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June sat on in the front row of the lined up chairs. Leaning tightly against her big sister April. To June's right sat her two older brothers Julie and Gus who both had their arms wrapped tightly around their mother. On the other side of April was May who was holding her husbands hand but apart from that seemed perfectly composed. In the next few rows behind them were April's daughter and her husband as well as all of June's aunts and uncles and her cousins. Also in the front row with them were her Grandma Molly and Grandpa Arthur. Her grandma was clutching her husband and sobbing.


Hermione had wanted her daughter June to make the speech at the funeral because she was easily the closest to her father out of the all the children and Hermione was sure that she herself would be unable to make the speech without breaking down. To Hermione's shock and partial anger June had said no, instead handing the job off to April, who was the closest to June, who then palmed it off to May.

Hermione was quite annoyed, although she loved all of her children equally May just didn't posses the charisma that June, April, Julius and Augustus did. May received the lack of charisma from her side of the family and Hermione could admit it, sure she was the smartest witch of the age but keeping people interested in what she was saying, was an ability she lacked.

May walked up to the front of the crowd her head held high.

"My father, he helped many people in his life, he helped saved the wizarding world and helped my uncle Harry to defeat You-Know-Who. He was brave and courageous and for that I love him." May said glancing at her family quickly before walking back so she could sit down.

Hermione could here her to other daughters arguing next to her.

"June please go and make your speech you know that is way better than May's she just has no idea," April hissed to June before shoving her up. Now that June had stood up the whole crowds eye was resting on her. Hermione smiled, she knew that June would not sit back down now, because June's major fault was that she was incredibly proud and wouldn't do anything to embarrass herself or the family.

June nervously walked up to the stage. "As my sister May said my father was incredibly brave and courageous, but as my mother was prone to saying 'he had the emotional range of a teaspoon." June said her tears which had stopped as she walked up to the stage, were now gathering on the corner of her eyes.

Her uncle Harry laughed, a deep throaty laugh that June was sure was combined with a sob.

"He was wonderful, he never did anything for himself, it was always for us, to make his family more comfortable, over the summer's he was always ready to help with our homework or organize for us to meet someone who could help us in cases of some of the more advanced work." June said tears now streaming down her face. "I…I," June took a deep breath and glanced around the crowd. There were easily 1000 people there, some reporters, some of his fans, some friends, and some members of the ministry trying to make themselves look good. One face stood out to her though a little girl of about 13 or 14 sitting next to a woman in the back row who looked extremely uncomfortable. What stuck in her mind though was how similar the little girls face was to hers except the girl had blue eyes, her father's blue eyes.

"I…I will always love him and will always remember how much he loved me, not because it would make him look good," she said glaring at the ministry members, some of whom had started to squirm uncomfortably. "He loved me because that's what he did, he loved his family and protected us at whatever the cost, and I thank the stars that I was blessed to have such a wonderful father." June quickly concluded before her throat could constrict anymore and she was unable to say anything else.


After the funeral people stood silently around talking to each other quietly, mostly avoiding June because she seemed to start sobbing whenever she heard the words 'Ron," or "the poor girl."

June saw the woman and the little girl leaving at walked quickly over to them, although no quick enough to draw attention to herself.

"Excuse me, can I talk to you a moment please?" Adeline turned around at her and glared. "What is it?" she snarled angrily at June.

June looked taken aback for a moment put quickly continued but not before casting a privacy spell around them. "Please your name is Aimee, isn't it?" she asked the young girl. The little girl nodded, and looked at June strangely.

"Please," she turned to face Adeline, "I know about you and my father." She fished around in her pockets and pulled out to letters. "These were in my letter. They're letters to you; he wanted me to give them to you." Adeline looked so upset at the letter. She ran through the privacy dome and further than either June or Aimee could see.

June quickly spoke to they young girl. "You study at Hogwarts, yes?" Her voice low.

The girl nodded shyly. "Do you know what a glamour charm is?" Aimee nodded again at her half sister. "Well I want to put one on you because you look exactly like…D…daddy, people will get suspicious." June said really quickly this time realizing that their privacy dome was about to disappear.

