"Bye Daddy," Ron Weasley's youngest child told him.

Her name was June and she had two older sisters and two older brothers.

May was the oldest at 30, followed by Julius and Augustus the twins who were 26, April was 22 and June was 19.

Their mother, Hermione Weasley was already at work and Ron was about to leave for a training session, however June was the only child who still lived at home, even though she had finished Hogwarts over a year ago.

Ron Weasley was a famous Keeper for the Chudley Cannons and was always at a game or practice.

"See ya sweetheart," Ron said kissing June on the forehead.

Ron was extremely tall, and although June seemed to have received her body shape from her father she was still at least 4 inches shorter. Both of her brothers were 5 foot 11 but she was 5 foot 12, a fact she loved to gloat about. Her two sisters on the other hand were only about 5 foot 4 like their mother.

Ron apparated out leaving June to what she assumed would be a peaceful day.


"June! Are you there June? JUNE!" A voice screamed from the downstairs fire place.

"Coming May," June sighed, knowing she was about to get a lecture whether she had done anything wrong or not.

When they were little May had always been June's hero, she had started Hogwarts the year June was born.

"Where are mother and father?" May questioned as soon as June stepped into the room.

"Gee thanks for the hello, and I'm well thankyou." June responded casually. It was no secret to the family that since June had started Hogwarts June had thought May was mean and annoying.

May sighed, "Hello June, where would I be able to find mother and father? I need to speak to them."

"Daddy is at another practice, he has a game this weekend and mother is at work as always." June told her older sister heatedly.

May sighed again, "June why do you insist on calling father that immature name you are a lady, and should act like one."

June snorted, "Whatever May, father told me he like being called daddy."

May sighed, "If you insist June, please tell mother and father to fire-call me later tonight, I have some news I wish to share with them."

"Whatever May, cya dude," June said before quickly leaving the room trying to avoid talking to May any longer.


A week later June sat at the table trying to write a letter to one of her friends.

"Hey Juney!" Two voices exclaimed from behind her.

"Julie, Gus, you guys came!" June exclaimed excited at seeing her older brothers.

"Why wouldn't we?" Julius 'Julie' asked.

"Umm, err well it's kind of an early family party…for err,"

"Spit it out Juney!" Augustus 'Gus' told her sharply.

"It'safamilypartycelebratingMay'sengagement," June mumbled.

"Huh?" Julie asked confused.

June sighed. "It's to celebrate May's engagement." She said quickly then put her arms over her head in an attempt to hide.

"No!" Gus exclaimed

"How could you June, you said we were just coming for dinner, great is Mr. Fancy pants coming?" Julie asked exasperated.

June nodded.

"I'm not talking to you!" Gus shouted.

"ME neither," Julie agreed.

April walked in. "Why aren't we talking to June?" she asked. All three of them hung their heads. While their tempers weren't that bad for a Weasley, April was a whole new matter. She had once actually beaten Grandma Molly in an argument, something everyone assured her had not been done before.

"This 'family dinner,' we were told to come to is actually a family party celebrating May's engagement," Gus finally folded and told her.

"No, no way, she's not really getting engaged to him is she?" April asked, she was probably the closest to May, but she was still closer to June than she was to May.

June nodded sadly.

April shook her head, "my sister, engaged to a doorknob," she said dejectedly.

Hermione and Ron chose that moment to walk into the kitchen where the four of them were sitting.

"He's not a doorknob, how many times must I tell you four that," Hermione told them clearly frustrated.

"But mum…he irons his jeans," June told her mother whining.

"Hermione, you've got to agree that's pretty weird." Ron pointed out to his wife.

Hermione sighed, there was no way she could win this argument now that the children had Ron on their side.

"If you insist, but please pretend to be excited for May, she's so happy, and excited, I'm sure it would mean so much to her if you would." The four 'children' rolled their eyes.

May wouldn't want them to be happy for her, she'd much rather it be just be her, Hank, mum and dad.

April was the first to speak, "what can I do to help with the cooking mum? Oh and Sam will be here any moment with Autumn." June smiled her 4 year old neice was totally adorable and her brother-in-law was pretty cool too, way nicer than Hank 'the doorknob'.

"Yeah, come and peal the potatoes," Hermione told her graciously.

The other four (including Ron) left, trying to slip without being enlisted for cooking. The three of them had received their father's talent for cooking. Although Hermione wasn't the world's greatest cook, she was definitely better than Ron. April on the other hand had received their Grandma Molly's cooking talent. May, June had no idea about, she had never seen her do any work ever, and she didn't ask any of her older siblings, May was somewhat of a 'taboo' between the four of them.


"So then we," May continued her rather boring story.

June and April rolled their eyes and stood up, plates in hand. As much as it annoyed them April's husband Sam actually got on well with May and Hank.

"May I take your plate to the kitchen mother?" May asked after the two women had walked into the kitchen.

They rolled their eyes again. June stuck her fingers next to her mouth and made a gagging noise, which in turn made April laugh and made Hermione walk in. Hermione walked into the room and raised her left eyebrow.

"What are the two of you up to?" She asked looking rather peeved at the two of them.

"Nothing mum," they replied trying not to laugh.

"If you're sure," Hermione muttered before heading back into the dining room.


After everyone had eaten dessert, May, Hank, Sam, Autumn, Julie and Gus had left April and June were lying on their stomach's on June's bead facing each other.

"So. Any men, in your totally interesting life?" April asked June smiling at her younger sister. June shook her head.

"No, but you would be the first to know, don't worry," June told her sadly. "Anything new in your life happen?"

