Alice Discovers E-bay

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"Alice, there are more delivery men at the door for you. Is that a llama?" Emmett hollered from the front door at me. I don't know why, it's not like I can hear him if he whispers or anything. Note the sarcasm. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah sarcasm, is not I, sweet little always hyper Alice. Well, sometimes it is, like when I've been E-Bay for 480 strait hours. Yep, that's right twenty days. No hunting, only E-Bay. You see twenty days ago I got a little E-Bay profile Thingy. So I have been buying stuff non-stop. Mwhahahaha.

" Yes, the llamas finely here!" Now I do not have to go out and hunt, "Hey, Emmett, You want to bring it up here to my room," yes I am going to fest on llama. That's what I have been waiting on.

"Alice, that is a weird request, even for you, but okay," Emmett, poor, poor, stupid Emmett.

"Alice, will you stop imagining yourself draining that llama dry, its really disturbing, at lest it is to me," Ha, Ha Edward I didn't even realize I was doing that, Sorry.

"Its okay, Alice, I know how you feel, not, but still," Edward you can stop talking now, I've got me a llama to drain.

"Wait, your going to drink it. I want some!" No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

"Alice, He can't read your mind. That would be me. And quite frankly, your mind is giving me a migraine," Edward started out snickering, but it quickly turned to a whine.

" What did she say, Edward, what did she say?"

"Lets see. 'No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.' I think that about covers it."

"Oh come on, Alice, just a sip? One little bitty, tinny whinny little sip?" This is where I start to growl. I can't believe he is asking me this. I haven't hunted in forever.

"Just give me my llama, and leave. No Sips." I practically growled out the words. I want my llama!

"Gosh, I just anted a taste."


"Fine, I will get my OWN llama."

"You do that Emmett, just give me mine first."



That was a really good llama. It hit the spot. Yep, Yep, Yeppers!

Oh Bella will look so cute in this dark blue bikini. Oh and look matching swim trunks. Aw I can see them now, literally…

Vision: I had finally had gotten Bella into the bikini. Ha, bribery prevails again. I knew if I told her she would see Edward in swim trunks, she would blush and readily agree. The Bikini had a white, Hawaiian-like flower on the top-right, and a white vine that went around the waist. The swim trunks had white vines on the sides, on the seams, and the white flower was on the bottom of the left leg. We were all in the stream by Edward and Bella's Meadow; the sun was out so we were all sparkling.

"Yes!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, which caused every one to come running to Jasper and my bedroom. Hmm, Bella is here, when did this happen.

"Alice Bella has been here all day, she spent the night. Now what did you see?" I immediately pictured Jasper and I in compromising situations.

"Ah my brain."

"That's what you get," now he is just glaring at me. Serves him right.

"So what was this vision of now," Edward said, getting agitated with me now.

"Oh nothing, you'll see in 3 to 5 business days."

"But Alice, we want to know now!!!" Emmett you whine too much.

"Your right Alice, Emmett does whine too much." Ha, ha go us Edward!

"Do not!"

"Do too," ha even Bella agrees.

"Do not!"

"Do too," and Rose.

"Do not!"

" Do too," Don't forget Jasper.

"Do Not!"

"What don't you do, sweetie?" Mom is here; hmm I didn't realize she left.

"I don't wine, do I Mom?"

"I am going stick with 'yes' here, Honey," Ha even Mom agrees with us.

"But, but, but I don't wine." There he goes again.

"Yes you do, Emmett, face it," I start it up again; I am so evil.

"No I don't"

"Yes you do," Edward falls in line.

"NO I DON'T," that was a bit loud.

"What's with all the shouting about?" ah our father has decided to come back from the hospital just in time.

"Emmett claims that he does not wine, but the rest of us say he does," Bella's turn to speak.

"I don't"

"Yes you do Emmett," even Dad agrees, "and Edward you might want to drive Bella home, It's getting kind of late, and she needs to eat dinner."

"Okay Dad," Edward replied while picking up Bella and racing out to the car, we could hear him ask her what she wanted to eat, but Bella being Bella said she was fine, but her stomach gave her away. It was so cute that I just had to giggle.