Aimee once again nodded. "Well here goes," June said. Aimee felt her features changing but hadn't heard June say anything. "Wha…" Aimee began asking June but she interrupted "Not here." She said before grabbing Aimee and pulling her away from the crowd.

They were walking briskly through the last part of the crowd when May stepped in front of them. "June!" she snarled. "Where the hell do you think you're going?" she continued, drawing quite a lot of attention to them. June sighed. Annoyed with her oldest sister she decided to yell. "Leave me alone May! It is none of your bloody business, where I am going!" She yelled her voice high and scratchy showing how upset and angry she was.

May looked at June as though she was an alien. "This is father's funeral, we need to stay here for mother." May said as calmly as she could sparing a glance at Hermione who was starting to head towards them.

"I don't have time for this!" June screeched and shot a spell at May, which gave way to a 3 spell duel.

"Expalliarmus," June screamed.


"Agaumenti," yelled June, shooting a high powered stream of water at May, it knocked May off her feet and June in one instant had grabbed Aimee and apparated them away.

Hermione was fuming. She couldn't believe that two of her daughters had gotten into a duel – At their fathers funeral for merlins sake.


June looked around, she had apparated to a park that she had no idea where it was. She was breathing heavily. Aimee sat down on one of the benches pulling June down next to her. She gave June a few minutes to breathe before asking her a question. "I thought you had to say a spell to get charm something?" Aimee asked quite confused.

"No, most basic spells are easy to do without speaking if you've had enough practice." June explained.

"Well why didn't you do that when you were dueling with that lady who made the speech? Is she our sister?" Aimee asked even more confused.

"Yeah, she's our sister, her name is May," June explained to Aimee smiling at her. "I didn't need to use the incantation of the spells, hell in dueling I rarely even have to use my wand." June continued.

Aimee looked at June. "Then why didn't you do that when you were fighting with each other?" Aimee asked, now actually just curious.

"May and I are pretty much equal in power and neither of us actually wanted to hurt each other we were just upset. May and I don't get along very well." June explained and more tears started running down her face.


Adeline turned the corner at her daughters' favourite park as a child, hoping desperately that she would be there, otherwise she had no idea where to look to find her. She was quite relieved to find her daughter sitting down, but was slightly annoyed to see her sitting with June her half sister. She quickly hurried over. "Oh I'm sorry Aimee darling I was so upset," Adeline explained quickly.

Aimee nodded, "ma'am I think we need to talk," June said seriously. Adeline nodded.

"Here if you follow me we can walk back to our house it is only a minute or two away," Adeline told June. June didn't respond as Adeline had already started walking.


"May Analysse Weasley! What do you think you were doing!" Hermione shrieked at her daughter, once they had reached Hermione's house. Julius and Augustus were sitting on two different couches in the living room and April next to Gus.

May was just glaring at her mother. "I was trying to stop June from running off and doing something stupid." May said a haughty expression on her face.


"Hey calm down 'Mione, May was just trying to do what she thought was right." Their aunt Ginny said trying to calm down Hermione down. Hermione just broke down. She grabbed onto Ginny's shirt and just sobbed and sobbed.

The others in the room looked shocked, they couldn't remember the last time they had actually seen their mother cry, sure they had seen her with a few tears in her eyes, but never actually crying properly.


June, Adeline and Aimee reached their house.

They walked inside. "Aimee go and do your summer homework please," Adeline asked her daughter patiently. "B..u" Aimee started to protest.

"NOW!" Adeline yelled.

Aimee stomped up the stairs.

"We need to talk ma'am," June said as politely as she could. "Yes, yes we do," Adeline said calmly. "take a seat June."

"I won't pull Aimee out of Hogwarts no matter what you think, she loves it too much there. I don't know what your' father told you but my letter from your father was about three years out of date." Adeline said quite defensively.

"Ma'am you misunderstand me, I would never ask your daughter to leave Hogwarts, she needs to learn how to do magic and Hogwarts is the safest place, on the out of date thing, what year is your daughter about to begin?" June finished with a question.

"4th," Adeline said still suspicious.

"Yes, my letter is about three years out of date as well." June said thinking hard.

"What did you want to talk about then?" Adeline asked quite curious.

