A/N: "She Is" by the Fray and the need to write something along these lines for this fandom again brought this to light. As sad as it is, this is one of my favorite Ouran episodes just for the utter despair you feel at the end of it. You can't get that anywhere else. Read and review? It's fun, I promise!


He would be very lucky to have Éclair Tonnerre, the girl with lightning eyes and thunder-white skin, to wife.

It's what he tells himself to override the guilt. For so long, he's hidden it with sparkles and roses and charms and fantasy.

But his charm is running thin.

And we all lose all charms in the end, he can remember Éclair saying behind opera glasses, her eyes dark and invisible, with a pursed pale smile.

She tells him it's time to stop playing pretend.

That he can kiss his stupid pretend family goodbye, that there's a real family and a real future if he comes along with her.

It's going to tear his heart right out of him.

It's going to bring him to his knees.

But she is everything he never knew he needed.

And he tells himself he would be very lucky to have Éclair to wife when he tells the host club that they are officially, irreversibly, and dishonorably discharged.

When he tells the host club they have been removed from service, never to be needed again.

Because she is everything, Éclair is everything he needs and never knew he needed.

It's what he tells himself to make him see Éclair as not just a beautiful girl, but the beautiful girl.

The beautiful girl with the lightning eyes and thunder-white skin who just smiles because she has won the game.

Because she has won everything.