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1 Doppelganger

"X, have you ever heard of a doppelganger?" Gibbons asked Xander Cage as they walked to a conference room in the back of the building.

X frowned, "A dopple what?"

"Ganger,"Gibbons supplied patiently.

"No, what the hell is that?"

"Not what, who. A doppelganger is someone that looks just like you, but has no genetic relations. A twin if you will. Some believe that a doppelganger is the opposite of you. If you're good, they're evil and vise versa. Others believe that if you see your doppelganger it is a prelude to death. In your cause, I don't think they're as much opposite as you as a mirror image of you."

"Me?" Xander snorted. "I got a doppelganger?"

Gibbons opened the door and gestured for X to sit down. "Sure X, we all do. I happen to look like Samuel L. Jackson; well I did before I got my face melted off. He's a handsome one isn't he?" Gibbons said with a smile that looked more like a leer.

Xander took a seat and propped his feet up on the table. "If you say so Scarface, what does this have to do with me?"

Gibbons smiled and his eyes twinkled. Never a good sign. "We found yours."


"Yeah." Gibbons picked up the phone and spoke, "Send him in."

A man walked into the room with a chip on his shoulder and a sneer twisting his face. He was favoring his left shoulder and had a few ugly bruises on his body.

Xander jumped up from his seat and the two men looked at each other, sizing each other up. X circled him, looking him over like he would a piece of livestock.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Xander growled.

"No joke X. Meet Dominic Toretto. Dom this is X, Xander Cage." The two men grunted at each other still sizing the other up.

"Follow me." Gibbons stated as he began to walk into another room. Dom and X walked shoulder to shoulder behind him, both tense and quiet.

"You see it's thought that everyone has a doppelganger, somewhere in the world. The two of you just seem to have more than one." Gibbons smiled and X suppressed the urge to smash his white teeth down is throat.

"What?" X questioned him again. He hated when Gibbons was so allusive and he was starting to get pissed.

"If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Guess someone up there liked your mold because they forgot to break it."

"What are you pitching Scarface?" X growled.

Gibbons opened a door to another conference room. There were about ten chairs and a big screen TV. A man was sitting alone, smoking and looking really, really pissed off.

"Good, you're here." Gibbons said in greeting.

The man's head snapped up and he scowled.

"What the fuck." All three men said in unison.

"Gentlemen," Gibbons was grinning like a kid in a candy store. He couldn't believe his luck. "You see, what we have here is a very unusual situation."

"No shit." Dom scoffed and all three men grunted together.

"I see you share more than looks." Sobering, Gibbons picked up the files that were lying on the table and begin to flip though them. "Mister Sean Vetter. DEA."

"Pig." Dom and X bit out with disgust.

"Fuck you." Sean growled and curled his lip. He hated pieces of shit like the two, obviously no-law-abiding fucks in front of him.

Gibbons talking to them like children, "As I was saying, Mr. Vetter is, or was, DEA until he beat a man to death with his bare hands."

"The fuck killed my wife." Sean said coolly as he took a drag from his smoke.

"Piece of shit." X growled.

"Deserved it." Dom aggreed.

Gibbons continued as if he hadn't been interrupted, again. "After Sean beat the man to death and was relieved of his badge, he disobeyed a direct order and went after the ones responsible."

"I got him too."

"Yes you did Sean, but you didn't pass your physic eval to get back your badge did you?" Gibbons asked sarcastically.

Sean glared at him, he didn't need the reminder, he remembered it ever single day of his life.

Opening another folder, Gibbons began skimming though it, "Then we have Dominic Toretto, who nearly beat a man to death with a wrench."

"Killed my father." Dom defended his actions though he did regret it. It was a long time ago.

"Asshole." Sean and X replied together.

"He's also into illegal street racing and ran a hijacking ring that took on big rigs."

Xander grinned, "That was you?" he asked with admiration in his voice. "How'd you get caught?"

"Undercover cop." Dom said and looked at Sean pointedly.

He shrugged and crushed out his cigarette, "Had to end sometime."

Gibbons voice took on a sing song quality to it when he spoke of X, "Then we have Mister Xander Cage. An extreme sports fanatic who has committed a series of illegal and dangerous stunts, grand theft auto, shit X the list goes on and on." he said with a sigh as he tossed the folder on the table.

X shrugged like he didn't have a care in the world, "Yeah, well I never killed anybody till you made me."

"The three of you seem to be cut from the same cloth. You sure your not triplets?"

