lord treasured that old and rather flimsy diary, he'd never know, but his lord had made his feelings on that diary quite clear, and that little brat had destroyed it, thus risking his position within the inner circle. The little brat would pay for this!

And with that thought in mind, Lucius Malfoy sat at his desk and plotted.


It had been several days since he had returned to Number 4 Privet Drive, and twelve-year-old Harry Potter still couldn't get rid of an idea that had popped into his head on the train ride to King's Cross Station: a morning jog. It had come about when Hermione had told him about a new exercise program her parents were starting, where, starting July, they would take a jog every morning, with each jog being a little further everyday, until they could jog 15 miles at one go. Since then, the idea of a morning jog had become more and more appealing to him, because he knew it would make him quicker and give him more endurance, which was a must when his cousin's gang's favorite game just happened to be Hunt-Down-And-Beat-The-Snot-Out-Off-Dudley's-Freak-Cousin.

He was currently in his rather small room (smallest room in the house, actually), trying his best to get some of his Transfiguration summer reading done. "Trying" being the main word, for, as mentioned earlier, the morning jog idea just wouldn't leave him alone. Eventually, he gave up the attempt as lost and turned his full concentration on the idea, trying to figure out why he hadn't already just decided on going with it. After all, he certainly needed the speed and endurance boost… not to mention the fact that he would get to get away from the Dursleys for a short, precious while, now that he thought of it. But then, on the flip side of the coin, there was the feeling that leaving the house without any of his guardians would bring about something very bad…

Harry shook that thought away. Why was he being so paranoid? It was a morning jog, for Merlin's sake! Nothing was going to happen to him, since he was planning on taking his jog early enough so that he would be back in time to make breakfast for his relatives, who were the only people who would give him grief about this little addition to his routine.

And with that, he brushed away that creeping doubt and decided firmly that he was going to start the next day.


It had taken him several days of searching, but Lucius Malfoy was eventually able to find where that fool Dumbledore was keeping the brat. He had just apparated to the filthy little muggle hovel and was about to start surveying the place when he saw the door to Number 4 open. He hastily wrapped an invisibility cloak around himself and peeked out to see who was up at the Merlin-forsaken hour of five in the morning.

When he saw who it was, the man couldn't help but let a cruel smirk appear on his (overly) pale face. Just his luck, for who should step out but Harry Potter, the Golden Boy himself! He watched as the boy did a few stretches and started a slow jog down the pathway and down the sidewalk. With the invisibility cloak still wrapped around him, he followed silently.

Jogging behind the boy, he went over his now rather simple plan: get Harry Potter alone, torture him a bit, and then kill him. He knew he was supposed to lay low until the Dark Lord rose again (which he firmly believed would happen; he had started the rumor that he thought the Dark Lord was dead so he would stay out of suspicion while he looked for some way for his lord to return), but the boy's insult to his pride had been too much, and he wanted blood!

Eventually, the boy was in the sparsely populated fringes of the town, and he knew it was time to strike. Taking out his wand, he first cast a silencing charm around the area (can't be careless now, can we?) and aimed carefully at the boy's back. When he was sure there would be no chance of missing, he muttered a quick "Crucio" and watched in glee as the boy only had time to look back in surprise before the curse hit him, sending him to the ground. His body writhed in pain as he cried out in agony.

Lucius let the curse go on for two minutes before he lifted it. By then the boy had a dribble of blood running down the corner of his mouth, probably from biting his tongue. He looked down at the pitiful creature before and snarled. "Humiliated me, will you?" he growled before unleashing several bludgeoning and cutting curses in rapid succession. He grinned cruelly as the boy screamed out in pain once more.

And so it continued for the next hour, Lucius taking sadistic glee in cutting, beating, breaking, and generally torturing the boy. But eventually, he grew tired of the sport. He smirked in triumph over what used to be Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived. "And you're supposed to defeat the Dark Lord? Pathetic," He said. He raised his wand one last time and aimed it at the body.

"Good bye, Potter. Avada-" He stopped in mid incantation, suddenly getting a better idea. He gave the barely awake boy a truly evil grin. "On second thought, Potter, I want you to die the good old fashioned way; I want you to bleed to death, thinking about how, in the end, none of your mudblood and blood traitor friends were there for you. Crucio!" He watched the boy writhe in pain for a few seconds, his voice long gone from screaming so much, before taking the boy's wand and snapping it in front of his face. His job done, Lucius apparated back to Malfoy Manor to tell his own son the good news and to give him the wand pieces as an early birthday present. He was sure his son would be overjoyed!

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