"Money." June said quite simply. "I know it won't be easy for you without dad, I mean it won't be easy for anytime but dad had a trust account set up for all of our schooling, but there wasn't one for Aimee, however I found out that I had almost double the amount of money as the others. I'm going to draw money out bit by bit and place it in an account that I'm going to set up for you and your daughter. I assume dad knew that when he died you guys might need some help and decided to leave the money somewhere where my mum would never look which is in our trust account's specifically mine because I've always looked after my own money."

Adeline stared at June quite shocked, this wasn't how she imagined June to be, she imagined her to be upset and resentful to her and Aimee, but here she was giving them a whole heap of money.

"I…I don't know what to say." Adeline told June seriously.

"You don't have to say anything," June said smiling softly "whether we want it or not you're family now your daughter is my sister and that's enough for me." June said.

"Ma'am," June began but was cut off my Adeline. "Call me Adeline the older woman," told her smiling, feeling better than she had since Ron had died.

"Adeline… I have a question. How old are you?" June asked curiously. Out of all the questions Adeline was expecting this was not one of them.

"I am 30 years old." Adeline said and June gasped. "What? Is there something wrong with that?" she asked nervously and once again defensively.

"No," June hastily assured her. "It's just that is the same age as my oldest sister that's all, were you in her year at Hogwarts?" June asked, then blushed when Adeline laughed.

"You obviously didn't notice but I'm not magical, what's the word your father used... I am a ermm that's right a muggle." Adeline said. June blushed even deeper.

"Sorry," June said.

"There's no need to be you didn't know and I can't blame you for that." Adeline said and both women smiled.

"Mum, I don't get this Ancient Runes homework. Can you try and help me?" Aimee asked.

"Aimee sweetheart you know I don't understand your homework." Adeline told her sadly.

"Ancient Runes you say?" June asked and the two other occupants of the rooms swiveled their heads to look at June. "I love ancient runes" she continued. "But I do remember the summer homework being hard, let me see if I can explain it. Well your trying to translate into English and then into the simplest form aren't you?" June asked checking she understood. Aimee nodded.

"Well see this rune here that means badger doesn't it? And that one loyal? Is that right?" June asked Aimee. Aimee to Adeline's surprise seemed to understand even when she couldn't, Adeline figured it had something to do with being a muggle.

"Well if you think of that what would it mean?" June asked Aimee, hoping Aimee would get it. Aimee thought about it care fully.

"Well if it's a badger and loyal I would assume it means Hufflepuff as they wouldn't have had a word to mean Hufflepuff then." Aimee said hoping she had understood what June was pointing out to her. To her immense relief June smiled.

"Good job Aimee, try the next part." June said encouraging Aimee.

"Well the next bit is books and fight, so a book fight, well umm…a debate because that's the only way you should fight with books." Aimee said smiling proud of herself.

"That's great Aimee, it was right at the end of my fourth year when I realized ancient runes wasn't just about the symbols and signs but combining them as well." June said grinning happily.

"Your father would be so proud," Adeline said but it was enough for June to stop smiling and Aimee to calm down a bit.

"I better get going, the rest of my family will be wondering where I am." June said quietly before apparating out as fast as she could.


"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN JUNE ELIZABETH WEASLEY?!" Hermione screamed at her youngest daughter infuriated that she was spending this awful time with her family. Not only that, she had been worried about June she was her baby girl after all.

"Out," June replied simply.

"You were supposed to come straight home and you knew that why would you have left young lady?" Hermione asked as calmly as she could without screaming her head off at her daughter.

"I felt like it," June said practically ignoring Hermione.

"While you live under my roof you will do as I say young lady." Hermione screeched.

"Ok, well just so you know I have an apartment I just bought on the other side of the country and I'm moving in tomorrow." June said smirking at her mother who had collapsed onto the couch.

June put the sonorous spell on her voice before calling out "I need all family to the family room now or you're going to miss out on an important piece of information and trust me you will be confused if you walk in on us half way through the conversations so I suggest you all get here within the next 10 seconds or I am starting without you," June said then quickly took of the spell.

Within the 10 seconds that June had specified all of her family had arrived, from her oldest cousin Carli who was 35 to her youngest cousin Rose who was 15.

"There's something serious I need to talk to you all about." June said and the rest of the family stood staring at her.

"And it's quite important."