April nodded. "Ooh dish!" June exclaimed excitedly.

April smiled and whispered something into June's ear.

"NO WAY!" June screamed. April nodded. "Oh my god! Am I the first one to know?" June asked. April nodded again.

June squeezed April tightly in a hug. "Oh I'm sorry," June said staring at April's stomach.

"Hey baby, I'm your aunty June and I'm the normal aunt, don't tell your grandmother I said this but your aunty May, she's totally insane." June spoke to April's stomach. April giggled. "Juney, you can NOT mention this to anyone, not even Sam knows." April told her seriously.

"Ha, I know before your husband, wait I know before your husband?" June asked carefully.

"Yeah," April replied nervously.

"Why haven't you told him yet?" June asked curiously.

"I'm not sure, it's just we haven't discussed more children yet." April admitted slowly.

"Y…you're pr…pregnant?" A voice called from the door. Both girls visibly gulped. At the same time they both turned their heads to look at the voice….


May, April and June were all lying in June's room.

"Why wouldn't you tell me April?" May asked April seriously.

June snorted. "Do you have a problem with me June?" May accused June angrily.

June raised her right eyebrow. "Nah," she deadpanned. "Of course I have a problem with you, you're always so mean and so perfect and I HATE YOU!" May just stared at June before she started sobbing.

"You think I'm the perfect one?! Who's daddy's little angel, his perfect little baby. April is Nana's favourite, and always has been? And Grandpa and mum prefer the twins! You think you've had it hard, what the hell are you thinking, ever since you were born I was completely ignored! Merlin, get over yourself! I HATE YOU TOO!!!" May screamed before running out of the room.

April stared at June before glancing at the door then at June again.

She stood up and kissed June on the cheek. "I'll email you," she said before leaving the room.

Hermione had made it so that all of her children were well taught on the education of muggle stuff like computers and televisions.

June sobbed on her bead for a few more minutes before Hermione came in.

"Are you all right sweetheart?" Hermione asked.

June nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine thanks mum." Hermione looked like she desperately wanted to say something but decided against it.

"If you're sure June-y, but I love you sweetheart." Hermione said as she left.

"I love you too mum." June mumbled so quietly Hermione didn't hear her.


"Bye Daddy," (whoa major de ja vu!) June said Kissing Ron on the cheek as he left for work about 3 months since June had found out April was pregnant.

"See yah sweetie," Ron commented ruffling June's hair.

June glared at her father. "Don't do that," she whined.

Ron just smirked before apparating out.


"Hello is anybody home?" A voice called out from the fire place.

"Yeah I'm coming," Another voice came floating down the stairs before a thump, thump, thump was heard.

"Hey Wood," June said genuinely excited to see the manager of her fathers quidditch team.

Oliver sighed. "I'm really sorry June," He told her.

"Huh?" she questioned him nervously.

"I'm really sorry June, today during training your father he was hit by a bludger in the head and he died on impact." Oliver explained tears streaming down his face.

June shook her head. "NO! NO! NO! YOU'RE LYING HE CAN'T BE DEAD HE CAN'T!!!" she screamed.

Oliver nodded sadly. June let out an ear piercing scream that would haunt Oliver for the rest of his life.

Although Ron had never talked much about his home life, when he had it was obvious to everyone that June and Ron were the closest out of the whole family.

June suddenly stopped crying. "My god, I have to tell the rest of the family, shit I have to tell grandma and all of them." June exclaimed nervously.

"I'm sorry June I have to go now," he told her and quickly exited his head from the fireplace.


(this tiny bit is actually from June's perspective….)

May and Mum were curled up in the couch with Auntie Ginny and Auntie Alicia. Auntie Alicia wasn't actually crying but she did look upset.

Grandma and April were in the kitchen cooking. Grandpa was sitting in the living room with Uncle Harry and Uncle George.

I was sitting in front of the fire. I had shed all the tears I could.

(sorry I just couldn't do that bit right in normal perspective…sorry)

Hermione left the room quietly and brought something in. It was a pile of about 15 letters. She quickly gave one to everyone.

"These were in Ron's will, we were supposed to read them after the funeral." She explained after seeing everyone staring at her.

June quickly stood up and left walking into her room. She opened the letter wondering what her father would write to her.

My Dearest June,

Never ever doubt I love you while I am alive or dead.

I am so proud of you; you are my sunshine in the middle of a thunderstorm as corny as it sounds.

Whatever I did to deserve a daughter you, I'll never know, I'm just glad I did whatever it was.

You have always been my most accepting child, and you understand no-one's perfect, everyone makes mistakes, even the one's we love.

I have to share something only two other living souls know.

I was never in love with your mother. I loved her as much as I love Harry but I didn't realize for a long while that I didn't want us to have more than a platonic friendship.

You might be wondering 'why is he dumping this on me?' The truth is I was having an affair

I'm not going to plead with you not to hate me, you have every right to never want to even think of me again. Just please read the rest of the letter first.

I have another daughter, your half sister Aimee, her mother's name is Adeline. Aimee is going to start Hogwarts this coming September please contact her, she will have a lot of trouble in the wizarding world without a father.

I know how hard this is for you; I have lost over half my family as well.

You can use Pigwidgeon, even though he is extremely old he knows where they live.

You may not accept what I have done, and may hate me for it, you are also welcome to share this with the rest of the family, although you do not have to. I have nit mentioned this in anyone's letter.

Aimee did not replace you. I love you both so very much, please I beg you help her.

Never forget I love you!

Ron Weasley.

June stared at the letter. What the hell had happened to her perfect life?