(((Still no owny.)))

Now that I Got rid of all the stuff we DON'T need, I have to cut back on the time spent on E-Bay…

I hope it will work, Bella has set up a 5-day plan to kick my habit.

---day one---

Bella said to cut back my 20 hours to 16. I think I can do this… with some help.



"Will you make sure I don't spend longer then 16 hours on this?"

"Of course!" And he plopped down on my bed for sixteen hours. How he can just sit there for that long, I will never know, "Time to get off, Alice."

"I don't want to."

"Alice, off now don't make me fore you!"

"Grumpy butt."

"It was you Idea to get me to get you off, and now I will do it forcefully," and then he charged me. I wasn't fast enough to get out of his way, so I got stuck in his iron grip. Not the most comfortable poison to say the lest, especially upside down… in a dress.

"Emmett, what are you doing to my wife!" Yes, Jazzy will save me!

"Making her get off E-Bay like she asked me to."

"Oh… well give her to me," what am I a sack of potatoes?

"No, but you bought some the other day," Sweet brother of mine, will you help me down? "No," fine be that way. "I think I will."

"I hate it when ya'll do that. It's not fair," Bella's here!.

"Now, give me my wife, Emmett."

"Fine take her," and he throws me. THROWS!!!!

"Don't throw your sister, Emmett," at lest Esme gets it. Emmett grumbles, and trudges upstairs.

---Day Two---

Bella said that two day I can only have twelve hours.

Who can I count on to get me away?



"Will you make sure I get off in twelve hours?"

"Sure," and she saunters back out my door, only to come back in with a stack of magazines.

"What are those for?"

"You don't expect me to just sit here for twelve hours, do you?"

"Eh, that's what Emmett did, only for sixteen."

"I'm not Emmett."

"I know," and she then started reading, and reading and reading, as I did my E-Bay thing

"Time to get off."

"Five more minutes."

"No. Off now."

"Bossy britches," Rose then wrapped her arms around my waist, trapping my arms and carried me down stairs where Jazzy was reading a book, but he looked up when we came in. Rose had rearranged me, so now she was cradling me like a baby.

"Am I going to see someone dragging my wife down stairs every day?"

"Only for three more days," Bella's here, again.

"SO, can I have my wife?" She gave me to him, AND NOW HE WAS HOLDING ME THAT SAME WAY!!!! I am NOT a little baby.

"No, but you did buy a baby bed," what? It was cute, "It had vampire bats on it, and we don't have a baby, Alice," I glanced at Bella, and she blushed, but shook her head no.

---Day Three---

Eight hours, I can do this, but I need more help. But who?

Edward! "Yes," would you be so kind as to get me off in eight hours? "Why not, I'll be right back," he comes back in with his Ipod.

As he listens to music, I do my thing. But eight hours is much to short. "Time to get off, Alice," I don't want to, "To bad," he doesn't wait for my reply, he just puts me in a head lock, and drags me out the door.

"Hey Edward, Alice," Bella's here. And I am still in Edward's grip as he goes over to her. They kiss. THEY KISS WHILE EDWARD IS STILL HOLDING ME IN A HEAD LOCK!!!! How wrong can you get?

"Uh, okay… I think I will just take Alice and go… Bye," Jazzy gets me out of Edward's grip and takes me out side.

---Day Four---

Okay, only four hours today. I don't think I can do this… I could just stay on it all day and…

"Alice, I'm here to make sure you don't go over you time limit," or Esme can pop out of nowhere and take the job. Oh look, she brought a sketchpad with her.

"Thank you Esme," she starts drawing, what I don't know, but that's what she is doing. And I am doing my E-bay thing.

"Alice, honey, it's time to get off."

"I don't want to."

"Did you just back talk me?'

"Yes," she then grabbed my ear and dragged me out of my room. This is why you don't back talk Esme.

"She back talked you?" Jazzy was stunned, I never do that.

"Yes," Jazzy gave me a look, on that says 'why would you do a stupid thing like that?'. My returning look said 'did you just call me stupid?' he just shakes his head and takes me from Esme.

---Day Five---

I cannot get on the computer. I cannot get on the computer. I cannot get on the computer.

"Alice?" Carlisle, what is he doing here?


"Would you like to go to the hospital with me today? It will keep you away from E-Bay."

"I guess so."

So we went to the hospital. It was not a fun place, especially since ever time I saw a computer, I ran to it, only to be held back be Carlisle. At the end of the day I had enough, and I just wanted my Jazzy.

"Jazzy," I said as soon as we got home, he was by my side in a second.

"How did it go?"

"I didn't get one once."

"Good, Alice."

The rest of the family came out to tell me cognates.