"No." They said in unison again making Gibbons smile.

They looked, acted and sounded so much alike he was almost beside himself. Sean was a little rougher around the edges, more hair and seemed to be unwilling to shave very often, but he knew that was due to his giving up on life. X was covered in tattoos and Dom was just well the basic clean cut model.

"The three of you are almost interchangeable. Well, except X with all the ink and Sean with all the bullet holes."

"You got shot?" X asked.


"How many times?" Dom asked.


Dom made a face, "Shit, that sucks man."

Sean nodded in agreement.

"What about him?" X asked, jerking his had toward Dom.

"Blew out his shoulder running from the cops but other than that, he's a clean slate."

"So what are we all doing here?" Sean asked. He wanted to go home and crawl into a fresh bottle.

Gibbons spread his arms out to the side, "Come on guys? Aren't you a little bit excited about this? I mean LOOK at the three of you… my God! It's amazing. I've never seen anything like this. You look the same," Gibbons began ticking off his fingers, "You talk the same, even hold yourself the same. Ah the possibilities."

"So what, they're going be agents now too?" Xander asked, picking at a piece of lint on his shirt. He was bored and he hated sitting around. He wanted to be out doing something. Sky diving, bungee jumping. Anything but sitting in a stuff room with a couple of fucked up men.

"Yeah X, it's that or the big house for them, just like you."

"I ain't going back," Dom muttered under his breath.

"That's right, two years in lock up changes a man. You're just like Dom, X, you'd die in jail but actual death don't scare you. But you Sean. You wish for death so what's it gonna take to make you join the team and play nice?"

Sean shook his head, "There nothing you can offer me."

"What about your shield back?" Gibbons said knowing he had him. Sean just looked at him, he didn't need to speak, his eyes did that for him.

"So what's the mission Gibbons, I don't got all day." Xander grumbled before he put his head back.

"You know X, you're a major pain in the ass."

Xander snorted, "Just wait till I hang around these two for a while, you'll have all three of us."

"Four actually."

Xander's head snapped back "Four what?"

Gibbons picked up the remote and clicked on a picture of a man dressed in a black tank top, black cargo pants and boots and black goggles. "Oh you have got to be fuckin' kidding me." X groused. He looked at the other two men and could tell they weren't very happy either. "What the fuck."

"This is a fuckin joke right?" Dom asked.

"Who the fuck is he?" Sean demanded.

"This, gentlemen, is your target. Richard B. Riddick. We need you to apprehend him, alive, and bring him in."

"You need all three of us for that?" Sean asked with a skeptical look.

"Yes, you see Riddick isn't like any other man out there. He's strong, intelligent and lethal."

"So are we, apparently." Sean said as he looked at Xander and Dom with a sneer.

"No, Sean, you don't seem to understand. Those cartels you've been fucking around with, they got nothing on Riddick. He scares them. The three of you think you're bad asses, well this guy here, his a real piece of fucking work."

"So why do you want him alive? Why not take him out?" Xander asked.

"We want him as an assassin. No one and I mean NO ONE is better at killing quick and clean than he is. You won't even know there's before a blade is at your throat or in your back. You're dead before you hit the ground."

"If he's as good as you say, what's gonna stop him from killing us?" X asked what the other two men were thinking. Especially Dom. He was just a street racer. He knew nothing about finding and arresting a killer.

"Well he's inquisitive. He'll what to know why you all look so much like him and he'll want to find out how you work."

"Well that's refreshing. Our lives hang on his curiosity; you remember what that did to the cat Gibbons?"

Gibbons just ignored Xander as usual and continued, "Riddick's biggest weakness is his lust for freedom. Just like you. If he thinks he'll be free, he'll come and check it out, willingly."

"Yeah, till he finds out he's got no choice and then starts taking us out. Fuck this." Dom grumbled to himself. He wasn't some kind of superhero. He's just a mechanic and street racer, what did he have to offer?

Sean was nosing through the file Gibbons left on the desk, "Say's he's been in and out of prison all his life, why's he out now?"

"Can't seem to hold him. He keeps breaking out."

"Nice." X grabbed the file from Sean roughly and the other man growled at him. "What's this shit about his eyes?"

"Ah, his shine job. He has enhanced night vision. Essentially he can see in the dark." All three men looked at him like he was crazy.

"They can do that? I've never heard of that." Xander asked with a bit of awe in his voice.

Gibbons ran his hand over his scared face, "Well, we aren't sure he's from around here."