Title: You Are My Sunshine
Fandom BTVS
Pairing S/B
Rating PG-13/K+
Summary: Does Buffy love Spike? Small Vignette. Double Drabble.
Disclaimer: Don't own them... but I'd rent Spike my soul if he'd let me play with his body for a while...! CC&R appreciated.


She woke up just after 5 a.m., her head cradled against his chest; her legs intertwined and lost between his.

She watched the Sun crawl It's way across the room – eating It's way toward them – inch by inch.

After an hour and a half of voraciously, lighting a dappled path toward the bed, It was no more than a breath away from his hand which hung loosely off the bed.

Smoothing her hand up his sculpted abdomen, to his hard nipple, she splayed her fingers across his pec; scratching her nails gently against his pale skin. She flattened her fingers out again and trailed them slowly up to his shoulder, and then down along his bicep. When her hand slid past his elbow, she carefully pulled his cool limb into the bed until it lay safely beside their bodies.

Sliding her hand down the rest of his arm – past his wrist, to his hand – she tangled her fingers with his. Then she closed her eyes…. And finally drifted back to sleep.