For the Love of a Child
by DQBunny


DISCLAIMER: Rurouni Kenshin and its characters are the
property of Nobuiro Watsuki. I'm just borrowing them for
awhile. This story is set after the Jinchu Arc of the
manga and relies heavily on information gathered in that
arc for those who do not wish to be spoiled.


Part One

Yahiko walked outside of the dojo and tossed the contents
of the water bucket out into the lawn, the dirty water
arcing through the air before landing on the grass. He
grinned and wiped his forehead with the sleeve of his gi.

"Ah, I'm finally finished, and before busu gets back from
shopping too. Maybe I can go see Tsubame now," Yahiko
spoke to the empty yard. He dropped the bucket on the

"Do you always have this habit of speaking when no one is

Yahiko jumped and stared at the gate, where Saitou stood on
the opposite side of the threshold. Despite all of them
working together to rescue Kaoru from Enishi, the cop still
gave him the creeps at times. "What do you want," he
asked, pulling out his shinai and starting his practice

"Where's the Battousai?"

"Not here," Yahiko said, mentally counting the swings. And
if it's a fight you're looking for, I'm not telling you
where he is, he added silently.

"Fine, then I will wait for his return," Saitou leaned
against the fence.

"He's not going to fight you, Saitou," Yahiko said.

Saitou chuckled. "It's not a fight. I have news of a man
on the lookout for him."

"Huh? Who? Tell me?"

"It's none of your business."

Yahiko pointed his shinai at Saitou. "Baka! We're the
Kenshingumi. If someone goes after Kenshin, we're all
gonna help him out. Tell me!"

Saitou frowned at Yahiko, then headed down the street.

"Hey! Stop! Come back here, you ahou!" Yahiko tore out of
the gate after Saitou and quickly noticed his tall, lanky
form disappearing into the crowd.

Strange, why was Saitou wanting to alert Kenshin of someone
on the look out for him? Someone from the Bakamatsu
or...Yahiko's heart stopped. Yukishiro Enishi.

"Crap, I've gotta find Kenshin!" he cried, taking off
through the crowd. Enishi would be the only reason why
Saitou would bother warning Kenshin. Him or Shishio, and
Shishio was dead.

Yahiko darted down an alley and saw Kenshin heading his
way. He started to call out to him, but before a sound
could pass his lips, a man stepped out of the shadows and
jerked Kenshin up by his gi.

"Kenshin!" Yahiko cried, running toward the men.

Kenshin swiftly unsheathed his sakabatou and smashed the
man's wrist with it. He fell back to the ground as the man
hollered in pain. He struggled to his feet, not bothering
to resheath his sakabatou.

Yahiko froze, his eyes growing wide as he realized who the
man was. Kami-sama...Yukishiro Enishi...

"What do you want?" Kenshin asked, slowly resheathing the
sakabatou. Yahiko tensed, noticing that he was in a stance
ready to unleash his Battou-Jutsu at a moment's notice.

"You bastard," Enishi growled at Kenshin, taking a book
from a pouch at his waist and flinging it at him. Kenshin
caught it before it hit the ground. "You fuckin' bastard.
I ought to kill you for what you did."

"I thought we've resolved the situation of Tomoe's death,
Enishi," Kenshin replied, calmly, feeling that Enishi
wouldn't attack out in public. Besides, he couldn't detect
any weapons, hidden or not, on his body. He looked at the
book, recognizing it as Tomoe's diary.

"Something else, Battousai." Enishi studied Kenshin's face
for a moment. "How much of my sister's diary did you read

"Not much," Kenshin's eyes narrowed. "Why?"

Enishi scrutinized Kenshin's face a little closer, then
backed away laughing. "You don't know, do you? You really
don't know! Then, I'll leave you to find out on your own,
Battousai. The knowledge of what you did will be worse
than any physical wound I can give you," The white-haired
man walked down the street. "I think I'll head for China
before the ahou cops here decide they want my ass.
Sayonara, Battousai."

Kenshin stared after Enishi, then at the diary. He
wondered what else he could had possibly done to hurt
Tomoe, especially to motivate Enishi to risk captivity to
let him know about it. After all, killing her fiance, then
killing her had to be among the top ten items you could do
to hurt a loved one. He tucked the diary in his gi and
headed for home. Kaoru was out shopping and Yahiko
probably at the Akabeko. He could read it alone.

Yahiko watched as Kenshin headed for the dojo, then took
off running for the Akabeko.


Kenshin checked the gates, making sure that he would hear
someone open them when they arrived home. He walked over
to the porch and sank down onto the smooth wood, trying not
to let curiousity overwhelm him. He pulled the aging diary
out of his gi and studied the book. The binding holding
the pages together was about to break. He could repair the
book later on, then put it back at Tomoe's grave.

He flipped through the diary, noticing the few entries he
had read before. It didn't take much guessing on his part
to realize that the diary started when she got engaged for
the first time. She wrote in it every day, and the book
seemed about full. He flipped to the back to see when her
last entry was.

The last two pages of the diary seemed stuck together. It
took him a moment to carefully unstick them. He noticed
that someone had done the same before. Probably Enishi
when he handled it. He glanced at the date of the entry.

January 2...the day Tomoe died.

His eyes widened with shock. She must had written it the
morning before she left him, while he was still asleep.
Curiousity plagued him as he started reading the entry.

"I don't know what to do. I hope to bargin for Kenshin's
life in exchange for my own. But, what I learned yesterday
changed all of this. In all of my confessing last night,
this was the one thing I held back from him. But, I know
him. He would go after them for us."

Us? A cold chill started to settle in Kenshin's bones. Us
as in her and Enishi? Or us as in her and someone else?

"This is my problem. I got us into it and I will get us
out of it. Only when I know that they won't hurt Kenshin
will I tell him that I'm pregnant."

The diary fell from his hands, the binding splitting apart
as the paper hit the ground. Sheets scattered in a pile
around his feet as he buried his head in his hands.

Kami-sama...Tomoe had been pregnant. With his child.