"Okay now that that's over, I don't wine."

"Emmett, love, face the facts, you wine like a two year old that didn't get the toy he wants," Rose, Rose, Rose what a subtle way to be mean. I giggled again.

"Fine, you win," at this point he was pouting so Rose kissed him on the cheek and walked into their bedroom, swaying her hips at Emmett the entire way. Emmett, being the vampire he is, could only watch her until she got into their room, then he sped off after her. I just hope that I don't get any visions about what they are going to do tonight


Yes, yes, yes the day is finally here. I had ordered Rose and Emmett matching red swim suits but no vines and flowers instead hearts and stripes, Jasper and I matching green ones kind of camofladge, and Mom and Dad's were black, plain black, and Mom had a more modest swim suit. We also all has towels to match, Isn't E-Bay just wonderful!!!!

Emmett and Edward have been bugging me for the better part of the past three days about what I had planned.

Oh look the thing are here. I have to get them before someone else. They can't see them till Bella gets here, Which is in Five, Four, Three, Two, One, now enters the human into a house of vampires Mwhahahaha.

"Alice, stop laughing like a maniac in your head, it's annoying," ah Edward how nice it is to see you again.

"Okay, now what is this big secrete plan you have for us all?"

Go to your room and you will find out, oh dearest brother of mine. He just gave me a funny look and carried Bella up stairs.

Now to pass out the items, good thing I got them to put the colors in different boxes, and label the boxes by color.

Now that that's done and everyone is changing, I need to change.


"So now that everyone is dressed, who wants to go swimming in the sun?" They all just gave me confused faces that basically said 'how do you plan on us doing that?' "You know Edward and Bella's meadow has a stream right next to it and the sun will be out in about 3 minutes, right? Well you do now."

"Last one there is a rotten egg," who else but Emmett would still say childish things like that.

"Hey, not all of us are vampires you know!" Ah the only human in the group.

"No, but that wont be forever," I gave her a look that screamed 'your are going to be one, trust me,' but her returning look was one of disbelieve while Edward, the stubborn old goat just growled. Now he is looking at me funny while we are running through the trees.

"Did you just call me a 'stubborn old goat'?" Ha, Ha.

"Maybe, you'll never know."

"Edward, you maybe a 'stubborn old goat' but you are my 'stubborn old goat,'" Bella said from her position on Edward's back, she then proceeded to kiss his neck. Another moment I had to giggle at, It was just too sweet not to.

Just then they remembers that I was there too, and oh boy did Bella blush big time. With more giggling on my part, I skipped off to stream, where the rest of the family was waiting.

Once they finally got there, Edward was grinning like a made man, and Bella just looked like she wanted to die, which she does. At this thought Edward growls, but I have to ask, "Edward what's with the I'm-a-maniac-on-the-loose grin you have on your face, dearest brother of mine?"

"Well," says he, "I was thinking, after you skipped off with out us, that once we get here, Bella will have to take off that shirt of mine that oh-so-conveniently covers up that bikini you forced her into, and when I told her this, she blushed a beautiful shade of burgundy, dearest, loving sister of mine."

At this point in time we where all on the floor laughing it up; she blushed even darker. I figured I would save my sister, or at lest that's how I thought of her as, further embarrassment, so I screamed, "Lets swim!" And let face it, it worked, and I got a grateful look shot my way from Bella, as we all ran into the water.

To us it felt unbelievably warm, and by now the sun had come back, I only realized this because of Bella's soft gasp at seeing us ALL sparkly. I was a bit worried the water would not be warm enough for our already warm companion.

"Hey, Bella why don't you join us?" of course Emmett did not give it a second thought. He just wanted to play with his little sister. But if Edward doesn't her to be older than Emmett then he better get to cracking on changing her, ah met with another growl. Well then Eddy boy I wouldn't think of things like that IF YOU WHOULD JUST CHANGE HER! Once he growls at me, but I pay him no never mind.

And so the rest of the day was spent at the spring luckily I had thought ahead of time and asked Charlie if she could spend the night. Maybe I can play "Human Barbie" with her tonight! Mwhahahaha!

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